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Australian Co-operative - Tip of the Spear / AUSSIECOOP

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Aussie Coop Nightly is a dedicated group of Co-operative Vanduul Swarm players in the GMT +11 time-zone.

All are welcome to join us who play between 4am and 6pm GMT.

We have our own dedicated GameVox Voice communications server, details are in our manifesto.


Our team Admiral Vanduo wrote a thread asking for Aussie’s interested in playing Co-operative Vanduul Swarm to join him at 7:30 PM nightly to which he received a reply that would go forward as our team motto;
“I would be happy to fly with you Citizen.”

To date we have grown to 50+ pilots who have registered as interested, we have appointed 6 commanding officers and 9 tactical officers from the skilled and experienced members. All pilots are eligible for promotion through helping the team members better their piloting and gunnery skills, or for showing dedication in any area which warrants recognition.

We have a solid group of pilots who play most evenings, and with a focus on best wing-man ship practices it’s a friendly environment for new recruits to train and learn new strategies or tactics.

Time will tell the story of Aussie Coop Nightly…


Contact (Vanduo Hopsolo) or (Adzadama) should you wish to discuss the affiliation of your org with Aussie Co-op.

We are a team that encourages and helps new players improve their piloting and other skills that are required to master co-op game modes in Arena Commander. Aussie Coop has many fine pilots who are happy to share techniques and advanced game play methods to help all members who join achieve better results.

With many dedicated Alpha testers of Star Citizen we look forward to each PTU patch where we cross reference, compile and report our findings. We are always seeking pilots who share this interest in Alpha testing and who wish to participate in the testing as a group. Setting up free flight with 8 players means we can isolate problems in a co-ordinated and fun environment.

Please feel free to join or main recruiting channel on Discord if you’d like to talk to one of our team members about flying with us:

Please use your ingame handle as your Gamevox user name; this will aid identification in the client program and Star Citizen.

We look forward to flying with you citizen.

Aussie Coop is a friendly environment and as such we must maintain the following rules:
1. No bad attitude or fighting with members
2. No arguing with members for having a different opinion or view
3. No swearing when the younger pilots are on duty (indicated within Gamevox)

Many in the Aussie Coop team are Iron Ribbon members, Who pledge to not only behave like adults, but also encourage others to do the same.

Supporters of IRON Ribbon are organisations / communities and groups of gamers who all support fair play.


Our Mission in order of priority is to ;

Have fun gaming with our friends and families forming in to groups who enjoy the same Arena Commander game type.

Test every function of every ship type within our fleet for each PTU patch and then report on our findings as a group.

Grow our team with more like minded players.

Destroy as many Vanduul as possible with our group of pilots.