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Jags Flash Tempest and OldDogz sat around the campfire one night sharing an old peace pipe.
Gazing up at the stars, Dogz exclaims:
“We should go forth and empower the people, provide the Resources Transportation and infrastructure they need to prosper”
This made sense as the boys had basically mastered the Star Citizen ideology at this point.
That night ASA was born.
Today we are an Industrial based Organisation dealing in all Resources of trading, Mining, and combat.

Teach others how we have learned, and give them the keys to prosper.


We are a Transportation and Infrastructure post modern industrial organisation.
The main focus for us is to train and mould recruits to work and fight alongside us.
We provide all training, ships, armour, weapons, and basically everything you need to get you where you need to be.
There are many different areas in the organisation to choose from including; Miners, hauliers, fighter pilots, Soldiers, and many more positions still in the works as you rank up.
We will not be involved in any pirate activities. We have rules and they must be abided by.

Without rules, a society cannot endure.


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