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Roberts Space Industries

Astra Solutions Corp. / ASTRSOL

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2937- ASC was founded on Earth

2945 – ASC supports the Vega relief effort, after the Vanduul attack

2945 – ASC launches its own comms network (discord: )

2947 – ASC launches vid logs (

2950 – ASC gets a new logo, made by @Joker


Welcome to ASC,

ASC is a small company, focusing on idustrial tasks, like mining, repairs, fuel gathering and transportation and many others. ASC uses private, as well as corporate ships for these tasks, which are available in one of our multiple hangars, throughout UEE space. All of this is done in accordance with UEE laws, in UEE space under the protection of our own security division.

A speciality of the company is its ongoing effort to support the UEE against the vanduul. For this purpose ASC provides its services, in proximity to Vega, to UEE military, as well as militias participating in the UEE militia innitiative.

Another part of supporting the war effort is, flying recon/exploration, as well as raiding runs into vanduul territory. The goal of this is to gather intelligence, disrupt supply chains and capture the goods for sale, as well as capturing vanduul tech/ships.

Additionally all elite pilots of ASC’s industrial division can apply for high risk/reward jobs in vanduul space.


director chigger



ASC is loyal to the UEE, therefore any violations, and or actions aiding the violation of UEE law are strictly prohibited and company management will expell those involved and even hand them over to the authorities, in severe cases.

ASC supports the UEEs effort against the vanduul, therefore any actions aiding this endeavor are highly encouraged.

ASC has a strict no piracy/slavery policy, therefore any action taken to support this policy is encouraged and expected from ASC employees.


-respect your fellow players

-no insults/provocation/racism

-multi org membership is allowed, as long as this org doesn’t: – work against ASC – violate UEE law

-real life first

-don’t be a jerk