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Order of the Apparition / APPARITION

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    Bounty Hunting

This is the Order of the Apparition. The Order is a Covert Faction focusing on Espionage and Assassination, but diversified to accommodate to a range of different aspects.


The Order of the Apparition

…was a codename given to the Advocacy dispatch team tasked with escorting Senator Terrence Akari of Terra, while negotiating peace with the Xi’an. The three member team, chosen by a mysterious figure known as the Prophet, consisted of ominously named operatives, each with their own task.

  • The Fighting Mind: The main escort, tasked with forward security, scouting ahead and eliminating any potential threats or present targets.
  • The Seeing Mind: The security expert, tasked with gathering intelligence on the route, as well as implementing espionage countermeasures.
  • The Working Mind: The logistics head, tasked with the allocation and procuring of resources.

This three member task force succeeded in their mission. Peace was at last a viable option between Humans and Xi’an. This peace, in turn led to the cracks in the Messer Era System, greatly weakening the Advocate. The three member task force, now referring to themselves as The Mind, set out to create an organisation in which they could share their collective expertise with new trusted members. The guild, now known as The Order of the Apparition, was officially founded in the year 2790.

Two years later, the tragic Massacre of Garron II took center stage in galactic policy. The Order of the Apparition had knowledge of the situation, and was ready for swift assistance. The vid-footage of the deliberate behavior was released to an activist group by the Seeing mind, under an anonymous name. This, in turn, overthrew the Messer era, and the Order secured enough votes for Erin Toi of Earth to become the new Imperator. It is two Order ships (under UEE colours) who escort the newly formed Fair Chance Act for revision by the members of Human Planets. This was the Order’s first major operation since establishment.

In the year 2800, The Order is approached in secret by a Senator of the UEE, who requested guidance on galactic stability. That same Senator later proposed the idea for the UEE ark, which was promptly built. The Order faded into the background (even further) during the next 70 years. They re-emerged from this hibernation a mightier guild, and adopted the Chronos System as their base of operations. The impending Synthworld project would need the resources and protection of the Order if it was to be free from political sabotage and wayward pirates. By the time the first survey ships arrived on scene, the newly commissioned Idris-class Corvette, Silence, was a common sight in the system, and (with some coercing) was mentioned as a non-threat. Synthworld construction continues to this day, under Order protection.

Until the year 2899, most members of the Order used the RSI Aurora as a guild ship, even though all members are free in their selection of vessel. Its common appearance and versatility was reflected in the basis of the Guild’s function. After 2899, an evolution occurred. The Origin Jumpworks 300 series was released, and became the ship of choice for the guild, due to it’s stealth factor, upgrade capacity, and speed. The ship is still widely used today.
To this day, The Order of the Apparition continues to function as a primary source of intelligence, assassination, and critical escorts to the Galaxy, with a primary goal of objectively furthering Human interests.


Our Goals

  • Contribute to Reddfaction by assisting the other involved guilds in whatever capacity deemed necessary, while adhering to the codes of conduct announced in the “Constitution of ReddFaction”.
  • Punish traitors to ReddFaction.
  • Become a widely known and feared guild, that has a measure of influence in every major Galactic event.

We are to be experts in all aspects of the game. Unseen consultants, tacticians and commanders who, when they enter the fray, have the power to change the course of current events, and vanish just as quickly as they came.


The Ten Tenets

Never strike with ones full force.
  • General rule of thumb is to keep a reserve force that equals 1/4 of your total strength. Keep them in reserve until reinforcements are needed, and have the people respawning wait as the new reserve force. Only to be used as a last resort outside of the situation above. Often, in some hard-fought campaigns, victory went to the last commander who still had reserves to use.
Information can win the day
  • The commander with the least amount of intel commands a weaker and less organised force. Information gathering, be it key target locations, fleet movements both in and out of sector, and what the enemies schedules are can all help win the day.
He who defends all defends none.
  • Same can be said for attackers. Spreading out your forces to thin will ensure your loss. Focus on key targets for defense and offense, and only use the least among of resources possible in secondary objectives.
Exploiting prevailing weather principle
  • In SC there will be no weather (unless if they include nebula etc to the factors). We can though use the political and morale weather to help plan our actions. Attack when the enemy is distracted and not ready, or the enemy fleet is disheartened due to loss of something important, be it their flag ship, or their home base.
Never show your hand to the enemy
  • Never make apparent what your true objective is. Use feints and distractions to achieve your objectives.
Show weakness when strong, and ferocity when weak.
  • Evaluate both fleets. If the enemy seems overly aggressive without much of a reason, act weak and retreat your forces a system away. Use that chance to regroup with your reserve forces, and ambush the enemy with a much stronger than expected fleet, and crush them in their arrogance. If the situation is looking grim, spread out the command to feint an offensive strike, and use the opportunity to retreat when the enemy goes to defend the target.
There’s more than 1 way to skin a cat
  • One can defeat an enemy in ways more than just destroying their fleet. Fleets need resources and facilities in order to run at peak efficiency. If a commander can not be beat in the field, then target his foundation and strike using coordinated fast sweeps. This brings us to the next point..
Protect your backbone
  • Just as we can defeat an enemy by destroying his foundation, the same can be done to us. We must give the utmost attention and protection to our essential segments. Care and comfort must be provided to our economy specialists in order to both protect our interests, and spread our influence.
Feed your men in both body and mind
  • The fleet’s morale and equipment are 2 of the largest influences in a fight. As good as a commander may be, his fleet needs to be able to support him in his decisions. If the men/women are tired and wish not to fight, you will always loose. Have a happy force that are willing to fight for hours for the group, you might just win the day.
Trust your instincts, but not blindly.
  • An experienced commander may know this, but for those learning or new to commanding will need to learn this. Your instincts can know more than you realize, and this will continue to prove true the more you command. A master commander will combine both analysis and instincts. They can come up with some of the deepest yet simple plans in order to only do what they need to do, with no extra force or resources