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Aydo Intergalactic Corporation / AYDOCORP

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AydoCorp: The New Horizon of Commercial Logistics



Based in the Ellis system on the planet Green, the Aydo Intergalactic Corporation (more commonly referred to as “AydoCorp”) is an amalgamation of not only several companies within the system but also containing subsidiaries in a multitude of other systems. Aptly named due to its headquarters located in the city of Aydo, the corporation had its humble beginnings as a small one-man delivery company run by none other then the current, esteemed CEO Christoff Revan. Over the years the company would grow and expand, what was once known as “Aydo City Delivery” eventually became “Aydo Amalgamated Industries” after a merger with Seahorse Fisheries, which was based out of Neo Taurii on Kampos. After acquiring multiple subsidiaries and having greater expansions, the company would transform into the corporation we now know as “AydoCorp”, serving many clients throughout human and even alien space.


The corporation as a whole provides shipping and resource consolidation services to its clients, and while the largest clients exist within the Sol-Terra trading sectors, AydoCorp also carries out business within Xi’an and Banu systems and anywhere in-between. Daily operations carried out by the organization include regular shipments of cargo transported on behalf of companies that either do not have the time or resources to do so, or simply wish to have expanded services by contracting out to the corporation. The safe transportation of goods is ensured by AIC’s main security contractor, Acheron Defense Systems, with onboard security being a baseline requirement on all large shipments, with particularly valuable commodities being escorted by top-of-the-line fighter craft.

Though shipping is one of the main focuses of the corporation, it certainly is not the only operation it carries out. Another main function that is contracted out to AIC is resource consolidation, which simply refers to other companies delegating the supervision of some or even all their operations over to the corporation so that they have better cohesion and efficiency. In addition, AIC also retains a modest but superb transportation division that caters to the safe and speedy transport of all AIC staff as well as the employees of its clients. Private charters are also available upon request, with transportation also being provided to unaffiliated civilians on cargo vessels on a first-come-first-served basis. AIC’s various subsidiaries provide a wide-range of other services, please refer to our brochure for more information on them.

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If you are interested in logistical gameplay, please do not hesitate to apply for membership here as well as joining our Discord server! While logistics may not sound as glamorous as other potential player org careers, it is a vitally important service and has great ramifications for the future of the game and how players and orgs interact with each other. AydoCorp seeks to provide this valuable service to other orgs, and as a result they can focus on the gameplay that means the most to them. We highly expect that, in the future of the game’s release, it won’t be possible for orgs to offer more then a couple of services and careers, at least not efficiently; many orgs attempt to have divisions for all kinds of gameplay, but this jack-of-all-trades approach waters down the main focus of what they are going after. Thus, AydoCorp seeks to allow orgs to reduce or even almost entirely get rid of the logistical side of their operations and push such things onto us. These other orgs, therefore, get the benefit of being able to better focus on their gameplay of choice, while we get to have the gameplay we desire in return; it’s a win-win situation for everyone and benefits the greater Star Citizen community as a whole as more and more orgs can realise the importance of working together instead of trying to do everything on their own.




Our Members

While the in-game lore may be all very fine and well, it is the players of the very real organization that matter the most. Some communities, not just in this game but ANY game, end up devolving into incoherency and tedium due to inflexible management, as well as the pure burn-out of the members. Here in this organization we want to deviate from this as best as we can, and in doing so create a positive, beneficial environment for all members. At the end of the day, this IS a videogame and a form of entertainment, so while it is great to create events and structure, we don’t want members to feel overly stifled. However, what we have found is that some form of direction and leadership, and in that sense a form of control, is also necessary to create a focused goal for people to follow. Without this control and planning everything would fall apart, and that’s where the org comes in: AydoCorp is there to bring people together for a similar goal, a love for video-gaming in general but also a love for science-fiction and a desire for more complex, meaningful gameplay. Star Citizen really scratches that itch for most of us, and as the CEO always says, “it’s better to play together”.

Our Focus

As AydoCorp’s focus is on logistics, most of our members will generally gravitate to such activities that relate to that. That being said, the game is still many years away from being at a released, or even beta, state; there’s a lot of gameplay mechanics that just aren’t in the game yet and as such don’t allow us to fully pursue the logistics gameplay loop. As such, until the game is fleshed out enough to where we can reliably and effectively conduct logistical gameplay in a tangible, meaningful way, we encourage all sorts of gameplay for our members. So, even if you aren’t necessarily enthused about logistics and enjoy things like combative gameplay, racing, or anything else then the org can still be a good fit for you! While we are casual org, we still provide options for structured gameplay, and even have our own racing team, so if you’re interested in being part of a group of people that are focused and know what they’re doing then we can certainly offer that.



Rules & Code of Conduct

1. Age requirement: 18+ years old.

2. Adhering to rank hierarchy is not a choice, it is a requirement. HOWEVER, abuse of ranks will result in a disciplinary meeting and result in a possible removal of rank and/or a ban.

3. Do not discriminate based on race, color, religion/creed, or identity. Everyone from all backgrounds are welcome here!

4. No drama or politics! We respect that everyone has their own, unique views on things going on in their home country and the world in general, but Star Citizen is our avenue of respite from the “desert of the real” and bringing real-life chaos and discord into the mix is not the way we want to go.

5. No public involvement in piracy or other criminal gameplay loops unless otherwise approved by someone in leadership for testing gameplay content during the Star Citizen alpha; criminality is a legitimate part of the game, but this organization is a lawful one and does not participate in such endeavors. During the alpha/beta of the game, it is fine if you commit such actions ON YOUR OWN TIME, but any purposeful illegal action when playing with other organization members on official events is not approved. Keep in mind that when the game is out of beta and is a released product (or whenever reputation is enhanced/expanded upon and players’ actions actually have consequences, either good or bad), criminal activity will be completely unacceptable in the organization and will result in a ban.

6. No griefing, acts of espionage/spying, or any other kinds of bullying will be permitted against other members as well as any other player outside of this organization. As griefing is a touchy subject, we will go by what Star Citizen developers and management have said on this topic, with griefing encompassing pad ramming, firing into armistice zones, using exploits to gain an advantage over players, etc. Here are links to these interpretations of griefing as defined by CIG: Link 1; Link 2

7. No spam, advertisements, or promotions of other organizations; while we appreciate the cooperativeness with our org associates, this is an ‘exclusive’ community and we will keep it as such; it is perfectly fine for members to be part of other orgs (though we would hope that AydoCorp can be your one and only ‘home’), but please keep your involvement in them compartmentalized.

8. When in doubt, keep things respectful and bring any issues to the attention of moderators and leadership to handle.

9. We follow all of the rules laid out in the Discord Community Guidelines as well as CIG’s ToS (for activities held in-game and on Spectrum) as well, so be sure to check those out and refer to them if you are unsure how to behave here.