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“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

Our purpose here at Apollo’s Fleet is to lend a hand to those who need us most.

If it is helping you fight off a group of pirates or win a war we will have your back. We trade so we can help supply your efforts and bring some honor to us all!


Apollo’s Fleet is named after a god that the founders found themselves very fond of. Apollo was the god music, poetry, art, medicine, and knowledge. These were things that the founders had lost due to a war. The founders were born in New Corvo, Aremis, in the Vega system which is currently in a war. Everything was destroyed when they were invaded. They were lucky to be able to escape with their ships before the city was completely leveled. The leader, a Naval pilot who fought previously, took his ship filled with refugees to a neighboring planet to seek refuge. His best friend and business partner, a Naval troop transport and cargo pilot, flew along side him with what supplies he could find. After seeing the devastating effects thrust upon their home they decided to create an organization to help those who in need. Their primary goal was to provide security for a fair rate and help those who ask. They knew that this could not be done without funds and neither had anything but a ship. With fighting and transport experience the secondary goal was conceived. To buy low and sell high so they could afford to continue providing security against pirates and other organizations with less than admirable aspirations.


Apollo’s Fleet is a Organization.

Our primary purpose is to provide security for a fair rate to those who seek it.
Our secondary goal is to trade.

Our fleet is comprised of four (4) squadrons:

  • First Squadron is a fighter/escort unit whos purpose is to escort others and protect them to fighting alongside other organizations to help them win a battle or a war.
  • Second Squadron is bomber unit whos sole purpose is to help others gain advantage over their enemies or provide close support to the Marines on the ground.
  • Third Squadron is the supply and cargo division which is the heart and soul of the trading aspect for the corporation.
  • Fourth Squadron is the troop transport and gunship aspect of the military group. They can lay waste to the enemy or land some Marines in the middle of a fight.

The fleet has one Science division whos job is to explore and research new areas of the universe.

Apollo’s Fleet would not be complete without Marines! The fleet has one Marine infantry unit which is comprised of two squads.


Apollo’s Fleet has simply guidelines.

  • Be friendly and be respectful to the other members.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • There is always room to improve so help us improve our corporation.

Each member will be placed as a enlisted/intern in the beginning. When your application is received we would like for you to please tell us which squadron you would be most interested in. The squadron and roles can be found in the Members tab.
With time each member could rise though the ranks and earn more money from each engagement. Salary will be discussed once your application has been received and we get a chance to speak to you further. All records are kept and each member will receive the specified compensation discussed.

We would very much like for each member to join our Discord which will be provided once your application is received.

We are very proactive and will always be willing to help in any way or answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time,

Apollo’s Fleet Staff.