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All Out Assault / AOA

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All Out Assault is an international gaming community with members spanning the globe! All Out Assault believes that competition does not need to be stifling – we keep it fun. We are adults with lives and we respect our members, their time and outside game commitments.


Corporate Profile
All Out Assault aspires to be counted among the universe’s most successful corporate conglomerates. To achieve this success, we must follow opportunity wherever it leads. All Out Assault exists solely to advance the economic interests of our private shareholders. We take no outside investors; shareholders own and operate the business and privateers (affiliated non-members) must earn equity rights through sponsorship.

Our operations are comprised of three mutually supportive Sectors: Exploration & Mining, Manufacturing & Trade, and Security. Each Sector is headed by an XO (Executive Officer) and the corporation is in turn headed by the CE (Chief Executive) of All Out Assault.

  • Exploration & Mining: This Sector focuses on upstream commercial operations, the imperative being to find and exploit strategic resources for consumption by other business Sectors and for profit. Key activities include: 1. interstellar navigation & cartography, 2. planetary survey, 3. resource recovery, salvage & mining, and 4. refining.
  • Manufacturing & Trade: This Sector’s focus is downstream commercial operations. In addition to earning a profit, the Sector also builds and acquires strategic technologies that support other Sectors. Activities include: 1. Manufacturing, 2. transporting refined materials, technologies, information and finished goods, and 3. import/export logistics. When diplomacy is required to facilitate trade, this Sector also spearheads those efforts.
  • Security: The primary focus of the Security Sector is internal, for example: strategic defense for mining activities or escort for exploration and trade activities. Our elite military operators also regularly provide security for outside interests that need help in the complex and sensitive environments in which they operate.

Interstellar Pioneers
Like the first humans who left Earth to settle new planets and establish new trade routes and cultures, All Out Assault embraces the pioneering spirit. We recognize that opportunity does not come without risk; that today’s economic spoils will be tomorrow’s dry wells; that to seize the day we must go places that others fear to tread. All Out Assault therefore calls no system a permanent home. We live, we survive, and we thrive, wherever inspiration takes us.

Our Story
All Out Assault was founded by Vice Admiral Horace Gottsson and Rear Admiral Hendoo Atwater, of the UEE 2nd Fleet, after both were wounded in the 2610 Battle of Centauri and mustered out of the service. Both were veterans of the famous Squadron 42 and both earned UEE citizenship as a result of their service. A quiet retirement on Earth did not appeal to them.

With so much elite talent mustering out of the UEE Navy, Gottsson and Atwater saw an opportunity to provide private security for dignitaries plying their trade at the edge of the universe, often in hostile environments. All Out Assault was initially formed with the humble mission of supplying elite military expertise and manpower, both to the UEE and to private enterprises in need of unique security solutions.

The ranks continued to grow, but war is not a constant and demand for security services became less reliable. In order to continue to provide financial opportunities for our shareholders, it became necessary to diversify our operations. As our security operations have expanded, so have our interests in other economic activities such as exploration, mining and trade. Gottsson and Atwater’s vision of creating a self-sustaining operation by and for military veterans has been realized in All Out Assault’s current form.

We recruit top retired military talent into our ranks; our network within the fabled UEE Squadron 42 is second to none. Alongside these veterans, we also attract privateers with a keen eye for economic opportunities, trade, and a thirst for adventure. All Out Assault is a family forged in tough environments. We work as a team to promote a culture of honor and excellence in everything we do, making us a trusted interstellar security and commercial partner.


All Out Assault will be among the universe’s most successful corporations. We exist to advance the economic interests of our private shareholders. Our culture promotes unity and we seek to bring all of our capabilities to bear in harvesting opportunities. Our strategy is to be more than just a conglomerate of independent economic divisions. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to business: each of our strategic activities is mutually supportive of others, so that we may tackle larger and more complex problems and reap a greater share of the rewards for our efforts.

We have corporate and sector level objectives. Corporate objectives are the purview of the Chief Executive. Sector objectives are the purview of Executive Officers, however, they are also subject to support of the Executive Council.

  • Promote awareness and interest in our brand.
  • Recruit top talent into the organization
  • Ensure the smooth operation of All Out Assault including governance of the corporation and enforcement of the charter. This includes succession planning for officers and executives
  • Facilitate balance of strategic priorities across business sectors
  • Direct major capital investment priorities and facilitate implementation
Exploration and Mining Sector – find and exploit strategic resources
  • Seek out systems of strategic value to All Out Assault.
  • For previously undiscovered systems, map points of interests and the jump points by which we can reach them
  • Survey systems for useful resources which include but are not limited to: ore, fuel, technologies, trade goods and other raw materials.
  • Provide reports up the chain for consideration at the appropriate officer/executive level.
  • Gather natural resources for internal All Out Assault consumption or for sale. This includes operation set up, harvest, clean/refine, bulk loading/pack up, move out.
Manufacturing and Trade Sector – leverage resources, negotiate contracts and trade deals
  • Process raw materials into finished products for consumption by All Out Assault or for sale
  • Sell system information (generally, gathered by Exploration) and other data to third parties where authorized
  • Provide transport for our assets, whether that is raw material, finished products, information, tools or ships.
  • Provide the same services for third parties where economically desirable to do so.
  • Engage in diplomatic and trade negotiations to create economic advantage.
Security Sector – the “shield and lance” of All Out Assault
  • Protect All Out Assault assets, whether groundside, system bound, or on the move
  • Protect our client’s assets where economically desirable to do so
  • Advance our interests through force of arms as needed
Who We Are
  • We are professionals
  • We provide a living for elite military operators and shrewd entrepreneurs alike
  • We select our shareholders and our very few business partners carefully, from those who thirst for adventure, risk, and the rewards that follow
  • We think big. We think long term.
  • We engage on all levels: economic, militaristic, diplomatic
  • We are All Out Assault


