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Roberts Space Industries

The Golden Fleet / AUF

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Welcome to The Golden Fleet

Here, we use the skills we have to make money, and make a name for ourselves. We trade, protect, even remove … as long as they have the money for it…



What do you get when you mix ex-military, and a low moral compass? Some good contracting work.

Humans are expanding, and man power is stretching thin, that’s where we come in. Starting off with simple escort missions, and the occasional … removal … job, The Golden Fleet is starting to make a name for itself as the perfect helper. So whatever your need is, if you don’t have the ship, the men, or can’t be seen doing it, give us a call.

We take all kinds of jobs, whatever needs to be done. Now, as business picks up, we need to grow our fleet.

“There’s no such thing as good money or bad money.There’s just money.”


Who’s asking?


The Golden Fleet rules.

We share.
We can’t succeed unless everyone does. We are a team, and in a group like this, we might be the only ones we can trust. We strive to make sure that everyone is taken care of, so we can be at the top of our game.

We Don’t stir the pot.
We do the job we were assigned to do. We aren’t here to play the bad guy, or the good guy. We do our job, and we get out. We don’t kill bystanders, we don’t fire unless fired upon. That being said, don’t get caught.

We respect each other.
Some may feel that what we do had no honor. Don’t expect a parade in your honor. We watch out for each other, and owe build each other up.