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Welcome to Avalanche, a Private Military Company. We specialize in security, bounty hunting and more! From keeping cargo vessels safe to removing wreckage, Avalanche does it all! We try to serve all our clients with the best service in the ‘verse, and pride ourselves on a job well done.



We also have our own Discord server. PM or email Captain Retlaw for an invite


Avalanche was created in 2857 as a security company on Earth. The names of the two original creators were Fritz and Richard. The goal was to create a company dedicated to make the verse a better place. As time passed they got more and more members. They became more powerful. After 54 good years, the company disbanded. The cause is still unknown today. Several years later a man by the name of Duke Hanson was searching in an old ship wreck and he found files for Avalanche. After looking at them on his Mobi-Glass he found out that they were files containing organization registry for Avalanche! He reactivated the files and Avalanche was alive again. Soon people started joining. It got more allies. It would take a while, but soon it would be as powerful as it was several years ago…




Avalanche is a company that specializes in Security, Bounty Hunting, Salvaging and Search and Rescue. Our goal is to make the “verse” a better place. Instead of having a “big community” I prefer to have a tightly knit community. Quality over Quantity!

Avalanche also supports Operation Pitchfork!

How do I join?

To join, simply answer these three questions.

What is your ship, (or ships).

What do you plan to do in Avalanche, (Security, Bounty Hunting, Salvaging, Search and Rescue, Info Running).

What time zone are you in? We need to know so we can put you in contact with your local squadron who can help you if you want.

After answering these questions you will become eligible to join Avalanche!

What jobs are there in Avalanche?

Our main functions are Security, Bounty hunting, Salvaging & Search and rescue.

We also have [REDACTED] services and [REDACTED] services.

Our website is

Organizations that Avalanche is affiliated with,

Aperture Science Incorporated (APSINC)

Autonomous Transport, Recon & Exploration (ATRAX)

The Auxilium Group (AUXI)

Lynx Industries (LYNXINDUS)

The Strike Rogues (ROGUES)


Aegir Corporation (AEGIRCORP)

Zero Gravity (ZEROG)

Carrier Strike Group 3 (GSG3)

Starlink (STARLINK)

Stoic Para-Military Collective (STOIC)

Xeno Syncretic Order (XSO)

Holdings & Trust™ (UCOMMERCE)

We are affiliated with two groups

United Bounty Hunter Coalition (UBHC)

The Allied Commerce Coalition (ACC)

Feel free to PM me or Captain_Retlaw on the forums if you have any questions!

-Duke Hanson, Commander of Avalanche




Avalanche Charter

Starting off with Bounty Hunters,

- No bounty is worth dying for.

- Feel free to call on other members of Avalanche if you deem a mission to hard.

- Use minimum force to carry out mission.

- You may not seize the property of others to accomplish your mission.

For Security Officers and ship escorts.

- Defend your client with the best of your ability.

- If the client attacks you you have the full right to attack him.

- You have the right to use force to defend yourself against attacks or threats of attack.

- Hostile fire may be returned effectively and promptly to stop a hostile act.

For salvagers,

- Always keep your guard up.

- Errr, salvaging everything you can.

- Make sure the ship you are salvaging has no people in it.

- Always be prepared to act in self-defense.

For Search and Rescue personnel,

- Rescue as many people as you can.

- If you expect the person to pay you after you rescue them, you are in the wrong business.

- Treat all persons with dignity and respect.

For Info Runners,

Always be prepared.

If you are attacked you have the right to defend your self.

Rules that apply for all,

-No drama. We expect mature behaviour from all our staff at all time.

-Act in a professional manner when dealing with clients .

- Cheating and exploitation bugs is highly unacceptable.

- You may not seize the property of others to accomplish your mission.

- Treat all persons with dignity and respect.

- Use minimum force to carry out mission.

- Always be prepared to act in self-defence.

- No racial, sexual or offensive slurs will be tolerated.

- Any member caught committing any form of crime will be punished.

-If any action you commit is deemed immoral or unlawful (as determined by the superior) you will be asked to leave the company by a senior member of staff. Objections are not tolerated.