Our Community
All Out Assault is a selective organization. Our shareholders are professionals of their trades and are respected by their peers. We set aside petty disputes (drama) to further the interests of the organization. That is not to say we avoid debate, in fact we encourage it. Our shareholders all have equal voting rights to ensure that their voices are heard. Once a course of action is taken, shareholders are expected to fully support the direction set by the community. We believe in showing respect to all shareholders, and in ALWAYS comporting ourselves publicly in a manner that does credit to All Out Assault.

We recognize that our shareholders have personal lives outside of All Out Assault. Generally, shareholders are not measured on the time they make available to assist the community. All Out Assault officers and executives however, have higher expectations for the time they make available to the community.

We operate across extremes of time and space and embrace technology as a means to close the distance. Our culture is based on voice interaction (Teamspeak) and electronic discussion and messaging ( in Standard English.

Other Communities
Shareholders are permitted to belong to other organizations. However, we ask that all shareholders disclose other Organization affiliations and avoid any affiliations that could be construed as a conflict of interest. Generally, conflicts of interest will arise in situations where a shareholder has financial or other responsibilities to an organization that are in conflict with All Out Assault’s policies or priorities. Affiliate memberships must not negatively impact the reputation of All Out Assault: any that do could be the basis for a vote of no confidence and a termination of shareholder rights.

Governance All Out Assault is comprised of the following ranks:
  1. Chief Executive (CE)
  2. Executive Officer (XO)
  3. Section Officer
  4. Other Officers (Marketing/PR, Recruiting)
  5. Shareholder
  6. Privateer, non-voting affiliate of the organization

The Executive Council is comprised of the CE and the XOs. The Executive Council is collectively responsible for the overall strategy and direction of All Out Assault. They appoint Sector Officers. In situations described elsewhere in this charter, they ensure that voting is publicized to the community and carried out fairly.

The Executive Council may recommend a tax or tithe, payable by all members, for the common good of All Out Assault. However, no tax or tithe shall be imposed without a 2/3 majority vote of all Shareholders. The tax or tithe must be time- and/or credits-bound, meaning continuance of the tax beyond specific milestones must be again approved by a 2/3 majority vote. The Executive Council is empowered to use funds collected for the betterment of the Organization. Examples of how these funds might be used is the acquisition of ships, munitions, fuel, technology, materials, finished good or anything else that has economic or security value to All Out Assault.

Chief Executive The Chief Executive (CE) is the overall strategic leader of All Out Assault. The CE is responsible for the organization strategy (Manifesto) and administers the policies of our Organization (Charter). The CE also facilitates collaboration and prioritization across our business Sectors with the Executive Officers (XOs). The CE is responsible for the public face of All Out Assault, including appointing skilled personnel for Marketing and Recruiting efforts. (Appointment to these positions is subject to endorsement by the Executive Council). The CE is the ultimate arbiter of disputes within the organization although any disputes that exist are encouraged to be solved as far down the organization chain of command as possible.
  • The CE is an elected position, however this position will initially be held by a founding Shareholder of All Out Assault.
  • Every six months, the Chief Executive is subject to reaffirmation by all Shareholders, to be carried out as a Vote. No motion is required to declare a reaffirmation Vote
  • Any Shareholder may declare lack of confidence in the CE and move that a no-confidence vote be carried out. Said motion must be seconded by another shareholder before a vote will be carried out. The CE may be subject to a no-confidence Vote only once per month
  • A Vote complying with these bylaws will constitute votes from at least 50% of active shareholders. Reaffirmation of the Chief Executive must have 50% of the vote to pass. A motion to remove the CE must have 65% of the vote to pass
  • The CE may step down at any time and a suitable replacement will then be voted in by Shareholders.
Executive Officer (XO) The executive officers (there are three) are the strategic leaders for our three operational sectors: Exploration & Mining; Manufacturing & Trade; Security. As senior officers of All Out Assault, they have autonomy to identify and evaluate priorities within their Sector. Through direct involvement and through Sector Officers they also oversee the implementation of their Sector priorities. Not only do they develop the strategy for their business Sector, but they ensure the alignment of strategy with their peers and across business Sectors. Executive Officers may appoint Sector Officers, subject to agreement by their peers on the Executive Council. Another key responsibility for the XO is to determine skills needed in their Sector and to work with Marketing and Recruiting executives to identify candidates to fill those roles.
  • The XO positions are also elected, same as the CE position.
  • Initially, the XO positions will be held by founding members of All Out Assault
  • The XO is subject to the same 6 month term and reaffirmation requirements as the CE. The same rules for a motion of no confidence and vote to remove the CE apply to the XO position.
  • An XO may step down at any time and a suitable replacement will then be voted in by Shareholders.

