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We don’t back the cause, we back the bidder. It’s simple when it comes to business. When then the opportunity for discovery, true progress, lands infront of me . . . turning a profit is the least of my concern. – Fleet Admiral Archer


Greetings Fellow Citizen!

We at Artemis Reconnaissance and Military Research thank you for visiting our organization page.

Our direction is freestanding and independent or collaborative research and development. This requires slowly adding like minded members to our team and offering our services to other organizations under employ. Understandably, you may have questions as to our goals, directives and roles within our PMC. Usually a PMC is designated for specialist groups involving mercenaries, security or bounty hunting; a lot of for-hire work. We aren’t the bunch of meat shields you’re looking for. Maybe, you are looking to punch some larger holes in you would-be enemies? Just maybe, trying to get a hold of some new high end meds but don’t really feel like doing all of the leg work to develop such upgrades? Do we have some things to show you!

We are a private research and development team that is dedicated to discovering, manufacturing and providing our clients with top of the line consumables, armors, weapons and alt-orgainc composites.

Yes, yes it sounds like boring work but you haven’t gotten the tour of our test labs yet! Those eggheads back there are always tinkering with something fun. The point is, to us its about how far can we push the envelope. We want go faster and still retain small heat signatures for stealth. We want pharmaceuticals that not only repair but prevent wear to and even enhance the body. We want to find the optimal cooling for systems, the hardest hitting rounds, the plating that offers the most protection against ballistics. We want to discover and develop what you, the citizen, wants; the best that can be made.

With drive and sure demand for high end equipment the next question is usually, “is it gonna break in my hands when I leave?”

There is something to be said about a driven work ethic that aims not only to get results, but to provide the highest quality products that give an unparalleled edge. That said quality speaks for it’s self. We only employ the most elite scientists, data runners, haulers, explorers, miners and data specialists. Many of these men and women have backgrounds studying the prestigious University of Persei Analytical Research and Quantification in the Rhetor system. Rhetor II (Persei) is the genesis some of the most brilliant scientific minds in our universe.

How did [ARMR] come to be?

The predecessors to what is now Artemis Reconnaissance and Military Research were part of the team under Dr. Russell Valem during the 2875-2885 years in the development of the CHARIOT engine system. As it its known, in early 2884, Dr. Velum lost his life during the launch of the new CHARIOT system plus dozens of his staff were injured in the explosion. The event was press labeled as a failure by the press. This calamity stained the reputations on the remaining team and was archived in the records as such. However, any scientist approaches failure not as a loss but as a determined outcome. Passion pushed them to not only drive onward but to adopt the brilliance and devotion of Dr. Velum. The team split into several smaller research groups in 2908 after their funding ran out due to the surge in competing manufacturers leaping ahead such as Origin Jumpworks. Additional strain on the economy, and more importantly within the scientific community, with the struggling progress on the SynthWorld project absorbed many of the freelance researchers. The UEE had to stand by the Chronos system project and were under tremendous pressure to make it a reality. Few engineering and development personnel remained in the freelance fields. Finally, in 2926 a private group was formed to approach R&D at a new angle. The ideals of Velum and the pursuit of knowledge regarding this “living universe” that surrounds us was the priority. The private military company, [ARMR], was officially branded in 2933. It’s conception bred a mix of a zen in discovery and an unorthodox approach to advancements in technology.

Do I have a place among Artemis?

In short, absolutely! We have need for Citizens with an appetite for discovery, engineering and the general sciences. That said, it takes a multitude of careers to keep an Organization running. The careers we have openings for are Mining, Trading, Hauling, Escort, Data Running, Scanning, Research, Science, Engineering and Exploration. Leadership condones independent work for all members and encourages all to pursue personal careers and goals within the verse! This is an AO, adult only. Org. and require members to be 21 or older. We hope those willing to join are driven towards adventure, excitement and above all fun. This is a universe unlike any other and it’s up to us to not only find what’s out there, but put it to good use.


ARMR Service Letter:

We aim to provide assistance or development listing Artemis Reconnaissance and Military Research as the Vendor to the Owner/Contractor until the agreed service/materials/data is rendered/delivered/fabricated or either party terminates this agreement.

Upon early termination by the Owner/Contractor, the Vendor is not responsible for any damages to Owner/Contractor vessels, personnel or material. Likewise, Owner/Contractor is not liable for any of the Vendors vessels, personnel or materials. This agreement holds Owner/Contractor responsible for it’s own personnel with the understanding that they will act professionally and are not to discuss any items, data sets, materials, communications, craft, cargo, personnel, procedures or locations related to the Vendor.

The Vendor, as such, has full authority to employ Owner/Contractor personnel as needed. Temporary employment will result in lawful and fair compensation for those involved. Additionally, during this employment Vendor takes no responsibility for damages to body, mind or property of each individual.

All agreed service costs are final, all precedents are non negotiable and all agreed costs/payments shall remain non withheld.


  • Precedents:
    1. All terms of transactions must be 50% down
    2. No questions regarding VIP, cargo, materials, information or any of the outlined intent/use
    3. Relationship between ARMR and client is contingent through agreed flight path(s), time allocation and objective
    4. Failure of client to deliver remaining agreed payment is authority to blacklist, generate a public bounty and in some cases execute client(s).
    5. All above precedents are non negotiable