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Australis Space Alliance / AUSTRALIS

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ASA is a military-based industrial organization in Australia, with members all around the globe.

We are heavily invested in Security, Resource Mining, Construction & Logistics.

We operate on a ranked structure.

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Australis Space Alliance (ASA) was formed on Saturday, 14 October 2948 by our Founders, Tempest and OldDogs. They felt there was an opportunity to build an industrial-focused organization dealing in mining, trading, and construction.
We want to create content, but we want to protect our members and our investment, and in order to do that, our ORG has every military asset possible to do this.
Since then ASA has grown into a small, but dynamic organization built around a solid core of well-trained and experienced members.


Australis Space Alliance (ASA) an industrial-focused organisation based in Australia, with members from around the globe. Our main focuses are mining, trading and construction with auxiliary functions of security, medical and exploratory gameplay.

ASA conducts weekly events which range from organised mining and trading runs, to a full spectrum of combat scenarios including ground and space operations. We have plans to include cross-org events in the future.

After Basic Training there are a number of different areas in the organisation you can specialise in. These include: Mining, Transportation, Security, Exploration and Medical.

ASA unequivocally condemns piracy or other illicit endeavours. If hostile actions are taken against us, we can and will deploy the appropriate measures to protect our operations. We hold the safety of our members in high regard.

Whether you’re new to the Verse, or you’ve been around for a while, ASA has a place for you. Our success is built on a strong foundation, of which our training is the core. We have structured training available for all members and recruits of all specialities. We provide the ships, armour, weapons, and other equipment you’ll need to get you started.

We are currently recruiting but are quite selective in our recruitment. We’d rather motivated and disciplined team players with an Avenger Titan than rebellious players with lots of ships. If you think this will suit you, feel free to jump into our Discord so we can have a chat!


Upon accepting membership with Australis Space Alliance (ASA), you must accept the following policies set by the organization and follow them to the best of your ability:

ASA members must always conduct themselves in a professional manner, even when not operating with other ASA members. It is paramount to present ASA in a good light within the universe especially during group play with other organizations and during streams.

During ASA Operations all members will wear the correct uniform (Armour), this includes suitable weaponry. Uniform and Weapons Guides will be provided during training.

ASA will not accept any form of discrimination, including but not limited to sexual orientation, ethnic, gender, religious, or cultural grounds. Any discrimination against members or allies will not be tolerated and dealt with accordingly.

ASA members will not discuss anything relating to religion or politics.
Bullying will not be tolerated and dealt with accordingly.

All members must follow the directions of a higher-ranking member unless requested actions are deemed unlawful or dismissed by a further higher-ranking position. Any issues should be reported to an officer and the case will be reviewed.

Any breach of these policies will result in a review and possible warnings or termination of the member.
These policies are subject to change at any time without notice. As such all members should periodically review the Charter in order to keep up to date.

Should any issues arise, contact a Lieutenant or higher and follow your respective chain of command.

Our Command Structure
Tempest Fusion (Admiral Of The Fleet)
OldDog (Admiral)

Cypher (Head of Security)
Sasha (2ND IC)

Transport & Logistics
Dark Surger (Head of Transport)
Duke (2ND IC)

OldDog (Head of Mining)
GobbleDok (2ND IC)