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ARI is a nonpartisan research organization whose mission is to generate a book of data that enriches the public dialogue and supports sound decision-making. To ensure that, the information we generate is of the greatest value to research and explorers, Advanced Research Initiative is committed to conducting inquiries in a manner that is impartial, open-minded and meets the highest standards of integrity.

ARI is intended as a multi-purpose organization that can support a variety of active scientific pursuits: overclocking, biological studies, microscopy, zero gravity experiments, etc. With cross-org cooperation for precision scanning, sample and specimen collections, spectrometers and chemical analyzer, ARI is capable of cataloging new experimental data as well as producing cutting edge compounds.


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As long as Humanity expands outward into the galaxy, there will always be a need for the most basic elements that sustain it. The ARI’s biodome are designed to support agriculture and growing foodstuffs which can then be sold for a profit.

Telescopic Arrays
From the moment Humans first looked to the sky, we have dreamed of learning what lies beyond the stars. The ARI telescope project turns the uses powerful mobile stellar observatories, with an arrays of instrumentation that allows crews to gather data from the depths of space itself. This data, useful for everything from standard navigation studies, to jump point discovery, can then fetch a premium on the open market.

The distinct circular supercolliders are actually only a small piece of a more elaborate overclocking facility. This large project includes a pair of workbench labs ideal for overclocking starship components. Racers, enthusiasts and professionals seeking to push their weapons, engines or other upgrades to the limit can do so with atomic precision thanks to the attached accelerator that allows for safe testing of new theoretical limits. ARI is raising the bar on component performance.