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“Have a Mug of Concrete and Harden Up, Princess”.

Visit us at: AUSMONAUTS

Join us and Have a Chat at AUSMONAUTS DISCORD SERVER


The Founding of Ausmonauts

Disheartened by the attitude of the old fleet leader in Star Trek Online, the existing player base enacted a plan of action which led to two ultimatums; To either shut up or to protest, and be removed ourselves. This led to the core officers from the old fleet on deciding to leave with the main goal of not repeating the same mistakes prevalent in the old fleet. Thus, Ausmonauts was formed on May 29th, 2011 at 1:20am AEST.

Star Trek Online (2011 – Present)

At the start of Star Trek Online, there were only a handful of people once Ausmonauts was formed. However, this number grew very quickly as JJ McQuade tirelessly recruited people and the members from the other fleet left, coming to Ausmonauts. Four months later, the Ausmonauts community rose to approximately 100 members. In addition, the guild expanded its player base into both the Federation and Imperial Klingon Fleet.

Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011 – 2012)

Ausmonauts branched out into Star Wars: The Old Republic for a brief period when the game was released. However, the main presence of the Ausmonauts was still in Star Trek Online. With the unexpected poor response to Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ausmonauts focused on Star Trek Online once again. The Consigliores of Star Trek Online have taken Ausmonauts from strength to strength within Star Trek Online while the Dons work on backend operations of the fleet.

Star Citizen

When Chris Roberts decided that he was making a new game called Star Citizen, the existing community, with the whole-hearted approval of the Dons, decided to get involved in order to re-invigorate and promote the Space Sim genre as a whole (like the good old days). The amount of new recruits that applied to the Ausmonauts has been staggering. We’re absolutely thrilled to be part of this community!


Our Main Goals

The goal of the Ausmonauts is to establish itself as one of the premiere Oceanic fleet/guilds this side of the southern hemisphere. A place where mature aged gamers can come and go as they please as most of us have family lives. Furthermore, a place where mature aged gamers can have fun and socialise with other members without the pressure of being told when you have to play and a place where you can relax, put your feet up and game is what the Ausmonauts are trying to achieve.

Utilizing a Democratic Ideology

The main founding principle of Ausmonauts was to operate as a democracy based fleet. Therefore, no matter whom you were within the Ausmonauts, your voice would be heard. The Officer council came up with the model of having five Dons to run the fleet. The officer council did this, making sure that any decision made regarding the Ausmonauts would be handled by majority vote.


Our Mission

An organisation bound in respect and fairness uniting to enable all to experience everything, other than Piracy, that Star Citizen has to offer and have fun in the process.

Our Principles

  • Piracy is unacceptable.
  • Defend our own and strike swiftly!
  • We will work and play based on respect and fairness.
  • Take what you need, give when you can.
  • What’s said and done in Ausmonauts stays in Ausmonauts.
  • Have FUN!
  • Harden up, Princess.

Code of Conduct

1. Don’t be a dick, don’t stir up drama.

2. No piracy.

3. Smuggling is allowed however ensure it does not affect your reputation standing with the UEE. Bad reputation with the UEE may impact your ability to partake in organisation sanctioned events. If you are caught by UEE Military or Police with illegal contraband you must surrender your cargo to them immediately.

4. When flying with or representing the Ausmonauts, members must use the Ausmonauts tag at all times.

5. We encourage all members to be active on Discord. Discord is an integral part of this organisation’s game play and members will be required to log into Discord during organisation sanctioned events.

7. Members can be a member of another organisation however please see specific rules governing this here.

8. Members must treat all other members with respect. Abusive, hurtful or hateful behaviour will not be tolerated. Sexual or religious discrimination will not be tolerated. Anti-social behaviour resulting in the ostracising of members in and out of game will not be tolerated. Trolling of other members will not be tolerated. Stealing in game assets from other members will not be tolerated. Consider this to be the case for all players in the game.

9. If you have an issue or disagreement with another member, or a decision made by an officer, take it to a private channel. You can always call for a neutral officer to be present as a mediator.

10. Members have the right to play the game how they want without prejudice or discrimination. Members have the right to an opinion and the right to have that opinion heard. However, in the event of organisation affecting decisions it is the right of the Officer Council to have the final decision. Members have the right to leave the organisation at any time.

11. This organisation is a mature and light hearted group. It is expected that occasionally members will be hassled, paid out or laughed at, for things they have said or done. If you are easily offended it is not recommended for you to join the Ausmonauts. Ensure you come to any interaction expecting to laugh, cry and most importantly, Harden Up.

12. We all like to swear, now and then. However, excessive bad language in a channel marked PG13 will not be tolerated, with the offender being asked to move or tone it down. Failure to do so may cause an Officer to kick you from Discord.

13. Members may invite friends into Discord to play games with them at any time.

14. Members must not remove items or assets from the organisation storage for personal gain.

15. Members must not speak for, or make decisions on behalf of the organisation without first consulting with a Don or Consigliere.

16. Members must not share information which is outlined in the private forums or spoken over Discord.

17. Members need to ensure they conduct themselves in an acceptable manner in public forums and chat rooms and in no way harm the Ausmonauts intended reputation, public relations or diplomatic situation.

18. Never cheat or use performance enhancing programs.

19. And most of all, don’t be a dick, don’t stir up drama.