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Vagabond Ventures / AUTUMNLEAF

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We are a rag-tag group of explorers and freelancers who dabble in any number of fields. We roam the ‘Verse in search of adventure and untold fortunes hidden in the far-reaches of the Void.

We are a law-abiding organization. Membership is exclusive, applications rarely accepted.


We wander from world to world, exploring the farthest reaches of the Void. We scout out resources and sites to exploit, mysteries and anomalies to be studied and solved.

We have always wandered, adrift in the ‘Verse without a rock to call home. The hull is our rock, the whir of the engines our wind. We ride to the horizon, forever wandering.

“Since there are questions to be answered, why not go find out for yourself with your own two eyes, then?”
- Motoko Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell


Vagabond Ventures comprises of explorers and freelancers who wander the ‘Verse in search of adventure and fortune.

Our intentions are peaceful: we assist those in need and defend those who are helpless to defend themselves.


All members of Vagabond Ventures shall heed these rules:

- To be added at a later date