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An internal org for our main organization:

Arc Industries

A safer verse with Arc-Security, from short term/one off contracts to full corporate security solutions


Arc Security was created on 20th May 2013, with the aim to provide effective security services and solutions throughout the verse. The foundation of that is our members; valued folk who continually drive us forward into the great expanse.

We stand by our phrase “Casually Hardcore”. We enjoy the game in its entirety, striving to experience the fun aspects as much as possible. However, when called on for an operation or contract, we enjoy being serious about our game-play.

Operations are undertaken with the utmost professionalism. Our skilled pilots utilized their in-house training, which includes; formation flying, advanced combat maneuvers and tactical communications.


Official History

In 2872, the United Earth Empire (UEE) embarked on Project Archangel, an ambitious plan to convert lifeless orbiting rock into a life sustaining planet. By all accounts it was to be the legacy of generations. Unfortunately, over the next 50 years, Project Archangel, publicly named “SynthWorld”, drained the economy to the point where the UEE began selling off assets in order to keep funding it.

Arc Security’s parent company, ArcCorp, purchased and invested in Stanton III, one of four super-earths originally inhabited by a mismatched bunch of colonists and refugees. They gradually built the planet into the industrial wonder it is today, over-developing it to the point where no trace of its natural origin was left.

After selling the planets in the Stanton System, the UEE left the MegaCorps who purchased them to police the system themselves and, thus, Arc Security was created. Initially designed only to oversee the security of ArcCorp’s business assets, ArcSec quickly flourished in the potentially lawless system, becoming an independent organisation in their own right. In present times, ArcSec does not only ensure the safety of ArcCorp assets but also takes on contracts from independent sources in order to fund its ever growing fleet and logistical operations division.

The decline in the economy has not affected ArcCorp or Stanton III as heavily as some of their MegaCorp allies. Military contracts are still blindly fully funded by the UEE, allowing investment into purpose built towns and better education for children born on the planet. They provide a steady stream of young men and women to the UEE military, most of which return to work in Arc Security, ensuring the fleet is fully staffed.

Creation year: 2927


Arc Security:

As an organization, we deliver effective security solutions that fit alongside client requirements to best safe guard their assets, planet-side or through-out the verse. Arc Security prides itself on having strong foundations and an efficient system for operations of any variety. Our procedures meet both the client’s and security pilot’s requirements.

Our Community:

In the period between now and release, we are going to continue to build our Organisation, focusing on maintaining our current high level of professionalism and commitment. We also actively encourage the use of our Discord Server, both when gaming together and also socially. This important aspect really helps members become more familiar with one another, as well as the leadership team who frequent it. Bi-weekly meetings are also held here to allow time for dedicated Q&A as well as open discussion.

What we do:

Security Fleet

Armed Escort/Convoy.
Need to get from A to B to Z? We can provide modular security throughout your journey.

Sector Security.
Looking to carve out your own piece within the verse? We’ll make sure you can, under our protection.

Asset/Station Security.
Whether it’s a station, asteroid, or floating wreck, consider it very secure!

Corporate Security.
Long term security of your organization’s operations. Best suited to mining/hauling firms.

Personal Protection.
Lost your ship? Too much focus on you from ‘pirates’? We can get you where you need to be.

Add-on Security.
Does your organization need additional security pilots? Contact us.

Retrieval of Stolen Assets.
Had assets lost or stolen? We aim to return your goods within 48 hours.

Support Fleet

Following any large security op will be a salvaging flight, making sure we clean up after ourselves.

Ship Maintenance.
Our operations will be very demanding; our ship turn around will require some skilled engineers.

Ship Development.
Working closely with our Research & Development department, we aim to provide the best ship specs.

We plan on being self-sustained when it comes to ship systems/equipment.

Fleet Support.
“Fleets sore on full fuel tanks / loaded weapons”. Our operations will require extensive support.

Contract Hauling.
For ArcSec’s assets or to fly logistical contracts during quiet periods.

What we offer:

Beneficial support: Providing unconditional support to our pilots has been an ongoing, rewarding factor. As you develop, so does the organization. In the organization hangar, we stock our operation ships; those for members to use instead of their personal ships. We don’t tax our members for being apart of an Organization. Instead we repay their dedicated efforts in full! Arc Security actively searches for pilots with key initiative; those looking to improve will find a vast amount of support.

What we are looking for:


Arc operates a Maturity Policy: only polite and responsible individuals are considered for recruitment. We are looking for members over the age of 18. Some exceptions are made but very rarely. Arc does not abide any form of ‘Drama’. Any that does arise will be dealt with swiftly.


