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The Great Bagel Bombardment / BAGEL

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BAGEL celebrates the $57 million stretch goal, and the long promised Bagel Carrier by bombarding CIG with bagel related goods; art, food, stories, whatever you can contribute.


BAGEL has existed since before even the first messengers of deceit spread lies of false Bagel Carriers to silence the masses. Knowing only through a unified effort may the truth ever be known, the followers of BAGEL work tirelessly to bring the true Bagel Carrier to reality.

Military Order:
Commanded by Bagelmeisters since the dawn of time, the legendary Bagel Carrier has existed since before consciousness. Seeing that the only way forward for the human race would be to model their own defensive ships after the Bagel Carrier, the Bagelmeisters revealed themselves to the UEE to ensure the unseen forces working against BAGEL would not succeed.

Civilian Order:
Many civilian followers of the Grand Bagel disguised themselves in plain sight for millennia as bakers. Cooking the symbol of its greatness in dough ensured all would know the Grand Bagel’s visage, even if they did not know its meaning. Having finally come out of hiding, bakers who knew of the Grand Bagel’s perfection became inspired, cooking foods to realize its form in ways never before seen.

Faithful Order:
The modern Mithraeum of the Omniscient Bagel has been dated back to the early 23rd century on planet Earth. Driven out of their previous places of worship and into hiding by those who sought halt the rise of BAGEL, the order’s followers were forced to build their halls below ground. With the revelation of the Omniscient Bagel finally known to the world, Adjuncts of the Mithraeum set to work producing great arts to shower the people in its glory.


To ensure a Bagel Carrier makes it in game, BAGEL leads a community effort to flood CIG with as much bagel related content as possible.
We won’t be doing it constantly, only immediately after the $54 million stretch goal (since CIG would be expected to announce the $57 million goal in the $55 million goal).

You can contribute by:
1) Keeping the thread going. Posting art, pictures, or stories promoting our efforts, or just posting your support if you can’t do any of that.
2) Pledging to send CIG bagel related content (Bagel foods for lunch, bagel art, etc). Please join the org and mention what you can provide so a plan of attack can be put together. We want this to be an organized and coordinated bombardment on the CIG offices, not a haphazard trickle.


And so spoke the Bagelmeisters to the first life:

1) One may only know the Grand Bagel’s visage when thine name is “Backer”.
Foul heretics regarded as “Dev” will lead only to deception.

2) No order may harm another, any more than they may harm themself.

3) One must let the true form of the Grand Bagel show in all thy works, be they comestible, inspired, or in service.