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Binary Aerolite Logistic Systems Deep Exploration / BALSDE

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At Binary Aerolite we pride ourselves on searching long and hard to answer the questions others dare to ask. No part of space is safe with our Pilots at the helm, their motto “Go deep or go home” means we’re guaranteed to find what we’re looking for.


For over 100 yrs Binary Aerolite has been probing the depths and beyond, discovering such delights as the Little Big planet in the Krell system, the Furry Boulders surrounding the Trise System and the Gas Giant in the Horus system lovingly nicknamed the Big SOB. Founded By the great man himself Sgt Knokers in 2840 the company started with only One man and his ship the infamous “ Dreaded Betty” a ship designed by the grandfather of the now CEO of Drake Interplanetary, the Betty was originally designed as a primitive salvage vessel retrofitted for exploration. It seems history does indeed repeat itself as the aptly named Broadside class ship was particularly efficient at coming along side a derelict vessel for easy boarding or hauling. This soon became the ship of choice among the unsavory but did not deter Sgt Knokers as this also made the Betty a perfect exploration vehicle, until the point that this particular class of ship become so synonymous with piracy that he and his crew were killed by a group of UEE mercenaries on a expedition to Oso.

Sgt Knokers son Sgt Sikas took the helm and helped steer B.A.L.S Deep exploration into the golden age of exploration, upgrading the fleet with a various selection of purpose built MISC, Origin Jumpworks, Aegis and Anvil ships with the intent of going deeper than any before him. 20 years later his son Sgt Stakas joined the company and soon proved himself to be just like his grandfather with a keen mind and a burning desire to explore the universe, after a multitude of bountiful decades Sgt Sikas relinquished the helm and passed it to his son. Sgt Stakas first order of business was to erect a large statue of his grandfather in the foyer of their main offices on Terra, the 8 foot dedication standing proud and pointing to the horizon with his motto “Go deep or go home” ablaze on his holoplaque.

Now Sgt Stakas and his expert fleet at B.A.L.S Deep Exploration have the lust, desire and technology to go deeper than any man has before..


We here at Binary Aerolite deem no part of space too far from our reach, driven by scientific curiosity to catalogue and investigate alien worlds, Star systems and space phenomenon with the utmost precision and diligence.


Be courteous to your fellow explorer.
Work together, many great things may be discovered ..perhaps even friendships.
Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.
We reserve the right to discover what we want.
Douchebaggery in general will not be tolerated.