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Aquila Explore / AQE

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Welcome everyone, to the Inner Sanctum, the heart of our community. Please rest yourself and feel free to look around. If you think we can make your life better and are ready to dedicate your life to Spode’s teachings, make your way to our Recruitment section.


Aquila Explore began as a rag-tag group of space explorers, wayfarers and disgruntled privateers who were forced to bond over necessity rather than choice following an epidemic in the Draconis system that ended with most outposts suffering a total ecosystem collapse. Over the years it has become one of the most secretive organizations in the galaxy, having developed an almost cultish streak and fanatical obsession with their God Spode. While the old traits that saw its formation are still somewhat visible, they have been interwoven with dogmatic teachings and religious fervour.
The exploration and wayfaring is no longer due to wanderlust or the need for adventure but a means to an end: the promulgation of Spode’s Word. The piracy and violence that the privateers had brought to the group decades ago have now been turned into holy missions of purification: all non-believers must perish for Spode does not tolerate heretics.
Aquila Explore is not a “hive minded” entity though. While under the direction and command of its Sovereign, who weaves his own vision and ambitions through his interpretation of the Word of Spode, his Nobles sitting on the Conclave each vie for favour and greater power. Ironically those who could be the tipping point of the scales, the Knights, are the central balancing entity. While they are required under oath to serve their Noble masters, they too concoct schemes to gain a seat on the Conclave and become Nobles in their own right. The Knights keep their masters occupied to a degree where their scheming to become Sovereign must be balanced with retaining their seat on the Conclave.
While this characteristic is inevitable in a group created and made up of so many differing walks of life and ambitions, Aquila Explore has been able to survive nonetheless primarily thanks to the strength of its faith and of it’s reputation, both kind and terrifying. Its members have been known to stalk other star voyagers for weeks only to come out at the last minute and save the voyager’s cargo from a pirate ambush. On the other hand they have also been known to pillage and raze outposts to the ground for having been declared a heretic hideout by the Sovereign.
Now Aquila Explore turns to new opportunities. How will you shape its fate?


Aquila Explore will always operate from the shadows. We utilize precision strikes and tactical targeting for all of our operations. We are a group for those who would rather ambush an unaware Cruiser or cargo convoy from an asteroid field with a swarm of fighters than exchange blows between large battle fleets.
For those more interested in trading and exploring the Sovereign always welcomes more credits for Spode’s cause. Call onto one of your brethren to assist you with some cargo or to escort you with their fighter for greater protection. They are sure to oblige.
Want to be a mercenary and sell your services to the highest bidder? Go for it, just remember that you are still bound by the 8 tenets.
This organization will be shaped by your ambitions, so long as you remember your place in the hierarchy….
The Sovereign is the unquestioned leader of the organization. Below him stand his Nobles which, along with their Knights, form the Conclave. The Conclave can at most be made up of a maximum of 8 Nobles who have voting privileges. The Knights that accompany their Nobles to Conclave have no voting rights and must only stand guard or at most advise their Noble. If a vote is 50/50 the Sovereign, who chairs the meeting, will make the final decision and all shall be bound to it.
A Noble may rise to the position either by direct appointment of the Sovereign or by Conclave vote. Likewise they can lose their position in the same manner. Knights are selected personally by the Nobles but each Noble may have a maximum of two Knights to accompany them to Conclave. These are the Paladins.
Knights may take a Brother under their mentorship to prepare them for the rank of Knight. They must advise their Noble when they wish to take on a new Brother and who it will be. When a Knight feels satisfied with his Brother’s work he may recommend them to his Noble for promotion to Knight. The ceremony will take place at the next Conclave. Only the Sovereign, on the Conclave’s advice, can veto a Brother’s appointment to Knight.
All Brothers are to take care of all the Acolytes of the organization and may bring an Acolyte into the Brotherhood by voting. Nobles and Knights have no influence on the Brotherhood’s vote but the Sovereign has the last word on any Acolyte joining the Brotherhood. As such Brothers should seek the Sovereign’s blessing prior to bringing a new member into the Brotherhood and ensure that said person is worthy.
An Initiate will become an Acolyte upon either going above and beyond in a mission for the Organization or after one month of regular service.
The Sovereign has the right to make executive decisions regarding any member at will and can be overruled solely by a unanimous vote of all 8 Conclave members.


TL;DR: Don’t be a dick to people and if you think about doing something stupid check in with leadership first.

The Sovereign, in his utmost Enlightment, in the name of Spode and of all the minor Gods, declares that:

Aquila Explore is a group for all passions. We revere the One Spode and His minor Gods and shall defend his name to the last. Every member is free to do as they like so long as they abide by the tenets below:

1) Never call out Spode’s name in vain. To do so is blasphemy of the highest order.

2) The Sovereign is always to be obeyed. If you are asked to lay down your life for him you must do so the same way you would execute his demand for a refill of his cup.

3) Never harm, either physically, financially or any other way, a member of the Organization. To do so is heresy for they are your brothers and sisters.

4) Do not engage in combat with a target that has not been marked as a heretic, for bounty or for assassination. If engaged first, destroy them for Spode’s glory! To not do so is heresy.

5) Always listen to your senior brethren. They are wiser and grasp Spode’s vision better than you do. To not do so is heresy for they are your brothers and sisters.

6) Never do anything that would compromise the group, the group’s reputation or the group’s secrecy. To do so is heresy for they are your brothers and sisters.

7) Recruit candidates must be forwarded to anyone with the rank of Knight or higher prior to being officially invited. Upon assent from your senior brethren you may send the invite and reap the rewards if you successfully convert the new member to Spode’s ways. To not do so is heresy.

8) Your brethren are more important than yourself. If they are in danger you must assist no matter the cost. To not do so is heresy for they are your brothers and sisters.