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AOD began in 1999 under LiquidSmoke. Angels of Death [AOD] is a large, international, multi-gaming community which was founded in 1999 and is made up of 1000+ dedicated members.

We strive to be the best at whatever we do while having a great time.We want every member to enjoy their time and get the most out of every game we offer.

This is the story of a small but wildly successful organization formed by unlikely allies who came together in a time of desperate need which led to lifelong friendships and thriving livestyles for its members through involvement in trade, industry and military operations.

Founded as an underground resistance movement in the year 2790, the Angels of Death was made up of former military personnel, scientists, traders and civilians who were sick of the abusive society that the Imperator had created. Hundreds of years blended together as generation after generation watched the near-collapse of order in human-controlled space. The AOD’s engaged in guerrilla warfare against the UEE oppressionists for two years, falling on transport convoys and apprehending supplies meant for UEE space stations in a meager attempt to fight back. That was all before before the events on May 3, 2792 which saw the Imperator overthrown and the rebirth of the UEE the way it was meant to be.

The trials and challenges that each member of the Angels of Death went through during those two years formed friendships and bonds that would last through generations. With increasing piracy and the aging UEE fleet and their questionable ability to enforce order, the Angels of Death reorganized into a Private Military Company which would maintain a combat fleet, invest heavily into trade and industry, and use its resources to explore space and maintain order in the universe. It’s members are traders, explorers, former UEE navy personnel, industrialists, scientists and civilians. Although a relatively smaller outfit, AOD did very well for itself: Financially, it generated significant sums by acquiring a number of combat-ready starships and performing escort operations to traders and important political figures; it also invested heavily into growing and now booming trade markets and natural resources.

Today, the Angels of Death continue to provide a strong military presence, thrive through trade and industry, and are exploring the deepest reaches of space. Here is where your story begins. Welcome, friend, to ‘verse. Welcome to the Angels of Death.


Introducing the Angels of Death!

All of us here at the Angels of Death hope to host a large and thriving Star Citizen community that values sharing a fun experience while respecting each other. Our aim as a community is to offer all of our members an enjoyable and socially immersive experience regardless of commitment level or play style. Our goal as an organization is to provide a fun and active community to offer support, advice and a collective knowledge and resources to give our members an advantage in the Star Citizen Universe. Our mission is to have as much fun as possible and achieve success in all our endeavors, individually and as an organization.

We want quality people with personality

Although we value in-game skill, it’s who you are that will determine if AOD is the right place for you. For many of us, AOD is like a second family of close friends. Sound like the kind of team you want to be part of? Apply today!

AOD is an awesome place for both competitive and casual gamers; we’re all about having fun and kicking @$$ in respectful, organized team play using superior communication and tactical domination. We’ve been providing a place for gamers to make new friends and have fun playing video games for over 15 years and have over 1800 members who play in one of our 8 game divisions.

Ultimate Security: Mess with one of us, face all of us

Our main goal as a guild is to have fun and be an important part of something bigger than yourself. When you join AOD you ensure that you will not be alone.

  • If you call for help you can be sure AOD will be flying in hot.
  • If you get GANKED rest assured that the player griefing you will learn very fast that he made a mistake.
  • Need help in any way just ask a member.

The Experience of a Lifetime

Whether you’re here just to game and have fun, or you want to take on leadership, recruitment and admin responsibilities, the Angels of Death want you to join our team! We especially want those who want to be an important part of the success of our Star Citizen division. We treat everyone with respect and hold our members to a Code of Conduct. Our focus is on having fun, supporting the team, and carving our names into space-sim history! Whether you want to explore the deepest and darkest corners of the universe or engage in heart-pounding dogfights, become a master merchant or become an industry mogul, the Angels of Death is the place for you. Join now!


Code of Conduct

1. Strive to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner

2. Offer help to anyone who seeks it, if it is possible

3. Project a positive image of yourself and the AOD clan to others

4. Put the needs of the clan first, above personal goals

5. Support members of AOD

6. Attempt to resolve personal differences directly with the concerned individual(s)

7. Remind other AOD members of expected conduct in a tactful, non- threatening way, and if possible, in private

8. Promote fellowship within the game community

9. Do not condemn or humiliate other clan members

10. Win and lose games honorably, show sportsmanship

11. Maintain AOD loyalty

12. No comments about politics, religion, skin color, or sexual preferences. We are here to play games.