Sector Officer
Sector Officers are recommended by the XOs and are appointed by the Executive Council. An election may be called, depending on the needs and preferences of the Executive Council. Generally speaking, a Shareholder elevated to these positions will have earned the respect and admiration of their fellow Shareholders and will have demonstrated the ability to lead in the field. Sector Officers are all equal rank regardless of which Sector nominated them for their position. They may actively engage in activities within any Sector, though it is recognized they may choose to focus their energies on Sectors in which they have deep skills.

Shareholder Shareholders are full members of All Out Assault. Shareholders must be sponsored by another Shareholder of All Out Assault. New Shareholders must be voted to the position by existing Shareholders. Shareholders are entitled to fly All Out Assault missions and are entitled to keep proceeds that are earned based on their participation in said mission. All Shareholders (including those elevated to Officer and Executive ranks) may be subject to a tax or tithe, to be used for the common good of All Out Assault (and as outlined under duties of the Executive Council)
  • Voting Member
  • Must be sponsored by a shareholder and subsequently voted in to become a Shareholder
  • A Vote complying with these bylaws will constitute votes from at least 50% of active shareholders. Affirmation of the candidate to become a Shareholder must have 50% of the vote to pass.
  • Shareholders are not assigned to any one Sector; they may pilot or crew any All Out Assault mission
  • Must fly All Out Assault colors on our missions unless authorized to do otherwise by the Executive Council
Privateer Privateers are prospective Shareholders of All Out Assault. Alternately, they may also be members who call another primary organization home but their affiliation with All Out Assault has earned their recognition as a Privateer with us. Privateers have limited say in the internal concerns of All Out Assault. Privateers who wish to make All Out Assault their primary Organization may be voted to Shareholder status and acquire the rights and privileges of all other Shareholders.
  • Non-voting affiliate of All Out Assault
  • Must be sponsored by a Shareholder
  • Does not fly All Out Assault colors on any mission
  • 50% Shareholder approval to become a Shareholder as long as they declare All Out Assault to be their primary Organization and subject to the Conflict of Interest policy.
Code of Conduct Below is the Code of Conduct for All Out Assault. Read it and get to know it because if you ever get warned or cited for something it is probably because you did something that this says you shouldn’t. These are not suggestions or requests they are some of our rules and every member is expected to follow them. Failure to do so will result in a warning and further warnings will result in removal.
  1. Represent All Out Assault in the best light at all times. Be respectful of fellow Shareholders, privateers, fellow pilots and opponents. Today’s opponents could be tomorrow’s allies. In general, keep it to business in region chat. What you say and how you say it can impact All Out Assault. Treat other pilots as you would like to be treated. We will remove Shareholders that reflect poorly on the Organization.
  2. No drama. We are all here to have fun and enjoy the game. Personal conflicts can arise from time to time with so many players. We expect our members to handle those incidents respectfully. On top of that, if you choose to leave the Organization that is your choice and all we ask from you is respect. Please do not leave only to trash talk our Organization moments later. It makes you look bad, not us.
  3. You must have Teamspeak 3. Expect Shareholders to join Teamspeak 3 when grouped. Just listening (no mic) is fine. Obviously sometimes there will be exceptions, but this is the general expectation.
  4. All Out Assault does not recruit from allied Organizations without prior discussion with their leadership. If you are applying from an allied Organization, please talk to your guild about that first.
  5. When on a mission, follow the mission leader’s lead. NO ARGUING. It is fine to make a suggestion, but if the leader has said to do something, then do it. The time to go over tactics in more detail is after the fact – not during. A well-executed mission plan will be more successful without the confusion from cross chatter or argument. Be where you are supposed to be – do not go AWOL or leave your flight group without letting the group leader know. Expect this same courtesy from others when you lead. We welcome Shareholders who step up and lead groups!
  6. Be generous! Help your fellow Shareholders and expect that they will help you!
  7. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!
  8. Organization bashing is a common occurrence these days and counter measures to such situations is to 1) leave QUIETLY or 2) reflect a positive attitude to the public while ignoring the clan bashers. It is all too easy to play their game and arguably disagree while voicing it, bash them back, “LOL” when they die, etc. Do NOT stoop to such levels. We are better than that.
  9. Being an All Out Assault member is different when you’re in public. This means that ANYTHING public (i.e. Forums, region chat) related to you need to show the utmost respect for everyone. It does not matter if you are being trolled, it does not matter if your friend is being trolled, it does not matter if someone is upset with you and they are wrong. You need to pretend that you are the adult and they are the 3 year old. Do not swear, do not troll, do not feed the troll, do not pet the troll, do not harass anyone of any faction, do not come to the aid of a Shareholder being verbally thrashed by verbally thrashing back. Just ignore the assholes and don your suit of maturity. This is very important.