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Avenger Squadron / AVSQN

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Avenger Squadron is a competitive PvP Organization. We field a Squadron of Ace Fighter Pilots and an elite ground force.

If you are interested in becoming a member, Join our Discord and message a captain, or just come hang out!


Who We Are

Avenger Squadron was formed in 2019 by Avenger One. Since then, Avenger Squadron has grown to almost 50 Ace Pilot Avengers, as well as a growing Cadet corps. Avenger Squadron also now hosts an elite ground force known as the Spartans, supported by its candidates, the Marines. Since its creation, Avenger Squadron has become one of the premier fighting forces in Star Citizen.

AVS Pillars – Our Core Values

Our core values define who we are. First and foremost, we focus on building and maintaining a formidable fighting force. We constantly refine our skills, tactics, and strategies to ensure that we stand head and shoulders above our adversaries.

But our commitment goes beyond the battlefield. Avenger Squadron encourages each member to uphold higher values such as integrity, respect, honesty, self-development, discipline, compassion, and service. These principles guide us not only as fighters but also as individuals who strive for personal growth and character development.

We also believe in cultivating a positive mindset and progress. We encourage our members to pursue self-improvement by aiming to be 1% better every day. Small, incremental steps lead to significant achievements.

While the success of the squadron is important, we also prioritize the well-being of our members. In tactical situations, the squadron comes first, but we recognize the importance of prioritizing health and family.

What we offer

AVS offers its members a variety of benefits and activities.

  • Duel Training
  • Teamfighting Training
  • Bounty Hunting
  • PvP Events
  • Escort/Protection contracts

Giving Back

From its conception, Avenger Squadron has been dedicated to enlightening the Star Citizen community on Player vs Player combat. Currently, we offer “PvP 101’s”. These 101s are conducted by trained AVS Cadets/Combat Pilots and focus on the core fundamentals of dogfighting in Star Citizen. Feel free to put in a ticket for one on our discord!

If you have a group or an organization that you would like to receive a 101, feel free to reach out to AVS leadership to organize a group 101!


As said by our AVS Pillars, we pride ourselves on putting the quality of character, over combat proficiency. The members make the game and make the squad. If you would like to become a member of AVS there are two paths we currently offer; Spartan, and Avenger.

To become an Avenger, you first become a Cadet. To be selected as a cadet reach out to a recruitment admin on our discord and let them know you are interested. To be selected we look to see if you embody the AVS pillars, and strive to become a better pilot. After we get to know each other and the Squadron has seen that you deserve an opportunity to join us, an offer will be extended. Once you become a cadet, continue to work on your skills and contribute to the squad however you can, PvP 101s, training with other squadmates, Bounties, etc. Once the squad feels that you have mastered your skills enough to challenge AvengerOne to the test, a “test invite” will be extended.

To become a Spartan, simply message [S1] CalamityBlack of your intent, and then hang out with the Marines/Spartans. Similarly to becoming a fighter pilot, the Spartans value quality of character as well as skill. Once they feel that you have met the standard in both of those realms, an invitation to become a Marine will be extended. Once you have proven yourself as a Marine, a Spartan invite may be extended.

We are currently looking to build a Logistics/Combat Support section. If you are interested and have logistics experience please reach out to our Recruitment Admin on discord!


- See History.


- See History.