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Roberts Space Industries ®

Redback Company / AUSREDBACK

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First ones in. Last ones out.

Welcome to Redback Company

Tactical. Social. The oldest TR outfit on Briggs – now on Star Citizen.



Formed in the beta days of Planetside 2 by 3 TR players, Redback began recruiting early with an eye for sensible, reliable people who can follow orders and don’t act like dicks.

Eventually these evolved into the two basic rules of Redback as we expanded:

  1. Follow orders
  2. Don’t be a dick (Wheatons Law)

Our presence has since become known in Planetside as a hard fighting infantry unit. We’ve also expanded into Mechwarrior, Rust, Titanfall and have presences in Red Dragon, Red Orchestra and Arma 3. When a Redback told founder AdmlBaconStraps about Star Citizen, our move here was all but guaranteed.


We have ~150 members and recruit active, skilled players. Our players come from Australia and New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, UK and USA. Here are some highlights:

  • We cooperate: We are highly responsive to support calls by other orgs. Wherever an ally needs support, there’s a Redback to fly on their wing. We often take part in joint ops with other orgs.
  • Promotion and ranks: All Redbacks are encouraged to attempt positions of leadership and promotions are based on ability
  • We are serious and social: We have an active community. Being an active player in RDBK doesn’t mean just playing the game – many Redbacks are casual players but share their thoughts in our forums and join us in multiple games

If you have any questions or are interested in enlisting, join our discord server.



First ones in. Last ones out.
We are a commited group of honourable, hard fighting pilots with strong diplomatic ties to other clans. While we will generally try to talk our way out of situations initiially, those who cross us don’t often have any spoils left to enjoy.

If we are not in managing our ships we are behind the bar in our ships (who’s flying the ship Jim?).
Redback is serious and social, will talk your ears off if your not careful. Hope you brought new implants cause your going to need them.

We will ensure systems are protected and that they prosper in continued growth.

  • You need a trader or something shipped Redback has you covered.
  • You need a Escort, Redback will at your twelve and six.
  • You need a firesupport, We will be the first ones in and the last ones out.

First and formemost, a Redback will not be a dick to you and will fly loyally with any ally in need


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If you would like to join Redback Company, please follow this link