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BloodClaw Pack / BCP

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  • Hardcore
  • Piracy
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BCP is a hardcore, organized, tight-knit pirate clan.

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BloodClaw Pack was originally created for the MMORPG Darkfall Online. Having since left Darkfail, we’ve become more of a group of friends, or community if you must, who enjoy nothing more than a random discussion in VOIP over some nice killing action. Our core members are like-minded, mature yet fun people whose main aim is excellence in teamwork and PvP. Our clan is truly international, our four officers hail from three nations, and we have members from all over the globe.

BloodClaw Pack members all have one major thing on common. We crave blood. We lust PvP.

BCP members strive for perfection. That is our purpose. Are you a dog or a BloodClaw?


Clan Focus and Values
BCP will be a smallish operation. We aim to be able to fill one side of an instance by launch, with double that number being our hard cap. Our recruitment process involves us getting to know you. Recruitment is selective, and will become progressively more so as we grow in size.

Everyone in this clan will have a voice on clan decisions, regardless of prestige or position. When making clan decisions, We will try to come to a consensus. Everyone speaks their mind and we all try to agree. If we can’t come to consensus, the officers will vote on the matter, with each officer having 1 vote. Clan leader will act as tiebreaker in the case of a tie.

All recruits will be expected to play with us in the dogfighting alpha, and ideally BF4 to get to know each other and improve our ability to work together as a coherent fighting unit. Think of BCP like a well-oiled killing machine – a spartan phalanx. We are not a collection of lone wolves who happen to be playing together. We are a team.

All members are expected to commit to 10+ hours per week minimum play time. For squad leaders & officers, we would expect 20+ hours per week. We’re reasonable people, so obviously family/school/work comes first. Many (not all) of us are “hardcore gamers”, but we’re not elitist about it. Honestly, we’d prefer that all our members play 20+ hours/week, but we understand that some can’t and that’s fine so long as you show commitment when you are online.

Teamwork, maturity and respect are the paramount virtues here. We’re pirates, but in combat, we’ll be disciplined like soldiers. Why? Because discipline and teamwork win battles, and they win wars. We’ll operate in small squads, with squad leaders communicating directly with the Officers to coordinate our entire effort. We’ll move and work together as a pack. This is NOT the right clan for lone-wolf types, or selfish asshats who can’t let go of their egos.

This clan will be PvP focused, high risk and high reward. We’ll be spending much or most of our time in the fringe sectors. This is where the most valuable resources are, and probably where the most badass alien ships will be found as well (think Vanduul capital ships). The fringe is definitely where the best PvP action will be, as soon as traders and corporations figure out all the most valuable shit is there.

We are criminals. Pirates, thieves, smugglers, and mercs. Whatever is profitable and grows the power of our fleet, we’ll do it. However, we DO NOT do bounty hunting – unless the target is a known hostile or enemy to this clan. Why? Because there may come a time when we need allies, and it’s not smart to make everyone in the universe your enemy. “Honor among thieves”. “The pirate code”. Whatever. Basically, don’t piss off fellow pirates without good cause, okay?

We are criminals. We are NOT griefers. We are NOT rude to our opponents. It’s a game. Respect your fellow gamers. Thank them for their kind donation when you loot their cargo bay. Win or lose, you will behave like a gentleman (or lady, as the case may be).

Don’t be a dick to anyone, but ESPECIALLY don’t be a dick to your squadmates. Zero tolerance for this shit. Use common sense. Do unto your friends as you’d have them do unto you, etc. Unless it’s me trolling JD, than it’s okay. Nadroj is my pet, you see. I bought him for 1 BTC.