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Employees Wanted! For a limited time we are currently hiring. You will be supported with cash (state of the game pending) and ships . Positions available – miners, haulers, fighterpilot, pvp. All training and equipment provided. Speak 2 us @: Discord – Dis

fly on


Are you fond of traveling ? interested in working on huge industrial machines? or like to fly by the seat of your pants defending your team mates ? If so why not apply for a position in the ASA! Recruits Wanted by Australis Space Alliance (must be 18 + and willing to serve aboard massive industria


Jags Flash Tempest and OldDogz sat round the campfire one night sharing the old peace pipe.
Gazing up at the Multitudes of stars Dogz comes out with {We should go forth and empower the people, provide the Resources Transportation and Infrastructure they need to prosper. this made sense as the boys had just bought a couple of Orions Hull D“s and a Pioneer.}
That night ASA was born,
Today we are a Industrial based Organisation dealing in all Resources
Transportation and Infrastructure Projects.
We will not be involved in any pirate activities.``


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