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This corp is a family. You cannot break us.


Executive Summary: Body Count Inc: (BDCI)
  • EVE Online Mercenary Corp, leader of Mercenary Coalition, member of Pandemic Legion.
  • 10 years experience as Mercenaries
  • BDCI is a multi-national gaming corporation, with members from all timezones. The official language is English.
  • Experienced in mercenary contracts, long term hardcore players. Spaceship nerds and friends.

BDCI is run and led by our original CEO, “Seleene”, who created the corp in 2003, and still runs it today. Seleene not only has the experience of running a large group of Mercenaries and commanding large battles, but also has experience as a game designer for EVE Online for four years and an elected representative of EVE players (Council of Stellar Management) for 2 years. He’s also good at keeping all of us drama queens in check and focused on goals.

What sets our corporation out from many others is that we have in many respects pioneered mercenary spaceship services in the sandbox environment of EVE. We started off small and grew, but always maintained that with the right balance of people, teamwork can achieve great things. We have survived turmoil and trouble. We have achieved success and suffered great defeats. We scattered amongst the stars, but returned again. Many of our players still playing today have flown together for nearly a decade.

Our History

Body Count Inc was founded in October 2003 , by Seleene, as one of EVE Online’s first mercenary corporations. From that point, Body Count Inc grew and established the alliance Mercenary Coalition alongside fellow Merc corps, FRICK, CONIN, ETNY and SERA.

Body Count Inc, and Mercenary Coalition led from the front in EVE Online, successfully executing a number of mercenary contracts over a period of years, culminating in the “Northern Campaign”. This involved BDCI/MC pilots utilizing the first Motherships in large scale PVP battles vs 150+ hostile pilots and emerging (or escaping) victorious. The numerically superior hostile forces eventually collapsed as allies flocked to MC’s banner. The battle report for the campaign is located here if you are interested.

The North Reloaded

MC was employed long term by “Band of Brothers” to support them in their large scale war vs “Goonswarm”. MC was used to coordinate and lead lesser experienced groups with their superior equipment and experience. In 2007 MC led the defense of Firmus Ixion (alliance) systems, and led allies in driving back hostile alliances. During this period we lost the first Ragnarok Titan in the game to an extremely well-conceived plan by our mortal enemies: Against All Authorities.

MC eventually collapsed in 2008 as conflict arose with their long term partners, Band of Brothers, which resulted in an attempt by MC to make a neutral Merc+Pirate ‘enclave’ called ‘Tortuga’. This turn of events caused the weakened but more powerful Band of Brothers (BoB) to resurge and they managed to capitulate MC’s home systems, scattering the corps across EVE.

This conflict between BoB and their previous partners created fascinating drama and Mercenary Coalition’s demise is seen as one of the great ‘tragedies’ in EVE Online’s history. The lead-up to “Tortuga” can be found below in this video

Tortuga – Lacrimosa

Over time many of the old MC pilots left their corps, with many returning to the fold within BDCI, the friendships and bonds formed over years of conflict, being too strong to keep apart. BDCI today in EVE is part of Pandemic Legion, still at the forefront of EVE warfare, and continuing to wield significant numbers of Supercarriers and Titans, many of which have been in game for 6-7 years.

Why Star Citizen?

Star Citizen naturally presents everything we love in a game (spaceships/space/joysticks/immersion), and we can’t wait to start. We all played the Wing Commander series and beyond. We all dreamed that one day we could actually fly spaceships with each other, not through clicking and spreadsheets, but genuinely flying, joysticks and all. Star Citizen is the game that many of us have waited for many years, and we are thrilled that Chris Roberts and his team have driven this game to the brink of our screens.

Whilst we have a good number of backers from within our EVE group, we wish to open recruitment to all those interested in becoming part of an established team of friends, to continue into Star Citizen and beyond. We seek pilots who wish to play this game to its limit. We will be exploring all parts of the gaming world, but with a keen eye on Mercenary work.

See you in space!


We won’t blind you with ‘fancy artwork’, and claims of how many Idris’s we have, number of members we have recruited, or some kind of crazy over the top ranking structure that does nothing other than confuse.

We have the pilots and experience to provide solutions to whatever problems you have. For many years our pilots have operated in EVE Online as mercenaries for hire. See our corp history for details.

We have a track record of planning, leading and suceeding in a variety of operations, from ten pilots, to many thousand.

Our Motto is simple

“We solve problems”

Contact us for solutions.