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Anthracite / ANTHRACITE

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Hello traveller! What can we do for you today?

Welcome at Anthracite, a small group of pilots operating alone or together in numerous fields.

Our flexibility allows us to work in any activity there is, as long as it doesn’t involve being outside of the law.


History :

— January 2946 : Foundation of Anthracite

Organisation’s news :

— January 22nd : I. am. late. The cover’s coming.


Welcome at Anthracite traveller! What can we do for you today?

About us

Anthracite is a small group of pilots operating alone or together in numrous fields. We promote freedom of our members regarding of their activities and presence, as long as these doesn’t involve getting outside of UEE’s or any local law. Our flexibility allows us to take care of almost any job there is.

Our goal is to help each others without having to give up personal objectives, and overall work with fellow members we enjoy flying with. We all have different goals and skills and believe we can achieve these by working together.

We are willing to interact with any entity not involved in any kind of piracy, as commercial partner or clients, under the conditions of each involved parties of Anthracite and its partners.

How do we work together?

Anthracite is like a big list of contacts, full of people with the same goal : finding and flying with friendly pilots whenever they want. Although it is asked to our members to participate when they can, they are free to choose how they want to participate : whether it is through helping fellow members with escorts, accomplishing missions in group or just roaming around and chat with us. We also have a few Organisation’s objectives to keep you busy!

Interested in joining us?

We only recruit future members by working with them, so we already know each others a little once you decide to come aboard and make this place your new home. You unfortunately cannot make the first step and apply to Anthracite yet.

Want to work with us?

The more we are, the more fun there is to share. If you are intereted in working with us – as a commercial partner or as an ally – you can address your demand to me (Ony126) on the forum.


Be good – Anthracite’s main goal is to play together whenever we want to with people we enjoy flying with, in a small, friendly Organisation. Use common sense and be respectful.

Real life comes first – Do never feel sorry about no being able to play with other members because you need to attend to real life buisness. One of Anthracite’s main characteristics is having little to no commitment regarding of its members presence. Putting someone down because he or she need to take care of real life buisness and is not able to play is strictly forbidden.

And very sorry ADI (Atlas Defense Industries) for stealing getting inspiration from that rule of your very well crafted charter…

Participate – When joining Anthracite, you have little commitment regarding your presence. However, when you are online, we ask you to participate to our activities and play with us. Not all the time, but every once in a while, because, that’s what Orgs. are for : playing together.

Keep it clean – Anthracite’s and Star Citizen’s main purpose as a game and an Organization is to have fun. Unnecessary drama is not allowed here. And, well… Have fun.