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Antimatter Legion / ANTIMATTER

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Security
  • Freelancing

Although we will shoot things for money, we are not Syndicate scum.
We do other things besides being hired for our firepower.
Some members mine and others haul, but everyone is skilled in fighting.
Our members will act such that our name demands respect as it crosses all Citizen’s lips.



It was a late stormy night and Canyons was out drinking in a pub when he bumped into a couple who were very energetic. He learned that the man, Varuuu, was an ex-Space-Marine Special Forces and Courtney, his wife, used to advise the planetary president on foreign affairs. After a few beers, they parted ways.

Over the next couple weeks, Canyons ran into this pair again and they became good friends.

Then one day, Varuuu told Canyons the great news: Courtney was pregnant! The two were very excited and planned on Canyons being their elder. Unbeknownst to Canyons, it was twins.

After the twin boys were born, Canyons wouldn’t be able to refuse a second disciple, so they waited to tell him. Of course, he accepted the boys and taught them how to be citizens of the stars.

For years, Canyons taught the boys how to pilot starships, how to aim, fire and reload various weapons systems, how to maintain a spaceship and space jargon.

One day, the other space entities decided that humans needed to be put in their place and when the planet came under attack, the Earth Defense Force called on Varuuu and Courtney to return to service. As faithful Citizens, they could not refuse. With trust, they had Canyons watch over their sons as they went off to aid in the war effort.

Unfortunately, they never made it home. Their ship received extreme damage to their propulsion systems and were unable to divert their course to civilization. They were destined to float hopelessly into the black void.

Without their parents, the two boys, Chosen and Heir, were left with Canyons. Knowing that looking after two maturing psychopaths would be a suicidal task, he asked his father, Stalker, to help raise the boys.

Years past and the four grew very close. Chosen and Heir became mischievous hell bringers. Canyons fixed their diplomatic transgressions, funded their destructive tendencies and became a champion of space warfare. All with Stalker as their tactical leader. With all of their skills, they found they were the perfect team to roam the stars.

With this team, they created an Organization, Antimatter Legion. Fundamentally lead by Canyons and strategically by Stalker, they knew they could forge their destiny among the stars.

Started really late at night on February 20th, 2014 when Canyons was excited for Star Citizen and invited his buddies.


We are serious enough to get shit done and we look fucking cool when we do it, too.
We do it all, but most of all, we do it together.


1. Try not to be a dick.
2. Try to help the little noobies. You were probably once one, too.
3. Don’t make our name look bad.
4. On our TeamSpeak server, we keep it rough and explicit. You will need tough skin.