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The Interstellar Cartel / ASTRODRUGS

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Interstellar ✦ in-ter-stel-er ➧ Adj. “Occuring between the stars”

Cartel ✦ kahr-tel ➧ N. “Syndicate formed to regulate production, pricing, and marketing of goods by the members”


The Interstellar Cartel

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Current Events

♤ August 23rd, 2018: New domain!

♤ August 17th, 2016: The Cartel broke the 100 member milemark.

♤ January 1st, 2016: First Endeavor purchased. The Cartel now officially has the ability to produce astrodrugs once the Endeavor is released.

♤ Fall 2016 Idris-P and several Polaris Corvettes purchased, thus solidifying the Cartel’s militia.

- All current events will be available on the website at launch

Ancient History

✦ Roots deeply embedded in human history. Started as a small legitimate-business-broke-bad and progressed into an interstellar criminal empire. Unofficially named, this syndicate is known to underworld simply as “The Interstellar Cartel”

20th Century
✦ Started during prohibition in the United States as shipping company, J&W Transports. Used established trade networks to smuggle bootlegged alcohol across the country.

21st Century
✦ Becomes an international organization, moving onto narcotics and illegal gambling. NYC becomes major hub. Conducts business and launders money under the cover of J&W Transports.

22nd Century
✦ J&W Transports becomes a household name, conducting mostly legitimate business. Criminals utilize available spacecraft to transport illegal goods across the globe, often difficult to detect, becoming one of the first organizations to utilize space travel for illegal purposes.

23rd Century
✦ After decades of poor investments, J&W Transports goes bankrupt, and forced to shut down. By this time, the current criminal empire is moved completely off Earth. Most illegal business occurs in the orbit of Saturn’s moon, Titan.

24th Century
✦ Government crackdowns increase. Members are being prosecuted at a record rate. General public still unaware of a rapidly growing organized empire.

25th Century
✦ Partnership formed with a Banu syndicate, and trade agreements are made. Empire begins to rise again. Alliance becomes known as “spazio alleanza” in the underworld. A new legitimate business, J&W pharmaceuticals, a throwback to the business that started it all, becomes the new cover. Their signature product: Astrodrugs (Slang for narcotics smuggled under the disguise of legitimate medicines)

26th Century
✦ Major century, Cartel’s peak. Empire establishes Terra connections. Weapons trafficking agreement with multiple Xi’ An criminal syndicates. A few members get involved in the High Advocacy, using their power to deter investigations. Corruption becomes a major source of profit, as crime groups flock to pay for the advocacy to “look the other way”

27th Century
✦ Cartel loses foothold in High Advocacy due to changes in the government. J&W Pharmaceuticals makes record purchase deal of a legitimate business formed to sell weaponry to the UEE. Rumors go around that there is a possibility that the Cartel was involved in the assassination of Senator Kieren.

28th Century
✦ Establishes trade with a rogue Vanduul clan. Ships and weapons stolen in Vanduul raids are exchanged for slaves and narcotics. Taking advantage of the the weakened military forces, the empire begins to steal military grade ships and sell them to various syndicates.

29th Century
✦ Stable period that lasts nearly 137 years. Most transactions that occur are legitimate at this point, and members begin to worry that their criminal side is fading. In one of the biggest unknown deals of the century, J&W pharmaceuticals is sold and the criminal empire breaks away once again. Tensions begin to increase between a rival syndicate alliance.

Present Day
✦ Major attack on the Cartel by a currently unknown enemy. Nearly all members are wiped out on October 1st, 2945. Two remaining members, Joshua Keplar, a former Kingpin, and Felix Malvo, his head Shot Caller, are all that survive the attack.

✦ The Cartel begins to take form once again. By August 17th, 2946 the criminal network has achieved over 100 members.


♦ Syndicate formed – 10/1/2015
♦ Operations system functional – 1/5/2016
♦ Organization page launched – 1/14/2016
♦ Recruitment thread launched – 3/28/2016
♦ Website launched – 9/20/2016
♦ Website relaunched – 8/23/2018

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“Only those who went hungry with me and stood by me when I went through a bad time at some point in my life will eat at my table.”

~ Pablo Escobar


The Interstellar Cartel

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Mission Statement
➧ The Interstellar Cartel aims to build a structured organization for criminals of all types, from smugglers and pirates, narcotics manufacturers and assassins, to dirty UEE agents, blackmailers and more. We have a place for everyone that operates above the law. It’s like living in gangsters paradise.

Unique Operations System
➧ Distinctive operations systems allows any member to create their own “missions” for others to participate in

➧ Members can also join operations ran directly by the syndicate leaders

➧ Operations vary in complexity. Some are short and simple, others are thorough and planned out.

Member Run
➧ Those at the top are no more important than those perceived to be at the bottom. Our ranking system does not designate power. Leadership roles, Kingpins & Shot Callers, determine positions in cartel-run operations only. Soldiers & Mercenaries are free to run their own operations at will, with or without a member in a leadership rank (See Structure).

