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We strive to teach the true meaning of Honor, Glory, Loyalty and Brotherhood.

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Asgard History Timeline

2773 – Torvald Samuelsson leaves Earth with stolen ships heading into uncharted space.

2782 – First Contact with Vanduul scouts, Asgard Fleet emerges victorious.

2790 – Religious Mutiny aboard “Baldr’s Hand” Idris-P Corvette is dealt with, everyone is executed over video link to try to suppress the Religious sect from spreading.

2791 – The Sect “Midvinter” grows stronger and conducts its first Human sacrifice to their god.

2792 – Torvald sends in Soldiers to the colony ships to ensure safety of the populace. Growing concern of potential Dictatorship spread among the people.

2798 – Torvald appoints Hardvarr as Vice Admiral and “Representing of the People of Asgard” (RPA).

2806 – Vanduul Strike Force finds the fleet. During the raid the Asgard fleet loses eight colony ships and 419 people lose their lives. Civilian populace starts to questioning Torvalds legitimacy to the power and demands that a government is formed.

2809 – Demonstrations and chaos emerges as rebels take over the two colony ships The Northen Star and Grai Hestr, trying to force a democracy to be founded.

2810 – The colony ships are freed from the rebels. The rebels are jailed and forced to work on asteroids that

2814 – The increased demand for democracy forces Torvald to form an council that will govern the Asgard Fleet. Is seen as first step into becoming an own intergalactic Nation. The system Loki’s Grasp is found by a scout called Herman Kvarg. Freya Snorridottir is borned.

2815 – The first governmental body is formed “The High Council of Five Chiefs” the fleet is divided by these five leaders.

2817 – Torvald Samuelsson Dies at the age of 68, Admiral Alric Odinson replaces him as one of the Chiefs. First plans for the space station “Hope of Asgard” is presented.

2820 – Diversity of opinions create between the chieftains create

2829 – Riots occurs as two political factions starts to fight. 53 Civilians is killed.

2832 – “Hope of Asgard” stands finished and can sustain a population of 6250 people, with the docking extension 5 colony ship can be docked as home modules adding a another 1000 People.

2835 – The battles becomes more fierce and the Deathtoll raises significant as Colony ships becomes targets in attempts to force the other sides to surrender.
Civilian Death toll: 1756

2836 – Peace after Snorri Harvarldsons victory at Loki’s Tounge (Astroid commonly known as XV-11).

2837 – Vanduuls attacks “Hope of Asgard” for the first time.

2838 – Rebuilding and retrofitting the “Hope of Asgard” into an mobile station and the military fleet, the Era became known as “The Endless Conflicts”
Berserk Warrior Academy (BWA) is founded on “Hope of Asgard”
Gugnirr Division is formed – Later known as (AESU)

2839 – Supply shortage, Rationing is introduced, a Deadly disease is taking place on a colony ship which is put into Quarentine.
Freya Snorridottir (Age 25) becomes the leader of the Asgardian people within the Council after her father dies of old age. (Snorri Harvaldson).

2840 – New Starsystem is found able to sustain life. “Named into Midgard instead of New Vinland”. In the later part of the year Colonization starts with plans for an underground City within the biggest mountain range.
Surface avrage temperatures -65 Celsius (-85 Fahrenheit).
Asgard Population:2314
Freya reestablish democratic rule to Midgard, Also Changes the Name into Asgard to mark the new time in history.

2841 – Second Vanduul Wave; Asgard sustains few losses and emerges victorius.

2846 – Extensive Tunnels are digged out and the mountain is rich of vital minerals, Extension plans of building the city out of the mountain range and at it’s feet is established, Research into big enough shield generator is started.

2848 – the AFI (Asgard Fleet Intelligence) is founded by Erik Bane Kvarg. The AFI is instructed to infiltrate the Vanduul space to relay information back to Midgard about fleet movements.

2851 – First Contact with the Banu, Ensures a golden age of Asgardian commodities and minerals within the Trading sector, The Govermental body “Asgardian Commerce and Corporation”(AC&C) is Founded.

2852 – All of Midgard System is now under Asgardian Rule and extensive mining facilities and refuling refineries are constantly founded, A babyboom is caused thanks to aphrodisiac that the Banu merchants starts to sell).
The Government changes name on Gugnirr Division into “Asgardian Exploration and Salvaging Unit” (AESU).
Asgard Population:2854

2855 – First Report of UEE military ships in nearby systems reaches Midgard, Is discarded and rephrased as Vanduul Ships by the government.

