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Aydo Intergalactic Corporation / AYDOCORP

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AydoCorp: The New Horizon of Commercial Logistics


—-Based in the Ellis system in the city of Aydo on the planet Green, Aydo Intergalactic Corporation (more commonly referred to as “AydoCorp”) is an amalgamation of several former companies across the system in order to better survive against the competition of some of the more older and established companies not just in the system but across the UEE; this acquisition was largely due in part to the highly profitable stakehold that the corporation made on the gas giant of Bombora, which previously had been untouched by any industry due to the dangerous storms of the planet. The corporation provides shipping and resource consolidation services to its clients across the galaxy, and while the largest clients exist within the Sol-Terra trading sectors, AydoCorp also carries out business within Xi’an and Banu systems and those between the borders of those alien empires. Daily operations carried out by the organization include regular shipments of cargo transported on behalf of companies that either do not have the time or resources to do so, or simply wish to have expanded services by contracting out to the corporation. The safe transportation of goods is ensured by AIC’s wonderful security partners with onboard security being a baseline requirement on all large shipments, with particularly valuable commodities being escorted by top-of-the-line fighter craft.

—-Though shipping is one of the main focuses of the corporation, it certainly is not the only operation it carries out. Another main function that is contracted out to AIC is resource consolidation, which simply refers to other companies delegating the supervision of some or even all their operations over to the corporation so that they have better cohesion and efficiency. Lastly, AIC also retains a modest but superb transportation division that caters to the safe and speedy transport of the employees of all AIC staff as well as the employees of its clients. Private charters are also available upon request, with transportation also being provided to unaffiliated civilians on cargo vessels on a first-come-first-served basis. With increasing profits and an ever-expanding workforce, AydoCorp’s future appears to be on the rise!

- JOIN NOW! At AydoCorp, everyone has the chance to become a subsidiary holder after proving their worth in furthering the corporation’s interests. Our main focuses include the acquisition and stockpiling of resources for potential buyers, refueling, light repair, salvage, and transportation of goods and personnel of clients; however, for those more hands-on we do have openings for security in order to protect our interests in addition to the logistics roles. While we are based in the Ellis system, we offer services to clients to over 10 systems, from Sol all the way to Terra. If you are interested in becoming a member of the corporation, please do not hesitate to join!



—-While the in-game lore may be all very fine and well, it is the players of the very real organization that matters the most. Some communities, not just in this game but ANY game, end up devolving into incoherency and tedium due to inflexible management, as well as the pure burn-out of the members. Here in this organization we want to deviate from this as best as we can, and in doing so create a positive, beneficial environment for all members. At the end of the day, this IS a videogame and a form of entertainment, so while it is great to create events and structure, we don’t want members to feel overly stifled. However, what we have found is that some form of direction and leadership, and in that sense a form of control, is also necessary to create a focused goal for people to follow. Without this control and planning everything would fall apart, and that’s where the org comes in: AydoCorp is there to bring people together for a similar goal, a love for video-gaming in general but also a love for science-fiction and a desire for more complex, meaningful gameplay. Star Citizen really scratches that itch for most of us, and as the CEO always says, “it’s better to play together”.

—-AydoCorp is technically a logistics player org, and as such will likely see players join that gravitate towards that sort of gameplay, but that’s not all the gameplay that can be found within the org. Right now, the game is still many years away from being fully released, and there’s a lot of gameplay mechanics that just aren’t in the game yet and as such don’t allow us to fully pursue the logistics gameplay loop without being tedious and boring. Therefore, we also delve into PvE and PvP combat, and really just all of the gameplay loops Star Citizen has to offer. Until the game gets to beta where most, if not all, of the gameplay careers are added and the mechanics are more complex and functional, this is how the org will be up to then. BUT, even on release we will still need more combat-oriented members as we will require defense of our operations, both in space and on the ground at our facilities. Depending on how things turn out, we may hire PMC player orgs to do the lion’s share of defense, but we will try to stick in-house as much as we can unless the quality of our security drops as a result.



Terms and conditions of the corporation are pending per the approval of the board of directors.

- – currently under development, check back for updates – -