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Roberts Space Industries ®

Avatar corp / AVCORP

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Welcom to Avatar
something for everyone
Avatar offers you the possibility to do what you enjoy the most


Avatar was instituted in 2948 for the soul purpose of being a salvagen org
not long after that we started mining (on the surface and in space)
now we are planning to include every aspect to our organization

Why join avatar
We don’t want to bind you to one division.
We want you to do what you want to is it mining or military and defense to bounty hunting
or maybe a medic or an engineer, we give you freedom.

avatar takes extra effort in creating a organization you can be proud of, just look at all the things we do

Some of the professions and roles
  1. Exploration
  2. Trading
  3. Pirates
  4. Military and Defense
  5. Mining and Salvage
  6. Bounty hunters
  7. Medics

Fun and an amazing unite
We are building an amazing team who protects each other.
We reward hard work and share success, which in turn expands our range and increases our opportunities

Command structure: Avatar is not your typical org. We are a Sergeant community, which means that aside from Unite command every member can do and become all that they can be

your orders as a member

  1. Scan
  2. Explore
  3. Share knowledge
  4. having fun

i want in
your in luck we are currently accepting new applicants



  1. Self sustained supply and combat
  2. Exploration
  3. Scouting
  4. Salvaging and Mining


  • No stealing from other members
  • No greifing, bullying, racism or discrimination
  • No sexual misconduct
  • Respect the chain of command
  • be respectful and helpful where possible
  • Work together to dominate the stanton and pyro systems


Article ONE, conduct and expectations of the members

Each employee enlisted in Avatar is expected to follow the rules, regulations and conduct set forth under article one and its following sections
1 An employee is expected to hold their self with honor, respect and professionalism at all times

2 An employee is expected while on the battlefield, to follow the orders of their superior officer to the best of his/her ability

3 An employee is expected to fulfill their designated position the best of their abilities in a competitive setting, an employee that is found to be under performing may have ther inficidual performance reviewed by their section peers

Article TWO, code of conduct and punishment

An employee enlisted in Avatar may be subject to dismissal (removal from the unit) based upon infractions committed. Infractions are classified as outlined below.

Minor infractions: in the event that a minor infraction has been committed by a member and there is sufficient supporting evidence of the infarction the member wil be given a warning from a superior officer. If 3 minor infractions are committed within a 30 day period the offender is removed from the unit if at the end of this period no infractions are committed, the earliest infraction wil be removed from their record.

list of minor infractions
  • Excessive use of insulting or harassing language directed towards an individual or a group
  • Excessive use of inappropriate language
  • Excessive spamming or trolling
  • Religious debates
  • Frequent insubordination during a competitive drop
Major infractions: in the event that a major infraction has been committed by a member and ther is sufficient supporting evidence of the infraction, the aforementioned member wil be removed from the unit and banned from accessing the resources of the unit list of major infractions
  • Sexual harassment
  • racial harassment
  • real life violent threats
  • distribution of real life personal information
  • posting cheats, hacks, trojan horses or malicious programs