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Autonomous Transport, Recon. and eXploration / ATRAX

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Autonomous Transport Reconnaissance and eXploration welcomes you to our official Spectrum channel. Feel free to browse, and please visit our Recruitment section for career opportunities.

You can also reach us on our Discord channel:


“No enterprise is more
likely to succeed than one
concealed from the enemy
until it is ripe for execution.”

- Niccolo Machiavelli

The late 29th century was supposed to be the dawn of a new age with the Synthworld project but as the years dragged on and the money disappeared into this endless pit which failed to produce results it was apparent that it was not. In the very early 30th century many smaller companies felt the strain of these hard economic times with high taxes and many were not flexible or visionary enough to future proof their livelihoods. In the Terra system there where two companies who shared similar interests but were competing in the same economic environment. Tactical Negotiations Limited (“TNL”) - who main interests where with logistics and convoy protection and Autonomous, Transport, Recon and eXploration (“ATRAX”) - who interests where in logistics and exploration. Both companies where struggling to earn a decent profit and compete with other well established organisations with greater resources at their disposal.

The founding directors of TNL saw the need to have greater resources and less reliability on hiring 3rd parties to fill in their missing gaps within the organisations expertise. Seeing the writing on the wall as it is said, the directors brokered a meeting with the directors of ATRAX. It was their intention that the two companies merge as one in what would be a friendly takeover. After many meetings, in the year 2926, between each of the competing directors of these two companies it was decided too merge under the banner of ATRAX. With their military training and background, TNL would add a stronger military presence that was lacking in ATRAX and ATRAX with their vast logistics background and exploration capabilities would ensure that the merged organisation would have robust trade negotiation abilities.

At first the organisation restructured itself into three main departments: Logistics, Escort & Exploration. The next few years were still challenging, they negotiated wisely though and began to obtain lucrative contracts with the UEE as private contractors to supply the military with the resources it needed on it frontiers. This is where the newly merged organisation began to flourish as previous contracts were out of the individual companies reach due to deficiencies each one had in certain areas. They were now able to transport greater amounts of resources with greater proficiency. It also meant that they were able to travel through more hostile systems with these increased capacities without fear of loosing all their goods to pirates, raiders or unscrupulous competitors.

By 2936 ATRAX was in a position to offer its security services to other organisations. Wether it was sending its crew & ships to protect other transport convoys or supplying security teams for other organisations physical assets, ATRAX was able to offer its clients peace of mind. The Logistics department had also grown considerably and had made several smart and lucrative acquisitions that allowed the organisation to move into mining and manufacturing. With the organisations ever growing expertise the Exploration Department restructured itself to offer more succinct services to the organisation itself and to its clients.

2941 saw the company restructure itself into the four departments you see today and the services it is able to provide to its existing and potential new clients – Logistics & Commerce (resources, trade, mining, manufacturing & transport), Intelligence (gathering & trading), Space Corps (fleet & marine divisions) & Exploration & Recon.

Positions are available in all departments and those who join and provide value to discussions will be considered for ranked positions.


“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

- William Shakespeare

Autonomous Transport Recon. and Exploration (ATRAX) is a co-operative organization formed to provide the mutual support and individual development required for member pilots to succeed in an increasingly hostile ‘verse.

ATRAX will support and develop pilots in any aspect of their lawful activities. In return pilots are expected to provide support as required by other members of the organization and to take part in coordinated activities where practical or profitable.

As hostile activity by lawless individuals has proven the most likely impediment to profitable trade and exploration, ATRAX will train and maintain an active security arm to provide (paid) armed escorts where required. As such, pilots are encouraged to support and take part in the ATRAX security force either as a dedicated security pilot or as a reserve member whichever you prefer.

ATRAX is a growing organization with plenty of room to advance, so we welcome any pilots from casual to hardcore who are willing to come explore the ‘verse with us! Speak to one of our Directors today, or visit our recruiting section and leave us a short note about yourself and where you would like to be two years from now!

Logistics & Commerce Department

Responsible for trade, manufacturing, mining, resources and shipment of assets of the corporations’ and those of our clients. This department will work closely with the Space Corps to ensure that any of these assets are not interrupted, waylaid or destroyed. An efficient department will ensure that in times of conflict neither our corporation nor our clients will notice any delay in getting the assets they need to keep their places of industry and pilots supplied and armed.

Space Corps

Made up of Fleet Division: the personnel who operate and pilot the corporations spaceships, as well the Marine Division: whose job it is to protect land assets, repel and implement boardings. The Space Corps are responsible for escort services of the corporations and its clients. It will provide both static and fluid defence to assets as well as ensuring that supply & trade lines remain free from hazards. Proficiency, Leadership & Coordination is the Space Corps mantra.

Intelligence Department

The Intelligence Department is responsible for the gathering, distribution and trade of information on our competitors to those within our corporation and our clients who choose this level of service. Some of our operatives will be responsible for deep cover intelligence gathering with other organisation & syndicates. Others will be responsible to ensure our corporation is well informed of market trends for resources & products. Lastly keeping the employees of the corporation informed about the greater verse and any noteworthy items.

Exploration & Recon Department

For those in the Exploration & Recon Department, it will be their responsibility for finding new claims, resources, trade routes and jump points also to provide advance re-con to protect any valuable asset convoys either of our own corporations’ or that of our clients. This department often suits loners who want the greater protection of an organisation to explore and will often spend time away in their pursuit of what is out there. This department is a valuable asset to the corporation, for when you do not have eyes out, you are blind to your surrounds.


Autonomous Transport, Recon. and Exploration Charter

ATRAX is heavily invested in trade, exploration and security operations on behalf of the UEE and its member pilots. PIRACY and SMUGGLING is a direct impediment our operations and as such these activities or knowing support of them will not be allowed to ATRAX members.

ATRAX is an Equal Opportunity Organization, and does not tolerate bullying, harassment or offensive behavior to fellow members or the general public.

ATRAX recognizes that pilots may have competing or pre-existing commitments and relationships. Unfortunately industrial sabotage and espionage are a fact of life and we have a responsibility to protect the interests of the organization. As such ATRAX requires pilots to make a full and frank disclosure of all competing interests, organization memberships current or previous, and any other relationship which may prejudice the interests of ATRAX or it’s members before recruitment or at any other time they become aware of them.

The ATRAX leadership reserves the right to dismiss members for breaches of the Charter.