Roberts Space Industries


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  • Role play
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  • Security
  • Trading

Primary Goal: wealth and prosperity through alliances and trade.

Services Offered: security, exploration, search and rescue, chartered trade.


What is Austac?

Austac is an Australian based community which focuses on the concept of Tactical Fun, we have a relaxed approach upon tactical play and attempt to stay within a roleplaying relm while in game.

Say Hello anytime!

Our Teamspeak is:

Our Website is:

Please note that AusTac is an existing community which does not focus solely on Star Cititzen so we ask you be mindful of other people within our community if utilising our Teamspeak



Organisation Focus:

Operation Area
Austac members do not have a fixed operational base and will instead travel the galaxy in search of wealth.
If any other Organisation wishes for AusTac to remain in a mutual area for an extended time period this can be arranged

Our Aim is to coexist with other players along profitable routes. We have Created a Trade Company “AusTac Trade Company”, This company is open to all applicants

as being a member of the Austac Trade company all players may automatically receieve Protection from Austac fee free

For a Fee Austac Members can provide security to trading vessels and traveling high value vessels with assurance of professional conduct and honour of Contract
Contact Individual members for Temporary Contracts
Contact Administration staff for extended or Multi Ship Contracts.

Security can come in the form of single fighter escort, multiple ship escort aswell as fighting infantry as crew of vehicle requiring security

Tactically Defensive.
Austac members will assist all Traders or players in distress, However they will not do this at risk of their own safety in the event you are rescued by an AusTac member, we do not expect a reward. however we would hope that you would be able to assist in covering the costs of any expeneses made to recsue you (the cost of munitions spent or cost to repair the damage taken to an austac ship)

A secondary focus of Austac will be the exploration of the universe, if you happen to cross us in a isolated system consider us friendly and we welcome other players to travel with us

Austac condems the piracy of neutral traders.



Ask our players about contracts!

Members of Austac will uphold all contractual agreements

It is requested that any contract made on behalf of a Corporation is made through Austac Leadership

any contract made between players on behalf of indiviual players can be made by Austac Members

Security Contracts:
These can be divided into different catagories

Single escort security:
A single ship escort- recommended for medium risk journeys.

Multiple escort security:
Multiple ships escorting – recommended for high risk journeys, the most expensive and the most recommended for trips where there is a high chance of pirate encounters.

Crew/marine escort and security: recommended for all journeys of multi crew shipa for all journeys that they may be under crewed, presence of the marine escort will provide your precious ship extra protection from a boarding party

General Contracts:
One-way Security Contract
Return Security Contract

Admin Authorised Contracts:
Multiple Return Security Contract
Multiple Player One-way Security Contracts
Multiple Player Return Security Contracts
Defence of Base of Operations contract

At This Stage Austac will not accept Contracts which Hunt or Target a specific player, we provide security not a bounty hunter service.

In the event that foul play is suspected contracts will be put on hold.

Failure to uphold a contract will result in the Player/Organisation being blacklisted by Austac, Advertised by Austac as dishonest and will result in AusTac seeking financial reperations until debt is paid in full.