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Angels of the Warp / AOTW

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Professionals have standards. Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.


Angels of the Warp’s vision is to become the premier mercenary organization in Star Citizen and a critical ally in endgame combat. Although the focus has been attracting highly skilled and professional marines and pilots, to become an integrated combat group, AotW is also expanding to include bombers, scouts, medics, SAR, refuelers, capital ship personnel, and even salvagers or other economic positions that support combat.

AotW is also dedicated to growing and supporting the Star Citizen community. Members include the creators of, the component and ship spreadsheets, and Star Citizen Org Finder. AotW also includes the founder and chief official of SC4 as well as several SC4 officials.

In both Star Marine and Arena Commander, AotW has used its extensive knowledge of FPS and dogfighting to work directly with the developers to fix bugs and improve gameplay. Our players are highly active on the official leaderboards and player-run tournaments. Every week, we run two pick-up games where anyone can join us. Likewise, we participate in weekly SC4 PUG games and hold private practice sessions for training other players.

AotW is actively recruiting for all positions, but even players not interested in joining are welcome to play and practice with the Org. For those interested in joining, the most important thing we look for is attitude — we want to have a good time playing Star Citizen or any other game. In Star Citizen, we expect players to uphold our professional reputation and for AotW to be your primary Org.

For more information, check out our Recruitment Overview and talk with one of the AotW commanders.

Contact information:

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“The idea that a war can be won by standing on the defensive and waiting for the enemy to attack is a dangerous fallacy, which owes its inception to the desire to evade the price of victory.” -Douglas Haig


Angels of the Warp is a mercenary organization — we do intend to heavily participate in combat and PvP, including open fleet warfare and perhaps even piracy during downtimes. However, we will strictly maintain a professional reputation — we play for the challenge, not to ruin the game for others.

Our Vision

Angels of the Warp will join the living history of Star Citizen as the most feared mercenary force in the ‘verse. We intend to be the first organization contacted for every war, skirmish, siege, or desperate defense of a strategic outpost. We will continue to participate in every tournament and to maintain our professional reputation.

Our Structure

As an integrated combat group, AotW will field players in every position necessary for successful fleet combat:

  • Tactical: marines and combat pilots
  • Combat Support: bombers, capitals, EWAR, recon, assault, medics/SAR
  • Logistics: salvage, cargo, fuel, repair/engineering

Although recruiting standards for each position will vary, we will not create artificial divisions that separate our players — we will fight as one unit. Scouts will find our targets; fighters will screen our bombers and capital ships; EWAR units will disable targets for our assault ships to land marines; salvagers will turn our targets into cash while engineers help us gear up for the next fight.

Our Players and Recruitment

AotW members are competitive, but we also want to have a good time — this creates a balance of joking around while also caring about doing well in our games. Any prospect should be able to fit into that culture. This includes acting like an adult within the wider Star Citizen community.

Recruitment is based on the ability of the player to do the job. For tactical positions like marines and dogfighters, that comes down to measurable performance in combat. For support positions, particularly those without current gameplay, this comes down to the player’s general intelligence, equipment, and ability to articulate their future plans. For all positions, communication and teamwork are critical.

To determine if these requirements are met, any prospect should expect to spend sufficient time with the organization before joining.


Any AotW member must understand and agree with these goals. We do not want to police and monitor behavior.

  • Maintain the professional reputation of AotW on and off the field
  • Avoid constant negativity or condescension