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Star Citizens of Arizona / ARIZONA

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Welcome to the Star Citizens of Arizona Organization – A place for Star Citizens living in Arizona to create and maintain local social connections. We are a friendly, all-inclusive group that holds get-togethers around the Phoenix area. We look forward to meeting and gaming with you!


We are a group of Space-Sim enthusiasts in Arizona looking to create and maintain local social connections with others in the area. We’ve had some successful meetups recently and look forward to having many more.


Page Under Construction. Please check back later!


Our rules are few and simple:

  • Represent yourself and the organization with maturity, dignity and respect. Do not discriminate against organization members – or any other player – due to their race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality or sexuality. Basically, don’t be a dick.
  • Membership with multiple organizations is obviously permitted. Set us as a main organization or affiliate; whatever makes you happy.
  • Do not harass, attack and / or kill members of our organization, or its allies, unless it’s during an agreed upon friendly duel or dogfight. While accidents do happen, try to not make them happen often.
  • Visit our Discord Channel and help us shape our organization into one that benefits all of our members.
  • Come to an in-person meeting or two. It isn’t required, but it is fun. We have members all across the state so finding new friends and setting up a gathering is very easy.