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Roberts Space Industries ®

Starfield Armory / ARMORY

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  • Security
  • Exploration


Providing security solutions & logistics support to the U.E.E. Empire and its Citizens.

Since 2945

Equipped to defend humanity’s legacy among the stars.
We hunt the wolves in the dark of the night!


Forged on Earth, from a passion for space flight and exploration. Developed while growing up near the high desert spaceports of West Texas and New Mexico. Admiral Commander Kevin Conagher successfully merged his childhood aspirations, career achievements, and combat experience into a formidable defense contractor after retiring from the U.E.E Navy. Home to pilots, scientists, and service veterans choosing to stay in the fight after their official U.E.E. contracts have ended. Starfield Armory harnesses the knowledge and combat experience our veterans earn while serving throughout the Galaxy. Allowing us to support commercial infrastructure, advance research initiatives, and strengthen U.E.E. lines of defense. We spearhead the evolution of the “Evocati-Warrior” by providing our team members a solid platform to build better lives, continue utilizing their military skill sets, and help turn the tide of war in humanity’s favor a star system at a time.

Officially sanctioned by the U.E.E and armed under the “Militia Mobilization Initiative” of 2946. Starfield Armory sits on the cutting edge of research, exploration, and defense technology. Our primary mission objective is to provide security and logistics support to the U.E.E. during times of war or increased threat. We specialize in establishing supply lines, research, exploration, security, and settlement fabrication to support the expansion of human civilization into uncharted space. An innovative business model and experienced executives enable Starfield Armory to maintain financial independence by reinvesting capital earned from defense contracting, logistics services, mining, exploration, and equipment sales. Funding our own fleet purchases and expansions ensure we will never be limited by empire funding restrictions, blocked by legislation, fragmented by minority shareholders, bound by dangerous rules of engagement, or slowed by conventional law enforcement protocols. Keeping Starfield Armory focused on Admiral Commander Conagher’s original vision to effectively support the U.E.E. military, corporations, outposts, small businesses, and individual citizens as human civilization expands throughout the universe.

Our experienced operators and fleet of starships make Starfield Armory the number-one choice in fleet escort, logistics support, and search & rescue operations. We provide supply chain logistics and defense solutions to businesses, outposts, settlements, and citizens who operate within the U.E.E infrastructure and its laws. Do you need help moving cargo too large for your ship’s hold? Require security on your mining claim? Or desire safe passage to your destination? Starfield Armory personnel are ready to serve anywhere safety, security, and logistics are a concern.

As a Starfield client, you’ll find professionally managed and highly trained personnel organized into squadrons or platoons based on proven skill sets and experience. You can rest assured you’re getting the right personnel and equipment for the job. Multiple squadrons can be tasked to provide specialized support during complex, long-range, or high-profile operations. We are equipped to provide mission-specific planetside security, deep space escort, mining, and logistics support in the most hostile sectors of the frontier.

Starfield Armory delivers the vital support Citizens need to safely fly among the Stars. We don’t take kindly to thieves, pirates, or slave runners and strongly oppose those who threaten or pray on the U.E.E Infrastructure and its Citizens. Through collaboration with the U.E.E. military, we are committed to neutralizing Vanduul forces and Pirate threats at every opportunity. Protecting your interests from profit loss, property damage, personal injury, or loss of life during your travels. Starfield Armory has the “knowledge” to chart a safe course, “experience” to support your business, and “strength” to defend your legacy among the stars.

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“We provide professional services in the following areas:”



1. VIPER – Fleet Escort, Space Superiority, & Ground Attack Squadron
2. CONDOR – Mixed bomber group and anti-capital ship support
3. TALON – Combat Support (DropShips, Infiltration, EVAC, & Scouting)
4. FIREFLY – Engineering support squadron (Repair, Rearm, & Fuel Services)
5. VEGASVIP Transportation Services & Galactic Charter Squadron.
6. ATLAS – Cargo hauling, heavy lift, ship loading, & logistics squadron.
7. HORIZON – Deep space research, exploration, & mapping squadron.
8. ARCH-ANGEL – Medical, Laboratory, Search & Rescue Squadron.
9. COYOTE – Deep space mining, refining, & salvage acquisition squadron.
10. SPARK – Electronic warfare, espionage, and data runner squadron.


1. SPARTAN – Starfield Marines
2. TITAN – Starfield Mechanized Armor & Combat Engineering Division – (Armor, Rav, & Mechs)
3. RANGER – Starfield Police, S.W.A.T. teams.
4. PREDATOR – Starfield Special Operations & Bounty Hunters.


The universe is a beautiful, mysterious, and unforgiving place!
Armed with endless life-threatening challenges for anyone who dares to traverse it. However, it also provides limitless opportunities for adventurous Citizens looking to build a reputation, develop skills, and earn a profit. Starfield Armory is seeking skilled professionals who align with our mission objectives and share a passion for space exploration and defense. Our services are in high demand with “Citizens”, small businesses, and large corporations living and working throughout the Galaxy. Allowing our memebers the opportunity to grow while applying their skill sets to generate income in a variety of different ways. Officially sanctioned by the U.E.E and armed under the “Militia Mobilization Initiative” of 2946. We spearhead the fight against Pirates and Vanduul forces who threaten humanity’s legacy among the stars!



