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Auric is a member-oriented community based within the game world of Star Citizen between an official game Organization and dedicated Discord.

The Organization now spans several timezones and is working towards preparation for upcoming facets of Star Citizen.


Auric was founded 8/30/2022 as a reaction to the danger and unsure nature of the Stanton system. From a group of less than 30 broken into two game loops, the org now stands at over 150 members broken into 4 large branches that cater to all kinds of players.

11/21/2022, Auric once again restructured to have semi-autonomous branches. This has allowed effective leadership regardless of the environment or need and has given us both extensive resources and combat capacity.

As we move forward, Auric will continue to focus on development of new, novel methods of leadership and administration.


Auric is a segmented community that’s formed around the concept of high malleability leadership and member participation in even strategic org decisions. The core focus of the org is developing a culture and membership that make for a positive force within the game of Star Citizen. Furthermore, each branch and sub branch within Auric has its own goals and values depending on their function.

Casual Professionalism: Auric membership prides itself in its devotion to the concept of ‘casual professionalism’ or the idea that we can both have fun and complete complex goals. We do our best to walk a line between being laid back and effective in any environment, a balance that leadership maintains carefully.

Maturity: Auric is an 18+ community to give our members more freedom in their methods of communication both in game and in our discord. While we do sometimes make unique exceptions to this, the maturity of our members is a vital component of what makes Auric work.

Respect: Our casual environment means that even the newest members can voice their opinions of leadership, membership, and even org structure. With this power comes the need for respect of what already exists. The effort of others is something valued enormously within Auric, respecting that and the autonomy of others is vital.

Clarity: Our final value and perhaps our most important. Clarity of intent, clarity of values, and clarity of goals for every member is what gives Auric the energy to change into what every member wants it to be. We value those who speak up and work to build their own perfect place in Stanton. For that to happen, we value clarity highly.


Regarding Discord specific rules:

1: This server is 18+. Minors who joined before this rule was implemented may remain. An exception may be made for the children of staff so long as said children are clearly labeled as minors.

2: Disagreements are good, arguments are not. If you feel a disagreement is becoming an argument, take it to DMs.

3: Misuse of the “I’m interested” button on posted events isn’t allowed. Misuse is identified here as consistently identifying yourself as interested without attending and without providing any reasoning for why. It becomes a serious offense if it becomes a pattern or if it is for a major size-locked team activity.

4: Discord TOS must be followed. It’s a good habit to be in as we grow.

5: While we recognize that this discord isn’t special, we do require some level of activity in the server and within your branch. If you aren’t, and are deemed terminally inactive, you may be removed from your branch and ultimately removed from the server.

6: Auric has a lot of chats for a lot of purposes, and if we are to continue to have an organized place for fun, its important that we pay attention to what those purposes are. Its important to myself and leadership that people get to voice their opinions, but make sure to do it in the right chat.

7: While members are allowed to move between branches, managers and up cannot, under any circumstances, encourage the switch to their branch. Poaching between branches is unacceptable.

8: Non-members, Members in bad standing, and members with a terminally inactive rating are barred from entering or winning giveaways. Exceptions to this rule MUST get the permission of a Head.

Regarding in game rules:

1: During Auric official Ops, clean comms are practiced.

2: During Auric official Ops, event leaders will be identified and their plan should be followed.

3: Input for Ops is open for the week leading up to major events or the day leading up to minor events for all members. Once an operation begins, only the appointed lead for the op or leadership may alter the plan and only in the presence of new information.

4: No purposeful team killing (blue on blue) during official Auric Ops. An exception is allowed if a teammate needs to be killed to fix a bug or to prevent further blue on blue.

5: Auric complies with RSI TOS.