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Since our inception Apogee Research and Dynamics has consistently made one thing – History.

Inquire within to find your place in Humankind’s history!


Apogee Research and Dynamics (ARAD) leverages privately owned assets and vetted intelligence to establish, provide, and standardize reliable and replicable solutions in the most austere and unforgiving environments Humankind is capable of enduring.
Whether the challenge you face is in the boardroom or in the silent black between stars Apogee Research and Dynamics can provide comprehensive and adaptive solutions that no other organization is capable (or willing) to provide.

A non-exhaustive list of Apogee Research and Dynamics’ solutions:



Corporate Conflict Mediation


Combat Support

Combat Service Support

Aggressive Governance

Mining and Prospecting

Guerrilla Marketing

Leveraged Negotiations


Personnel Recovery

Search and Rescue

Medical Aide


Economic Studies

Public Image Management

Wealth Management and Appropriation

We also have a Special Operations team capable of custom-tailoring a solution fit for any situation, and our own Race Team!


Accounting for the Chaos Variable

Apogee Research and Dynamics understands that the entirety of our operational capabilities come from the individual’s ability to perform at their peak level in a dynamic environment. We also know that peak performance can never be attained in any situation if all known variables are not reasonably accounted for.
As such, Apogee Research and Dynamics provides a logical, reasonable, and consistent charter that ensures that the unknown variables our operators are managing at any time are never ones Apogee has imposed on them. Here at Apogee Research and Dynamics Trust is a Constant.

Apogee Research and Dynamics’ (ARAD) Code of Operational Trust and Risk Management:

Each Operator’s will is their own.

Every Operator’s voice is heard.

Assets permitted for use in any ARAD expedition or operation will be accounted as a contribution to the success of that operation. Contributions will be measured and weighted fairly against all other contributions based on their operational value and relevance. Upon any operation’s success the owner of said assets will be compensated according to the weighted value of the contribution. This is the “Prey and Pay” clause.

You have a right to your share of the profit. According to your contribution. (See Prey and Pay clause)

All equipment will be well serviced and operable before use.

On-person equipment, supplies, and kit will be appropriate for the situation.

Abandoning an operation is a violation of trust. Desertion in this manner is grounds for ARAD’s recovery specialists recovering damages equal to at least the value of the operational capability of the deserter and resultant consequences of said desertion.

Theft between ARAD personnel is a violation of trust.

Inter-personnel violations and transgression will be dealt with at the lowest possible level. Appeals will only go as high as ARAD’s own Human Resources Solutions Department. Final decision, apon appeal, is voted on by the board. Outside interference from any other organization or government is not accepted.

Sharing of intelligence outside of the organization is a violation of trust.

Withholding intelligence from the organization is a violation of trust.

Each Operator’s person and property is their own. Persons and property are assets to ARAD operations. Assets can be offered for contribution to ARAD operations if the owner sees fit – as they see fit. (See Prey and Pay clause)

Privacy of the self ,all ARAD personnel, and all operations, is a matter security and of the utmost importance.

Operators looking to excel in the organization will be extensively vetted from within the organization.