Recruiting skilled professionals in the following areas:

  • Transport, Cargo Crews & Logistics
  • Mining and material acquisition
  • Combat pilots, Navigators, & Explorers
  • Scientists, Xeno Biologists, & Medical Teams
  • Engineers, Mechanics, & Weapon Fabrication Specialists
  • Fleet Support Rolls – (Fuel Ops, Supply Drops, Scouting, Evac)
  • Search & Rescue Teams
  • Soldiers, Military Police, & Bounty Hunters
  • Freelancers & Weapon operators


  • Squadron Leaders– Managing members, rolls, and ranking promotions.
  • Recruiting Officers – Managing Recruit Applications and Basic Training.
  • Engineering Officers- (Graphic artist or designer) Assisting the Starfield Fleet Admiral in branding, design, and organization.

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Security, Exploration & Defense

Mission Statement:

Starfield Armory provides logistics support and defense solutions throughout the Universe. We promote, expand and secure humanity’s presence among the stars through Research, Exploration, Threat Mitigation, and Business development strategies.

Main Objectives:
  1. Neutralize hostile alien threats affecting the U.E.E infrastructure and its Citizens.
  2. Mitigate or neutralize pirate activity.
  3. Advance Exploration and Research projects and technologies.
  4. Provided transportation and cargo logistics support.
  5. Organize and manage supply chains to outpost settlements.
  6. Insure Jump lanes, space stations and mission-critical areas of operation are secure and clear of threats.
  7. Provide support to the U.E.E. Military.
Operation Specification and Scope:
  • Push the limits of atmospheric and space flight through superior quality and engineering.
  • Faster than light research and development, jump point plotting, and mapping.
  • Security and protection services.
  • Search and rescue.
  • Medical transport.
  • Threat mitigation and dispersal.
  • Fighter / Bomber wing escort.
  • Planetary exploration and deep space mining service.
  • Fuel transport, delivery, sales, and refinery services.
  • Deep space transport and security.
  • Asset recovery or delivery services.
  • Salvage services.
  • Prisoner transport, retrieval, and Pirate Hunting.
  • Logistics services (Cargo transport, delivery, escort, and recovery)
  • Contract pilot, crew member, and mercenary services.
  • Proactive or reactive combat support.
  • Special operations teams. SPEC OPS
  • Fighter or bomber interceptors.

Starfield Armory Equipment Profile

Exploration, Research & Discovery Platforms

  • ANVL: Carrack (Exploration / Jump point plotting)
  • MISC – Endeavor (Discovery, Research / Hope Medical Class)
  • MISC: Freelancer – DUR (Exploration / Discovery)
  • MISC – Relinat (SEN Researcher)

Fighter / Escort / Interceptor

  • Anvil Aerospace: F7C-M Super – Hornet (Space Superiority Fighter)
  • AEGS: Gladius (Short range fighter)
  • DRAK: Buccaneer
  • AEGS: Vanguard – Warden (Long-range fighter / Command & Control)
  • AEGS: Sabre (Space Superiority fighter)

Interdiction / Infiltration / Scouting

  • ANVL: F7C-S Hornet – Ghost
  • MISC: Reliant (TANA Skirmisher)
  • RSI: Aurora LN
  • 2X P-52 – Merlin ( Defense / Scout)

Bomber / Torpedo and Gunships

  • AEGS: Vanguard – Harbenger (Long-range bomber / Command & Control)
  • AEGS: Gladiator
  • MISC: Freelancer MIS

Search and Rescue / Police

  • DRAK: Cutlass (Red – Medical unit)
  • DRAK: Cutlass (Blue – Police unit)
  • AEGS Dynamics: Avenger Stalker (Bounty hunting)

Light cargo / Multi-Roll

  • RSI: Constellation – Andromeda
  • MISC: Reliant (Kore – Mini hauler)
  • AEGS: Avenger – Titan

Large transport & long haul cargo

  • BANU: Merchantman ( Cargo capacity 5018 SCU)
  • MISC: HULL – C (Cargo capacity 4,608 SCU)
  • MISC: HULL – B (Cargo capacity 384 SCU)
  • MISC: Freelancer MAX (Cargo capacity 123 SCU)

Fuel Tanker/ Refinery

  • MISC: Starfarer
  • MISC / AEGS: Starfarer G2G – Gemini

Mining and Salvage Operations

  • MISC: Prospector
  • AEGS: Reclaimer

Repair & Maintenance

  • ANVL: Crucible


Providing security solutions and logistics support to the U.E.E. Empire and its Citizens. Starfield Armory provides strength during times of war and strongly opposes thieves, pirates, and slave runners who threaten or pray on the U.E.E Infrastructure and its Citizens. We hunt the wolves in the dark of the night!

