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Angry Pixels / ANGRYPIXEL

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    Bounty Hunting

Apply here for psychological evaluation….
We are looking for mature people to protect and serve lawful citizens. We are a UEE law abiding Militia and will not tolerate Piracy.
Check out our youtube channel at:
Angry Pixels YouTube.


29th April – Council Meeting Held
24th April – Angry Pixels General Meeting – Recording at: General Meeting Recording
22nd April – YouTube Channel has been launched. can be found at this link: Angry Pixels YouTube.


What Is Angry Pixels?

Angry Pixels is a collective of Star Citizens who want to push the limits of the game. Whatever we do, we do well and we do it together as a team. Team work is the foundation of our game play.

What does Angry Pixels do?

Angry Pixels engages in activities ranging from security and bounty hunting through to logistics and exploration. Profitability of what we do is a key consideration.

We are not a pirate organisation, we are committed to adhering to UEE law where applicable.

How is Angry Pixels Organised?

The organisation is governed by a Council of members. The Council acts as a final decision point for organisation strategy and direction. Subsequent roles are to be created and appointed as the need arises which will be voted on by the membership. The council meets regularly to discuss and agree items as does the full membership in General meetings.

In Angry Pixels, everyone has a voice and can participate, our guiding principle is to promote ideas and creativity and create an environment where everyone can explore as many aspects of the game as they choose, and have a great time doing it. Its a community and we want everyone to be able to engage in that community.

How do I join?

Membership is invite-only, usually after a trial period. Only the best Spacemen enjoy the privilege of being members of the Angry Pixels. If you wish to become a member, PM one of the council members which you can find in the members section and you will be invited to fly with us and be considered for membership.


AngryPixels Code of Conduct: A simple list of do’s and don’ts to follow to maintain a friendly and supportive group of gamers and friends.

Treat everyone with respect

Heated discussions are inevitable, while differences of opinions are welcome, always keep in mind that you are part of the same community, mates and friends. Restrain your comments to reflect this. If an argument becomes too heated and you cannot calm it down or it has gone too far please bring it to a member of the council for mediation before you sacrifice mutual respect and your position within this community. No one will ever be penalized for bringing a problem to the Council.

We all like a bit of friendly banter, and piss taking but don’t take it too far, if someone doesn’t like what you are saying or doing then please stop. We do not tolerate any sexism, racism, hurtful insults, pornography, slander. Basically, just show some respect to your fellow gamers within the organisation and outside.

Have Fun

When you play PvP games you will die at some point, it is not personal, it is how the game is played. We understand that players may have bad days and while everyone will be supportive, we will not condone consistent negativity.
Remember we are all different skill levels (and levels of soberness), if someone makes a mistake in your game and costs a ship or a few lives, please remember it is just a game and we all have to start somewhere.

Do not grief

While accidents happen, intentional griefing, team-killing, destroying other players efforts on purpose is not fun for others. If you are witnessed griefing, you will be removed from the community.


In principle, our community is 18+ only. However, minors can exceptionally be accepted. A minor who wants to apply to the community needs to have one of the Council members or a AP main member as their mentor, who will take responsibility for their behavior. Applications from minors without a mentor will not be accepted.


As long as you are in this community, you must respect and not break the rules of any game you are playing within this community, this Code of Conduct and our Forum’s Convention. The Community will not be held responsible for any of your misconduct or misbehavior.

Real life

Real Life takes precedent over everything. No one will be held back, removed or anything for not playing a certain amount of time or taking a break. sometimes it can take a while to get things done even though we make a good effort to do it quickly, be patient with people.
If you have a role to play in the organisation and need to take a break you can always inform one of your team that you have to be away for x amount of time so they can work around your time away.

Warnings and Bans

We don’t have many rules so breaching any of the rules that we do have, the Code of Conduct or members feel you are being disruptive or spoiling their fun will be taken very seriously by the council and they will either, have a private word, issue a warning or in some cases a temporary ban while the person cools off a bit.
We don’t want to kick or ban anyone and it is very difficult for council members to be in this situation as we too are gamers and want to have fun. But, we will ban or kick people if we have to.
Don’t break the fracking rules! If you do accidentally break a rule; stop, apologize, move on and don’t do it again.

This code of conduct will evolve as the organisation, members and game evolves.