➧ Generally, Soldiers run their own operations or join them. Mercenaries typically work for themselves, seeking to be contracted in operations or simply freelancing. Both ranks can assist in Cartel operations if desired.

➧ Roles are chosen, not assigned. Members start as prospects, the rank reserved for new recruits, until they decide to take a Soldier or a Mercenary position. Ranks may be changed at will. It’s as simple as filling out a short form.

➧ Leadership roles, Kingpins & Shot Callers, need to be earned. Any member can take a leadership position, but it takes dedication. Holding a leadership role allows you to head cartel run operations. It also signifies that you are a strong leader. However, it does not grant you any special importance over other members.

➧ Our unique Operations system allows members to form their own fleets/teams, and design their own missions. Operations can be run entirely by regular members. Member-run operations usually have set goals, and may be planned out and coordinated strategically. They can be short and simple, or intricate and prolonged.

➥ Soldiers or Mercenaries may lead these operations, or they can hire a qualified shot caller or kingpin to take charge.

➧ Optional cartel-run operations are also available to all members. Cartel operations tend to be broad, focusing on a much larger goal that furthers our foothold in the ‘verse.

➥ Cartel operations are typically guided by kingpins, sometimes with the aide of shot callers. Most tasks in cartel run operations can be taken on by freelance mercenaries.

➧ All playstyles are supported- Mafioso, thug, lone wolf, gangster, anything. We even accept “good guys”. Regardless if you are on the dark side or the light side, or somewhere in between, The Interstellar Cartel has plenty of opportunities for everyone.

➧ Not only is roleplay supported, we even have a dedicated subforum AND an entire section of our website dedicated to individual lore. Members have a place to write their history, and post journals (“captain’s logs”) if they desire. Roleplay is completely optional of course.

Affiliate Program
➧ Players are welcome to join as affiliate or even hidden affiliate members! So if do not wish to be associated with criminals, or are already in an another organization, you are free to join as a hidden membership. Affiliates hold the title of “Liason” and will have plenty of the same opportunities as members. Although regular members will hold benefits, affiliates will not have any restrictions. Affiliates are even welcome to join our website, take part in operations, and participate in our Slack channel!

✵ Internal Roles ✵

Members are not limited to a single role, They are free to swap roles as they please
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✵ External Roles ✵

Outside of the universe, there are multiple opportunities for members to contribute to the syndicate.
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✵ Departments Roles ✵

Departments combine internal and external roles together. Members that are in a department generally have more responsibility than those in internal/external roles.
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“There’s no such thing as good money or bad money.There’s just money.”

~ Charles “Lucky” Luciano


The Interstellar Cartel

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We are the Wolves

Members of the pack come from different backgrounds. We respect that. Although we are a crime-based syndicate, we ask that members follow a few basic guidelines.

We are an honorable pack

The wolves are not griefers nor trolls. We are criminals. Please keep this in mind. All members are asked to follow a short Code of Conduct found below.

Code of Conduct
The only guidelines that are required to be followed. Members that disregard the code will be discharged.

➢ Respect all syndicate and alliance members
➢ Do not engage in friendly fire
➢ Do not ruin Star Citizen for new/inexperienced players, leave them alone
➢ Do not engage in trolling or griefing activities
➢ Do not engage in hateful speech

Other Guidelines
The following are not rules, nor are they required or enforced.

✯ Piracy is fine, it is not against the Code of Conduct
✯ There is a time to be serious, and a time to be screwy
✯ We ask that members refrain from engaging civilians
✯ Act with honor and respect for all fellow players
✯ Cursing in chat is fine as long as it does not violate the Code of Conduct
✯ Be mature, act like adults and not like children
✯ 18+ Preferred (Mature themes involved)

We have various outlets available for member-to-member communication. Services such as Slack, Facebook Groups, Forums, etc are currently utilized and are open to all members of the syndicate. We do not require that you use any of them. We do not require that you use voice chat either if it makes you uncomfortable. Text chat, although significantly slower, is completely fine.

Please note, any members that are found to be abusing these services will be blocked from accessing them and may be kicked from the syndicate as well. The Code of Conduct still applies.

We are RP friendly. Members are encouraged to create a character and a history for themselves. Feel free to act as their character in-game or via the various communication services if you desire. We do not require roleplay, although it will make the experience much more immersive.

Lore is not required to be 100% accurate. Keep in mind that Star Citizen is based on “the rule of cool”. If you wish to write lore that goes against current game elements, that is completely fine, even when it comes to the permanent death mechanic. (We will not hold it against you if you wish to write & roleplay as a single character, even if said character is killed in game)

Final word

We understand that the current 21st century world is more important (life before game). If something comes up, and you can’t make it to an operation, it will not be held against you. Nobody is required to do anything to remain a member. As long as you respect our Code of Conduct, you can stay in the pack as long as you wish to do so. We do not remove members for being inactive or not participating in operations.


Divisions & Subdivisions























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“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.”

~ Al Capone