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Astral Wayfarers / ASWA

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    Bounty Hunting

Strength in numbers, even small ones.

Fly with us and shoot people for a living. Legally.



Hello there and welcome to our little corner in space!

The Astral Wayfarers are a band of colourful individuals that aim to kill to have a good time in The ‘Verse.
We all have our own goals and aspirations in our hearts. Here at ASWA we want to explode amplify your experience in the stars.

All kidding aside, our org aims to provide players with a tight-knit group of friends. We rely on eachother for help, and are willing to assist all those we call brothers.

The primary focus of our org is Bounty Hunting. We do this within the confines of the law, and thus will not break them. Mistakes happen, but punishment is always required.

Our motto ‘‘Strength in numbers, even small ones’‘ shows our humble beginnings as a corp.


Strength in numbers, even small ones

That is what we are.

Equipped with big guns and strong ships, we aim at those with a price on their heads.

Bounty hunting is what we do best, and we want your help!

Our oath:

I, [YourName], pledge my ship and self to the Astral Wayfarers.

I swear to help my fellow Wayfarers in their time of need.

I shall not shoot my fellow Wayfarers, unless they mean to harm.

I shall not break the law for a payday, I shall uphold it as best I can.

I swear this on my ship and self. I am an Astral Wayfarer.


We hunt bounties.

We explore territory.

We help our own.

Our ranks:

  • Commander – Leader of the Astral Wayfarers
  • Fleet Captain – Second in command, and overseer of the fleet
  • Captain – Owner of a crewed Astral Wayfarer ship.
  • Lieutenant – Recognized ground force combatant.
  • Veteran – Long-time wayfarer.
  • Wayfarer – Every member.