Starfield Armory
Rules of Engagement (ROE)

I. Starfield Armory- Fleet Admiral’s General orders

PID Targets (Positive Identification) – Through, IFF technology, kill warrant scanning, or flight computer tracking.
VID Targets (Visually Identification) – Visually Identify targets and reference General Order No. 2, when “IFF” or scan (PID) is unavailable.
IFF – Identification, Friend or Foe

A. General Order No. 1-A:
“must be followed at all times”

  1. Work as a team and communicate.
  2. Attack and destroy Pirates and Vanduul forces.
  3. Positive identification (PID) is required prior to engagement.
  4. If scanning or electronic (PID) is NOT available switch to (VID) rules and contact the squadron lead.
  5. When acting as a crew member on someone’s ship, do the job assigned to you.
  6. Escort friendly units and provide protection from hostiles.
  7. Give the enemy hell on the battlefield but remember to live to fight another day.
  8. Represent Starfield Armory and your squadron with respect and class.
  9. Be respectful of others and follow the designated chain of command when on an organized mission.
  10. Have fun and help your team members learn and succeed.

B. General Order No. 1-B:

  1. Minimize collateral damage at all times when attacking targets.
  2. Pirating, looting, attacking, and taking war trophies from friendly Citizens are strictly prohibited.
  3. Confiscating ships, equipment, and cargo from hostiles or pirate groups are approved and encouraged.
  4. Support Roberts Space Industries and CIG

II. General Order No. 2:
Enemy military and para-military forces are declared hostile subject to the following:

A. General order 2-A:
Engagement is “authorized” under the following criteria.

  1. On an order received by an official “Starfield Armory” superior officer (Wing Commander, Captain, or Admiral)
  2. If you, your squad, clients, or squadron is deliberately attacked by military or para-military forces.
  3. Targets are identified as “Pirates” or are taking part in pirate activities.
  4. In defense of UEE Citizens, UEE military forces, trade routes, jump points, and space stations.
  5. In defense of Starfield Armory assets or property.
  6. There is reasonable evidence that the proposed target is a legitimate mission objective, designated threat, or target of opportunity.

B. General Order 2-B:
Do not engage targets under the following conditions

  1. You do not have a clear PID.
  2. Do not engage anyone who has ejected, under a parachute, surrendered, unconscious, or out of combat due to a disabled ship.
  3. Do not fire into citizen-populated areas, buildings or spacecraft unless the enemy is using them for military purposes or it’s necessary for self-defense.

C. General Order 2-C:
“Do not” Engage any of the following except in self-defense, to protect your ship, squadron, or the property under your control:

  1. Citizens
  2. Clients
  3. Company assets
  4. Friendly Corporations
  5. U.E.E. Military or Police

III. General Order No. 3:
The use of force, including deadly force, is authorized to protect the following:

  1. Yourself, your unit, and friendly forces.
  2. Your spacecraft, cargo, and passengers.
  3. Starfield Armory company assets, your ship, homestead, or headquarters.
  4. Prisoners, Detainees, Bounties, or Enemy Prisoners of War.
  5. Citizens or corporations from crimes that are likely to cause death or destruction of property.
  6. Individuals or corporations being engaged, threatened or harassed by Pirates or Vanduul Forces.

IV. General Order No. 4:
Treat all “citizens” and their property with respect and dignity.

  • Do not commandeer/seize spacecraft, cargo, or property unless it is being recovered from pirates or you have received clearance from a “Starfield Armory” company level Captain or Admiral.
  • You are authorized to detain Citizens, Bounty hunters, or Privateers if they interfere with mission objectives or are required for safety or self-defense.
  1. PID your targets
  2. Provide support to Civilians and U.E.E. military units.
  3. Attack pirates and hostile military targets of opportunity.
  4. Protect Starfield Armory customers and clients as a first priority.
  5. Spare citizens and their property, protect friendly Corporations, Promote business and jump routes.
  6. Always conduct yourself with dignity and honor.
  7. Comply with the Law of War. If you see a violation, report it.
  8. Protect “Starfield Armory” company assets and personnel.
  9. Work as a cohesive unit and dominate the battlespace with superior force and tactics.
  10. Maintain combat awareness and live to fight another day.
  11. Most of all “HAVE FUN

This ROE will remain in effect until your “Starfield Armory” Fleet Admiral orders a transition to an alternate ROE.

Company Definitions:

Starfield1. A set of stars visible in an arbitrarily-sized field of view, usually some region of interest within the celestial sphere.

Armory1. An array of resources available for a particular purpose. 2. A building that is the headquarters and drill center of a military unit. 3. A place where arms and armor are kept and made; arsenal.

Evocatus (plural Evocati)1. Latin term for a soldier in the Roman army who had served out his time and obtained a discharge (missio) but had voluntarily enlisted again at the invitation of the consul or commander.