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Blackhawk Defense Force / BDF1

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“The true test of a persons character is what they do when they think no one is watching” John Wooden

BDF is a legal, UEE loyal PMC.

Recruits MUST report to (Discord) or be removed from the roster

WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING NEW AFFILIATES. NO hidden/redacted accepted


The History of the Blackhawk Defense Force

In 2884, Blackhawk Terraforming, a new company started by Kruger Blackhawk, had been sub-contracted to work on the Caliban III terraforming project. Kruger was a man who claimed ancient Native American blood, hence his surname, and some of his features tended to confirm that claim. He was ex-UEEN and the bulk of his workers were also ex-military, so they were a more disciplined group than most. He was convinced that they were more efficient as well.

The project had moved along as expected and would prove lucrative after the job was completed. Once they were paid for this one, they should be able to purchase their own terraforming equipment rather than working on rigs owned by others. The future looked bright for the young company.

On July 7, 2884, the Caliban system was invaded by a massive Vanduul assault force. So sudden and unexpected was the attack that there was never a system wide warning given and the first that Kruger and his workers knew of the attack was when Vanduul fighters began strafing runs on the massive terraforming structure orbiting the planet. The stations manager asked for volunteers to help defend the platform. In response, Blackhawk and many others rushed to man anything armed and fit for battle.

For two days they fought, landing only to refuel, repair and rearm…doing without sleep and grabbing something to eat only when they had a chance. Finally they cleared the area of immediate Vanduul threat, then moved to respond to the UEEN’s 88th Squadron repeated calls for assistance over Crion.

By the time they arrived, all they found was the debris of an entire squadron of fighters. The Vanduul were already on the surface of Crion destroying everything in sight. At this point the Caliban governor made a general call for an evacuation of the entire system. Kruger and his crew managed to locate two UEEN pilots still alive, one of them the badly wounded 88th Squadron commander. Before he died, he ordered them to return to their families at the terraforming station, get them aboard transports, and help to defend the evacuation.

Arriving back at the station, they found that the Vanduul had returned as well, and this time with overwhelming firepower. They watched in horror as a colossal Kingship ripped the, equally massive, terraforming platform, apart, even as ships of all sizes could be seen attempting to escape the destruction. Helplessly, they witnessed as parts of the structure began to crumple into the nearby atmosphere, dragging the rest with it, as the entire mass slowly began its fiery journey to the planet’s dusty surface. Going down with it were their families, everything they owned, their dreams, their lives.

Along with a couple of remaining militias and even a local criminal gang, they fought a rear guard action, working to give other ships the time to calculate and make the jump to the Oberon jump point. When they finally made the jump point themselves, they defended again to give fleeing civilian ships the time to enter the wormhole. The combat was furious, unrelenting and bloody. What remained of the group finally fled through the wormhole themselves after the final civilian craft in the area had exited.

When the weary survivors gathered at Diamond Jim’s Fuelporium in the Oberon system, they found that, of the 457 workers that had answered the call and formed up the ad hoc fighter group, 23 remained to tell the story. Those survivors included Blackhawk and two employees, his ferocious chief engineer, Sylvia Chen, and a young man by the name of Samuel Kessler. They had all lost everything, including family, in the attack. Sylvia had lost a husband and three children, youngest…5 months. Three days after the refugees had arrived at the station, she committed suicide…leaving only the two of them.

After all they had been through together, Kruger and Samuel bonded like father and son. Kruger had numerous business contacts outside of the Caliban System and put those contacts to use. Soon they had enough backing to open up their own company again. This time, however, the type of business would be different. Both of them were consumed with a burning desire for revenge on the Vanduul. They wanted to hurt them in any way they could, so, on Feb. 23, 2885 they formed Blackhawk Security, BlakSec, in the Vega System.

Blackhawk Security was a straight up, legal, bonded security company. They followed the regulations and did all the light weight security stuff that is expected. However, they also specialized in private contracts that called for them to operate in Vanduul space. It was officially against regulations for a contractor to do so, but Blackhawk had contacts in the military as well. The UEEN found BlakSec useful, so Advocacy tended to look the other way when their ships used the Vega – Virgil Jump Point.

The company did well, until, on Oct. 15, 2931, Kruger Oscar Blackhawk was tragically killed in an accident. He had never remarried or had other children. He had left everything to Samuel, so Samuel Kessler became soul owner of BlakSec. Samuel had married and had a wife and son. Kruger was badly missed, however, and, in his honor, Samuel started using “Blackhawk” as his call sign. Business continued to be good.

On October 5, 2945 the Vanduul attacked the Vega System in mass. BlakSec joined in the defense as best they could, but, like the UEEN, were swept away in the storm. Samuel Kessler and his wife were killed in the assault. The BlakSec survivors fled to the Bremen System and tried to reassemble there. Samuel Kessler’s son, Jack Kessler, was a 43 year old UEEN Captain having served in the navy for 24 years. He resigned his commission and moved to meet the BlakSec survivors and do what he could to save the company in the face of the tragedy. For the second time, the Vanduul had been responsible for the destruction of the Blackhawk enterprise. The company and all of the remaining employees were relocated to another system and once again started to rebuild. Out of respect for both his father and Kruger Blackhawk, he took on the call sign of “Blackhawk-1”.

Then, in early 2946 the UEE created the Militia Mobilization Initiative, which changed everything. With the encouragement of the employees, Kessler decided to go full Private Military Company and they changed their name to Blackhawk Squadron. Full military discipline and structure was introduced, using the UEEN as their model. They went to work, setting patrols to suppress pirate activity, and conducted offensive operations against the Vanduul and pirates alike. The squadron became well known in the system. They found that they had more citizens and ex-UEE military members wanting to join them than they expected and their numbers swelled. After some time the designation “Squadron” no longer fit.

