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Roberts Space Industries ®

Army of Me / AOME

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

For those in the verse that like their alone time, or want to crew up to get the job done.

For those that like no obligation to overseers, but need some help with Pirate’s.

For those looking to make close friends.

Then look no further than an Army of Me, where one can be many if needed.


“Captain’s Log 2945: I think it is about time that I document the point’s in my life that led to this motley group being started….,”

“I’m mainly a Solo pilot, most know this…but understand the verse can be a harsh place with many groups that are looking to take from you what is yours. It is said that if you do not ORG up, you are only fighting a loosing battle in the end.”

“SO, this group began because of my relationship with a Banu freighter pilot, my best friend (placeholder).”

“While on rout to a business meeting I detected a fire fight a couple thousand kilometers to port. My curiosity got the best of me”

“It turned out that 2 Pirates were making a run on a Banu freighter..annnnd he was not going to last with one damaged burner on that old junk-heap, it was a Caterpillar…I came to realize later of how much he made for himself with that junk-heap, so understand that I say that with affection for the ship itself.”

“Focused on their prey it was easy for me to ambush the pirates coming from the darkside of an asteroid, I hit the thrust and took in my ship…The Origami Fox.”

“I hit them with some unrelenting fire from the fox’s cannons, and blasted them both with missiles. Disabling the engines completely of the Avenger and making the other crew from the Cutlass have to abandon ship.”

“With rescue from peril, a casual friendship began to form. From time to time we crossed paths and shared information, or offered assistance in a delivery…for a bit of the profit of-course, you have to pay for your expenses some how and save that little nest egg.” chuckle “We have also both rescued each other in Piracy situations many times, so our friendship extends beyond this first encounter.”

“After many meetings we understood that we had too-many personal business obligations or differentiating paths of interests to form a lasting business relationship, but we greatly enjoyed each-others company and stories of adventure.” “So we formed a group and welcomed others of like mind, all with the personal desire to help each other when needed, or when the ability to help was available to give.”…“I mean you never know when you will be in another star system and can’t be there to help.”

“Now, some that found their path was better together so they formed crews and became fast friends. While others passed in and out like ships in the black.” “It was the collective desire though to help when help was needed but the understanding that not all paths are parallel. So we created a communications web where we could all coordinate with each other and assign the closest to help or join in on a job that will take more than one ship, or when when one of us was being run down by Pirates.”

“This caused the naming of this Organization of misfits and business persons as the Army of Me”..“Where one can be many if needed.”


The Army of Me is simple, we are a mainly Solo type game-play with encouragement towards RP’ing (not a must, but you have been warned).

It dose say that Exploration and Freelancing are the main drives here in this ORG, but really anything outside Piracy is all good. Note: I support the right to commit Piracy or acts of as this only enhances the game-play of the verse, but this ORG does get involved in the act of Piracy outside of running from or fighting them. If you are found to be a Pirate we can help you find a good ORG that will fit your interests (Check out Mongrel Squad for example)

Again some like to play by themselves (like me, sometimes I just want to go at my own pace), but there are times that hanging out with others is lots of fun too so this ORG is meant as a way to make Friends and play together if that is also your goal in Star Citizen.


There are some rules to help keep those like-minded people happy to have joined:

  • Be Friendly – (if you say you are RP’ing and asshole, keep walking, I am a grown adult and am not interested in playing semantic games to support your need to be a unfriendly person to others just because you can), but if your RP’ing a grumpy, sly, mysterious person like a Jet, Spike or Fay character as an example (see Cowboy Bebop – the Anime) then you are welcome, these are also examples of loners that worked together.
  • Open debate is welcome and encouraged as long as it is civil (not everyone will see eye to eye, but we can all still be friends/friendly).
  • No Piracy, but if you are running illegal goods I think we can let that slide (RIP Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds). As mentioned in the Manifesto if you are found to be committing acts of Piracy we can help you find a good ORG that will fit your interests . There are plenty of friendly Pirate ORG’s in SC to join (Check out Mongrel Squad for example).
  • CoOp is welcome as I am trying to build a community of like minded people that may not always want to group up but sometimes it is fun too (or all the time is for some which is also welcome). No one will be shunned for not wanting to join in any CoOp offers (just don’t be a dick if anyone asks, ‘no thanks’ is fine). Understand though, those that do not group on a mission (if grouping is offered by someone in the ORG) they will not be entitled to a share of profit from the groups activity.

Understanding that people all have different real-world lives which is why this is a casual ORG, you are under no social or organizational obligations outside of the above mentioned. (This may be updated if I find I have neglected anything)