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Roberts Space Industries

Band of Gamer's / B0G

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Freelancing
  • Social

Band of Gamer’s is an independent Org dedicated to the pursuit of Action & Adventure

whilst making credits to keep the ships flying and guns loaded.

We run a variety of operations & offer opportunities for Trade, Mining, Security, Salvage &

Exploration with Piloting, Crew & Soldiering roles.


Band of Gamer’s was founded together by a group of friends that met outside of Star Citizen and were looking for more! What we’ve learned and experienced is that it’s not the amount of people in the organization but the quality of its players. Our org was formed from experienced players bringing in new and veteran players alike and coming together to meet all our goals within Star Citizen.

We decided early on not to be an organization where players become just another number and get lost in the masses. The comradery of the players is very important to us and we have members from all over the globe. We have designed Band of Gamer’s to help everyone, their game play & to fit in the Organisation. Band of Gamer’s is all about Playing the game with people you enjoy with no drama & no bullshit in a relaxed environment.

Interested in joining Band of Gamer’s? Click Here for our Discord channel.


Band of Gamer’s has members from all over the globe and the theme of our organisation is having fun. Assisting fellow org members is our primary goal and motivation. We have org members in place to aid with new and veteran players alike with any questions, missions, org events, or any other thing a member might need in Star Citizen. Band of Gamer’s is designed around both individual and team play, casual but organized at the same time for maximum efficiency. While in fleet mode there is a leadership structure but the only leaders in career mode will be Mission Leaders, which will be “you”, in charge of your own missions. Our org will facilitate helping you with ships, equipment and other org members to help man your multi crew ships and much more.

Org members will have the freedom to wake up in the morning and do whatever they wish since org members will have the opportunity to be cross-trained in whatever field they wish, Trading, Mining, Salvaging, Combat, Mercenary, Exploration or whatever catches your fancy.

No one will ever be locked into a specific roll or career. We strive to fit our members needs.

Interested in joining Band of Gamer’s? Click Here for our Discord channel.


Band of Gamer’s Puts the interests of the members first, The members to understand the greater interests of the Organisation.

Organisation Requirements

  • Must have Discord for voice communications
  • We are a no drama & no bullshit Organisation
  • Remain loyal & virtuous
  • Treat people the same way you want to be treated
  • Help those who may well one day be helping you.

Interested in joining Band of Gamer’s? Click Here for our Discord channel.