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We strive to teach the true meaning of Honor, Glory, Loyalty and Brotherhood.

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Welcome brothers and sisters!

First, maybe we should introduce ourselves. We are the Scandinavian Star Citizen organization Asgard. We saw that many Scandinavian players wished that there would be a Scandinavian organization where we can communicate in our mother language and play with other Scandinavians. The inspiration for the clan comes from our ancestors, the Vikings, and we try to live and play by the catchwords;

Honor, glory, loyalty and brotherhood.

Our aim with our clan

Our aim is not to become a clan with 1000′s of members in which members will find it difficult to make their voice heard, but we want everyone to get their say and we will make democratic decisions in our things. Nor do we appear to be a clan who trust their strength on the number of members but more like a tight group of people who really understand on cooperation.

What you can expect if you want to play with us?

As a member of the Asgard Fleet you can trust that all members will meet you with respect and friendship and you will always have someone to back you up wherever you are in space.

We will listen to everyone’s opinions and democratic decisions where your voice is heard. It does not matter if you want to be a loner and fly solo or if you want to join us in huge space battles.
There’s no pressure on you as a player except that you should be social and have fun. So once again, welcome to the Asgard Fleet’s forum and don’t be afraid to create a user so you can start posting and truly become a member.


- If you would like to talk about potential alliances and non aggression pact you can always PM Nox_Umbra our Grand Admiral and Head of political affairs. We are looking for long lasting releationships with various Fleets all around the Galaxy.

Current alliances / pacts

Official Alliance with: Asgard Consortium
Official Alliance with: MARSKIN NYRKKI

Non aggression pact with: Laweful Interstellar Operations Navy LION
Non aggression pact with: Swedish Armed Forces
Non aggression pact with: Swedish Independence Group

I wanna join asgard

We are currently seeking members to the fleet and the different roles that will be available. 18+

Once you have jumped in on Teamspeak you can poke someone with [ASG] so that person can move you out of the lobby. And after you’ve visited us we’ll make sure that an admin unlocks the rest of the community to you.

Our teamspeak adress can be found on our website!.

Visit us at : for more info and our teamspeak


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