‘Casually Hardcore’ is something we embrace at Arc Security. Due to us being a pretty close-knit team and Divisions needing to be around 80% strength to be effective, we do require a small amount of dedication toward our cause from Recruits, both inside and outside of the Verse. We will never ask you to devote your life here. However, we do ask that, when signing up, you be aware that others are depending on you to fly at their wing.

Active Participation

As mentioned above, we run weekly meetings on our TS3 server; members are required to attend 2/4 meetings a month. We also hope that you will join us on TS3 outside of these meetings so we can get to know you better. While we don’t currently require you to have a microphone, failure to obtain one before launch will result in possible removal. Additionally, we also ask that members do their best to partake in forum discussions on a regular basis.


We operate on the principle of common decency. Our members are expected to be friendly and courteous to all players, helping out those in need. We recognise that PvP environments can be heated, however, abuse towards other players will not be tolerated. Each member’s actions reflect that of Arc Security. Those that tarnish the organization in any way will have their service terminated.

Lore/RP Friendly:

All history and related fiction surrounding Arc Security is written from existing lore. While we are not a role-playing organisation, we are happy to support individual interests, be they passive knowledge of the universe, character stories, or interacting with the RP community.


External Policies

UEE Recognition:

We are an UEE recognized security agency. As such, we abide the governing laws of each UEE sector.
Any information regarding illegal activities will be reported, internal or external.

Illegal Activities:

Arc Security does not tolerate Illegal activities from its members, affiliates, or clients. If a client is discovered to be performing illegal activities, he/she will be blacklisted and the sector authorities informed.


Once confirmation of a contract is finalised, we will complete the requirements in the specified time. Arc Security imposes a 25% deposit upon the agreement of a contract, to begin the coordination and back-end work. Payment of this deposit is due immediately for everything to be set into motion, unless a payment plan of this 25% deposit has been arranged.

The 75% payment is due, in full, upon completion of a successful contract. If payment is not met, we will inform law enforcement and the bounty hunters guild, along with any FR with authority to ascertain our payment/equipment.

Arc Security will deal with any repairs/loss of assets during the length of the contract, if Arc Security is at fault. If, however, the damage/loss is due to carelessness or a fault of the client, he/she is responsible for their repairs/loss of assets. This does not impact the agreed-upon contract price.

Information Gathering:

Arc Security does not actively pursue the act of attaining external information. Such act is forbidden within the organization.


Arc Security agrees not to disclose any information or data files supplied with, stored on, or recovered from clients’ equipment, except to employees or agents of Arc Security subject to confidentiality agreements or as required by law.


While Arc Security is no major production company, we do have smaller items to sell through our gains in Research & Development. Upon a fleet-wide upgrade, we may also sell ships. Each product comes with its own specified warranty and return policy. Please see product information before purchasing. While stocks last.

Official Arc Security Communication:

All messages, comments, announcements, news, and views of any Arc Security member are to be taken as that member’s personal views on the topic at hand. All official messages, comments, announcements, news, and views will come from Arc Security Board. As such, all organizations/representatives must accept that members who express themselves, on the forums or elsewhere, are not the official expression of Arc Security. If an organization becomes affected by an Arc Security member posting invalid information/comments, a representative must contact our Command members as soon as possible. We will review the case and then take appropriate action to ensure good terms are kept between our organizations. However, in some cases, the organization in question must recognise and differentiate between official Arc Security communication and personal citizen opinions before contacting us.

Internal Policies


All Fleet pilots will, at all times, represent Arc Security and display their allegiance through the use of proper ARCSEC tags. Pilots will avoid public confrontations or internal arguments, at all costs, as it reflects poorly upon not only you but also the organization.

Organization Privacy:

Pilots are charged with maintaining the integrity and privacy of information found within Arc Security’s secure forums and operations.


Pilots are cautioned to not take important matters related to Arc Security into their own hands and are expected to refrain from making any comments or decisions that have not been previously approved by appropriate ranking officers.

Self Defence:

Members are able to rationally and maturely defend themselves, Arc Security, other friendly relations, and our allies from any defamatory, derogatory, disrespectful, or otherwise negative remarks wherever and whenever appropriate. It is important to note, however, that members are still expected to act in a manner that will reflect positively, not only upon themselves but, by association, Arc Security.

Pilot Interaction:

Members will respect one another and show each other kindness, understanding, tolerance, and patience.

Pilot Behaviour & Attitude:

  • At all times, members of Arc Security will show respect to officers by listening to them and following their lead.
  • Never undermine the authority of a ranking member.
  • Absolutely no racism, sexism, or any other forms of prejudice will be tolerated.
  • Arc Security enforces a zero-tolerance rule on unnecessary conflict and drama. Those seen to actively seek such activities will be dismissed immediately.