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Roberts Space Industries

ASLT Industries / ASLT

  • PMC
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  • Security
  • Trading

“Providing everyone with everything they need in one ORG.” – BucketFace

In partnership with NullSec Security Ops


We started out with one clear goal, providing everyone with everything they need in one ORG. And that is still our goal! We want to provide everyone here with any service they need. We believe that no one should be forced into the darkness to go alone unprotected and vulnerable. Here at ASLT Industries we have everything you need to reach that goal and have the best possible time we can with each other.

When a new member comes along, we make sure they get to know everyone personally and we play together as an ORG. We help each individual achieve their goals too and focus on the skills of members without pointing out their weaknesses. Focusing on individual skills will make everyone here a better citizen.

We are active in almost every aspect of the Star Citizen ‘verse other than piracy!

Anyone in this ORG can take part in a role or just play casually with help from our members. You won’t need to ever fight alone in the verse.

All kinds of departments

We are splitted into multiple primary departments: Military, Business, Science and Exploration. What ever you are, what ever you want to be there is a place and job for you here at ASLT Industries!


We provide almost any military service you may need, whether thats repairing and servicing your ships and bases, providing you with your own personal body guard, to conducting fully fledged military and logistical operations!



The military department is ASLTs Security and PMC department, here you will receive very hardcore training, take part in military operations and join the Marines, the Fleet and our primary ASLT force! In addition to taking military contracts, we lead the way for the other departments, orgs and private customers into high risk areas of the ‘verse preventing our traders from being bombarded by pirates!

Business and Logistics

The success of ASLT Industries relies on the Business and Logistics department to secure our financial status. The Business and Logistics department has many duties and jobs such as mining, farming and shipping. The Business and Logistics department handles many of our purchases and also pays hard working marines in our Military department!

Science and Exploration

There are many hidden locations within the ‘verse and the Science and Exploration department is hard at work manipulating the science world with new tech. Our teams here are working on things from weapons to medical supplies to make sure we are ahead of the game and this is what makes our ORG different from any other ORG in the ‘verse!

For more information join our discord and guilded. We recommend you use guilded for our documentation.



1. Respect all members and especially your superiors.

2. If you have a problem with someone try to sort it out between you, if you can’t do it peacefully take it to a superior first.

3. No killing of org members is permitted without Founder or officer approval.

4. No leaking of org info to non members.

5. Unless fired upon, or approval is given by officers or higher, no killing of anything besides outlaws/pirates, vanduul, or members/orgs that are officially deemed hostile, is to be permitted.

6. All orgs unless deemed hostile by ASLT Industries are to be dealt with respect.

7. Any reports of extortion by clients will be dealt with swiftly and SEVERELY.

8. Any reports of abandonment on mission will be punished to the full extent of the founders/officers authority including the full providence of reparations for any damages or losses of the client as well as the full earn-able fee of the contract to the org out of the offenders pocket.


1. Follow all orders from those outranking you
2. Piracy and criminal activities ARE NOT PERMITTED while in ASLT uniform
3. Do not engage any target unless they fire first
4. NEVER break squad formation unless you have good reason
5. If you are on a ship as part of on board security protect the pilot at all costs
6. Any type of friendly fire will be punished harshly