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Armstrong Security Solutions / ASS

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Welcome to Armstrong Security Solutions, we are an organization of combat and industrial pilots seeking profit wherever we can find it. Whether it’s blowing up your rivals, protecting your ASSets, or providing lucrative resource contracts.. we’ve got your ASS covered!


“On the border were the Armestranges, able men, somewhat unruly and very ill tae tame!”

We defend our family in all things. As a gaming entity we do plan on behaving as a martial organization (paramilitary/privateers), but also as businessmen and explorers.

Members are generally invited by trusted members with some degree of seniority; however, we know there are people out there with something to bring to the table. All applications are considered, additional points awarded for creative use of ASS.

We understand that real life must take priority over the game and as a result there may be times when jobs and school may pull you away, but we will be here.

We highly recommend contacting us through Discord. Yuri#1396 or Crimson_Phoenix91#3785


Armstrong Security Solutions is a clan in both modern and traditional senses. Several of us are in touch with our celtic ancestry and as such we are using the metaphor to define who we are. We treat each other as family while maintaining the organizational structure and discipline of a well oiled gaming machine. We are comprised of members from all walks of life and corners of the globe with different interests. It is our intention to cater to all fields of interest including PvE, PvP, trade, exploration, and having fun.

Our Allies Include:
Brotherhood of Guile
Federation of Gamers
Titan Incorporated
The Black Crew