2856 – Two UEE Recon Squadrons of twelve ships traverse into the system, Government scrambles twenty fighters to intercept. The Recon Squadrons return to where they came from without an incident.

2857 – UEE shows more presence in the outskirts of the systems with more activity, Civilians Demand to know what is happening and why UEE is allowed within Asgard Space, fighting off Vanduul raiding ships.

2857.10.19 – UEE Frigates and Destroyer class ships arrives and starts to patrol closer to Asgard homeworld, Civilians are getting frightened of going to the Astroid Field within the system for mining operation.

2857.11.26 – Battle of Odin commences when the first UEE Bengal Carrier arrives into the space and scrambles its docked ships for a full-fledged Assault.

2857.11.26 – The Famous speech “People of Midgard” is used to rally Asgardians to muster a defence.

2857.11.27 – Asgard Government demands all ships with weapons to join the fight against UEE invasion.
Asgardian Forces manages to put up an stalemate for a few hours making the UEE back off from their invasion.

2857.11.28 – Freya Snorridottir Orders all Civilians to an Full Evacuation of the planet.

2857.11.29 – The next attack from the UEE Fleet, The Bengal Carrier attacks the defences and the Battle for Odin is decided when the last remaining fighters is either captured or killed.

2857.11.30 – Asgard loses the war, and the Asgard Extermination commences, Rendering all Asgardian who were left on the planet to be killed by their captors.

Period 2857.12.1 – 2915
Not much happens in Asgard History, the few that left the Planet had reintegrated into UEE society with new identities. Asgard Culture is on rapid decline.

2917 – Rorik Aesirius Drakkius is born

2921 – Titus Nero Drakkius is born (Cousin of Rorik) Founder of the new Asgard Fleet.

2943.06.12 – Titus Nero Drakkius finds an old Data pad which holds information about Asgard, The resistance and general history, which belonged to Freya Snorridottir his great grandmother.

2943.11.26 – Titus Nero Drakkius, Rorik Aesirius Drakkius and a few friends of Asgardian Ancestry starts a new resistance movement with the intention to let all Asgardians to live free as they once did, and to reclaim their home planet.


Welcome brothers and sisters!

First, maybe we should introduce ourselves. We are the Scandinavian Star Citizen organization Asgard. We saw that many Scandinavian players wished that there would be a Scandinavian organization where we can communicate in our mother language and play with other Scandinavians. The inspiration for the clan comes from our ancestors, the Vikings, and we try to live and play by the catchwords;

Honor, glory, loyalty and brotherhood.

Our aim with our clan

Our aim is not to become a clan with 1000′s of members in which members will find it difficult to make their voice heard, but we want everyone to get their say and we will make democratic decisions in our things. Nor do we appear to be a clan who trust their strength on the number of members but more like a tight group of people who really understand on cooperation.

What you can expect if you want to play with us?

As a member of the Asgard Fleet you can trust that all members will meet you with respect and friendship and you will always have someone to back you up wherever you are in space.

We will listen to everyone’s opinions and democratic decisions where your voice is heard. It does not matter if you want to be a loner and fly solo or if you want to join us in huge space battles.
There’s no pressure on you as a player except that you should be social and have fun. So once again, welcome to the Asgard Fleet’s forum and don’t be afraid to create a user so you can start posting and truly become a member.


- If you would like to talk about potential alliances and non aggression pact you can always PM Nox_Umbra our Grand Admiral and Head of political affairs. We are looking for long lasting releationships with various Fleets all around the Galaxy.

Current alliances / pacts

Official Alliance with: Asgard Consortium
Official Alliance with: MARSKIN NYRKKI

Non aggression pact with: Laweful Interstellar Operations Navy LION
Non aggression pact with: Swedish Armed Forces
Non aggression pact with: Swedish Independence Group

I wanna join asgard

We are currently seeking members to the fleet and the different roles that will be available. 18+

Once you have jumped in on Teamspeak you can poke someone with [ASG] so that person can move you out of the lobby. And after you’ve visited us we’ll make sure that an admin unlocks the rest of the community to you.

Our teamspeak adress can be found on our website!.

Visit us at : for more info and our teamspeak


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