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Armor Ex / ARMOREX

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Welcome to ArmorEx

Owners and operators of the Citizen’s Coffee Company.

Specialists in the armored transport business and experienced expedition crews.

Recruitment Discord


ArmorEx, originally known as Armored Expeditions, was created by the merging of an armored transport service with a small explorers guild which had the mutual dream of creating a self sufficient and self funded expeditionary team. Cross training all employees has always been a fundamental of ArmorEx. In order to raise funds for expeditions, the entire company would switch focus to the armored transport side of the business and take contracts from various UEE corporations and military units requiring the shipment of goods into less civilized space. When financially possible, the transport operation would be halted and all staff would prepare for an expedition into uncharted space, or unknown locations on a planet or moon. Using information from frontier outpost and UEE patrols, ArmorEx was able to make a number of discoveries that put its name in the public eye.

The nature of ArmorEx’s operation made it appealing to both UEE veterans and civilians looking to step into a thriving business that would take them back out into space. Combat veterans were employed to teach fundamental courses in order to establish skill sets in civilians that would be required on deep space expeditions, while scientists and researchers were recruited from the best universities in the UEE. Over several years, ArmorEx built up its reputation by building small outposts at locations it discovered and selling them to the UEE, while including the rights to all cargo shipping to that location in the agreement. This system allowed for a constant source of income and enabled ArmorEx to expand its fleet and take on more serious expeditions into Vanduul space.

In 2948, ArmorEx officially purchased an existing UEE company, the Citizen’s Coffee Company, in order to create a network for lawful organizations and corporations that would be mutually beneficial for all involved.


Armored Transportation

ArmorEx operates a fleet of transportation ships, capable of switching roles between personnel, bulk cargo and military deployments. Our crew members come from a variety of experiences, ranging from UEE veterans to civilian long haul cargo pilots.

Expedition Fleet

The Expeditionary units of ArmorEx are considered experts in navigating Vanduul space. The crew members come from other services that ArmorEx offers and all contribute expertise in different fields. Scientists and hard charging military veterans find a unique opportunity working on our expeditions.


As an employee of ArmorEx, you help facilitate and run the Citizen’s Coffee Company. Your primary focus is as a crew member of our armored transport business and as an efficient member of our expeditionary fleet, but you also represent the staff of the CCC and will represent the best interest of the CCC’s Affiliate Program members.