Upon advisement from his command staff, Kessler altered the name of the PMC from Blackhawk Squadron to Blackhawk Defense Force, and structured it after a full fleet. The original squadron will remain, but now as a part of a larger whole. It will take time for all of the planned units to be filled, but the organization continues to move in that direction.

Dedicated, well trained and disciplined, the Blackhawk Defense Force stands ready to serve the Empire and the citizens of their home system. We look forward, once again, to a bright future. The Vanduul will not catch us napping a third time.

We stand the watch so that others may sleep in peace. As brothers and sisters, we offer you our hand in friendship and purpose. Take up our duty as your own and stand the watch at our side.




1. To have a good time as a group, participating together in Star Citizen. Simply put, we are here to have fun. Never lose sight of the fact that this is rule 1.

2. Function as a private military company, loyal to the United Empire of Earth (UEE), conducting legal military and civilian operations. We will conduct our operations with professionalism and adhere to coms discipline when on operations. We will also aid citizens of the UEE where and when ever we are able.

3. Learn the game and how to play it skillfully. Blackhawk Defense Force will provide training for new members for all aspects of game play.

4. Although listed as a role play organization, we are not hard core, and role play is not a requirement to be a member of this organization. We allow players to role play at the level they prefer. Generally, we approach role play with a relaxed, friendly, attitude. The posted military discipline rules only apply when members are operating together on the servers during official operations. Military courtesy, however, is encouraged anywhere… for the fun and courtesy of it alone. Participation in text-based role play story making on the role play channels is strictly voluntary.

5. Make new online friends. Learn to work and fight together as teammates. Learn to trust each other, and cover each other’s backs on the forums, on the servers, and in the Verse. Eventually, we hope to form more of a family than a PMC.

6. Improve our combat skills with practice in both the Persistent Universe and the Arena Commander. Learn to work together as a unit using teamwork, wingman tactics, and become an effective fighting force in the ‘Verse. Our overall goal is to become proficient with PvP and will ask our members to focus on those skills as much as others, as our goal to defend against piracy and griefing demands it.

7. To be successful individually, and as a group in the game.

8. To find a proper location and establish a base from which to operate.

9. Secure reliable friends and make advantageous alliances with like-minded organizations.

10. Secure profitable, legal contracts in Security, Reconnaissance, Escorting, Mercenary, Freelancing, Transport, Rescue, Vanduul and Pirate suppression, UEEN work, Combat Patrols, as well as Data and message running. We will take any honorable military or civilian job that we are equipped to perform.

11. To send out one or more Exploration ships to expand man’s knowledge base of the universe, as well as to look for new territories and resources that can be exploited by the Squadron. Use the Squadrons exploration as a source of revenue.

12. Always remember rule #1.



1. Have fun. As stated in our Manifesto, you are hereby ordered to enjoy yourself. (despite the bugs)

2. Members must be active. We realize that real life asks a lot sometimes. We do ask that our members have a presence and if there will be an absence it is mentioned to their commanding officer. Individuals that are inactive without notice for an extended period will be removed.

3. Ambassadors and in special cases, civilian contractors, are accepted. Blackhawk Defense Force must be your main organization. We do not accept affiliates.

4. Ambassadors from like-minded organizations are welcome and should make a request to the Command Staff upon their arrival.

5. Redactions and Hidden status are not allowed. All members on the roster are expected to have all org memberships viewable to others.

6. Stow the drama. We are here for fun, not melodrama. You are, of course, welcome to share problems that you have in your life (we all have them) and we want to be supportive of our friends, but if you have issues with others, or pretty much anything, we expect you to handle it calmly, politely, and professionally. Rants are acceptable where appropriate (we play Star Citizen after all).

7. Except in private conversations there will be no political or religious discussions whatsoever. There are very few topics more divisive than these two, but more topics may be added to this list if necessary. Refer to Rule #1.

8. Hate speech or personally insulting language directed toward any other person due to their ethnicity, sexual preference, age, gender, or pretty much any reason will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate action in kind. Toxicity is not allowed, and trolls will be executed.

9. You must be at least 18 years old to be a full member. You are welcome to remain as a guest if you are under 18, but do not expect full membership.

10. All members present in the BDF Discord are expected to greet new arrivals in a friendly manner and answer any questions they may have.

11. Use the appropriate channels for the topic being posted or discussed. Keep the channels on topic. There are rules for every channel.

12. Community members are free to express themselves openly and give constructive criticism and feedback as appropriate. Please keep it civil.

13. We are all adults here, but don’t go overboard with foul language. Some things may call for the occasional expletive but respect the rights of others. We are professionals and expect the behavior of such.

14. Sexually explicit and/or offensive material is banned on all channels, except for the single channel, G-Loc Bar, which is somewhat more relaxed in this aspect.. Post there if you feel the need to share such material but keep it within reason. This channel is still moderated and breaches of our other regulations will still face a disciplinary investigation. Some things should never be posted anywhere, and if you aren’t sure whether you should post something, don’t.. Members who are easily offended by more extreme content should stay out of the channel.

15. Honor is a word that is frequently mentioned, but not actually frequently seen. We take honor seriously here. Any member who conducts themselves in a way to bring dishonor upon themselves or Blackhawk Defense Force will have their membership eligibility reviewed. Piracy or serious criminal activity by any member will not be tolerated. The Fleet will not engage in smuggling, but we may turn a blind eye to individual efforts. Just keep it on the low, don’t use it as a regular activity and don’t say anything to us. If you get caught, questions will be asked, and consequences will be enforced.

16. Blackhawk colors are Black, Blue, and Gold.

These are the basis for our rules, and there may be updates. Updates are made more regularly in our discord, so if you join be cognizant of any changes or addendums.