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Arcadia Foundation / ARCFOUND

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The Rhene Family Foundation – Leading the way to Oretani


Founded by Enoch Rhene, the Arcadia Foundation pools the resources of the Rhene family in their quest to reunite with the lost branch of their family that is trapped in the Oretani system.

Oretani was just one of many systems that were being discovered during the rapid Expansion era of the 25th century. The surveyors noticed nothing in the system’s six worlds of immediate importance. Only one planet seemed to be a viable candidate for terraforming. The terraforming Corp that won the bid sent a mid-level team (and their families) into the system to start processing when the only jump point into the system collapsed. Scientists scrambled to figure out a solution, but it was the first time an incident like this had occurred. As years stretched into decades, people studied the area around the former jump point, hoping for a sign that it had reopened, but after time they gave up. After all this time, Oretani is only ever debated among select number of historians. Most believe that without support, the initial terraformers probably died out, but no one really knows what to expect on the other side if that jump point ever reopens

Nestor Rhene, his wife Isobell, and their children were members the terraforming team sent to Oretani. We believe their descendants are there still.

The Arcadia Foundation continues to push the boundaries of exploration technology and will find the way to the Oretani system.


While that “History” page makes for some fun reading there is no real role play here. This Org exists simply to allow friends to share ships and operate on shared communications channels while mucking about.


Have fun!