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Welcome to Avalanche, a Private Military Company. We specialize in security, bounty hunting and more! From keeping cargo vessels safe to removing wreckage, Avalanche does it all! We try to serve all our clients with the best service in the ‘verse, and pride ourselves on a job well done.



We also have our own Discord server. PM or email Captain Retlaw for an invite


Avalanche was born in 2897 from the merging of Magnum Services with Fritz Security. The leaders of these fine companies, simply known as Fritz and Richard, had long cooperated with each other prior to this merger. They eventually came to the conclusion that together, they could achieve their simple collective goal: to better the verse.

After several decades of successful security and commerce services, an unfortunate friendly fire accident during a routine security exercise saw the two step down as directors. They were replaced by Duke Hanson, a high level security consultant of Avalanche’s security division. Under Hanson’s direction, Avalanche became much like the militaristic organization you know today, pushing forward aggressive policies that ensured the safety of Avalanche’s personnel and its clientele. The title of Director and many others were scrapped, instead being replaced by a more military ranking system, with the highest being “Commander in Chief.

A few short years later, Duke Hanson vanished during an routine security checkup on Grim Hex. His second in command, Captain Retlaw, assumed control following a thorough search, and is the current Commander in Chief.


Avalanche is a inter-system company that provides specialized services in four essential areas. Security, Bounty Hunting, Salvaging, and Search & Rescue. Our goal is to make the verse a better place for all star citizens.

Avalanche fully supports Operation Pitchfork.

What do I need to join?

To start, we ask two simple questions.

Where do you see yourself in Avalanche?

What time zone are you in? We need to know so we can put you in contact with your local squadron.

An official application with your name and ID will need to be submitted. Upon admittance into Avalanche, an agent will meet with you to discuss job opportunities within our organization.

What jobs are there in Avalanche?

Our main functions are Security, Bounty Hunting, Salvaging, and Search & Rescue.

Supported Organizations:

Aperture Science Incorporated (APSINC)

Autonomous Transport, Recon & Exploration (ATRAX)

The Auxilium Group (AUXI)

Lynx Industries (LYNXINDUS)

Rouge Squadron (ROGUES)


Aegir Corporation (AEGIRCORP)

Zero Gravity (ZEROG)

Carrier Strike Group 3 (GSG3)

Starlink (STARLINK)

Stoic Para-Military Collective (STOIC)

Xeno Syncretic Order (XSO)

Holdings & Trust™ (UCOMMERCE)

Affiliated Groups:

United Bounty Hunter Coalition (UBHC)

The Allied Commerce Coalition (ACC)

Thank you for your time. PM Captain_Retlaw on the forums if you have any questions or concerns.

Avalanche hopes that you can find a place among our ranks.
-Captain Retlaw, Commander-in-Chief of Avalanche

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Avalanche Charter

For Bounty Hunting Personnel:

- No bounty is worth dying for.

- Call upon other members of Avalanche if you deem a task too difficult for yourself or your crew.

For Security and Ship Escort Personnel:

- You have the right to use force to defend yourself and your client against threats of attack.

- If the unfortunate event arises wherein a client attacks you, self defense is authorized.

- Hostile fire, from anyone, may be returned effectively and promptly to minimize damage.

For Salvage Personnel:

- Always keep your guard up, even with security escorts.

- Ensure any wreckage is truly abandoned.

For Search and Rescue Personnel:

- To rescue as many as you safely can.

- Lives come first, equipment second.

Rules that apply to all:

- No drama. We expect mature behavior from all our staff at all time.

- Act in a professional manner when dealing with clientele.

- Cheating and the exploitation of bugs is highly unacceptable.

- You may not seize the property of others to accomplish your mission.

- Treat all persons with dignity and respect.

- Use minimum force to carry out mission.

- Lethal force is authorized for self-defense.

- No racial, sexual or offensive slurs will be tolerated.

- If any action you commit is deemed immoral or unlawful (as determined by the superior) you will be asked to leave the company by a senior member of staff. Objections are not tolerated.