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Roberts Space Industries ®

Black Diamond Industries / BDIND

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Pressure Only Makes Us Stronger

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We are an active, UK-based company specialising in all legitimate aspects of industry, commerce and service.

Black Diamond’s Comm Array


Black Diamond Industries can trace its roots back to the early 21st century when the founder, George Black, was made redundant from his engineering post during a global recession. Gambling the last of his savings and a collection of jewellery from his young wife, he put a down payment on a second-hand truck and founded his new haulage company; Diamond Haulage.

Relying on his friends and former colleagues, Black acquired many contacts within the engineering sector and soon carved out a profitable business hauling supplies and resources. So much so he was able to pay off his creditors within the first year. Before the end of his second full year, Black had encouraged a few of his friends to actually join his venture and soon he presided over a huge fleet of vehicles all servicing the very same engineering community that had set him adrift such a short time before.

Before Black’s death, Diamond Haulage had grown into Diamond Industries after swallowing up many of those same engineering firms. Now a global ‘Mega Corporation’, Diamond Industries employed millions of people and had annual profits soaring into the billions. It now incorporated multiple mining concerns across both hemispheres, so many salvage services it could cover over 90% of the world’s oceans and enough haulage firms to make it the second largest transport provider on the planet. Black even bought out his former employers!

The company name ‘Black’, contrary to popular belief, is not from the original founder. Diamond Industries adopted the name soon after its venture into space and is a reference to the, now interstellar, company going ‘into the black’ of space. ‘Diamond’ was actually George’s way of showing his appreciation for his long-suffering wife, who he had often teased because of her fondness for hard, shiny pieces of polished carbon (particularly when set in 22ct gold!). However, as it was those same pieces of carbon that helped found the company, Black named his new firm after them.

Birth of a Motto Soon after Robert Space Industries launched their pioneering ‘RSI Zeus’, the then head of Black Diamond Industries, Georgina Black, the granddaughter of George, risked all in buying a fleet of the now legendary spacecraft. Though now able to deliver goods and services to any part of the planet faster than any of her competitors, Georgina’s company started to struggle. Many customers simply did not need their goods moving so fast or could afford the risk of travelling outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. Falling into the same trap as many before her, Georgina realised too late that faster wasn’t necessarily better and efficiency was always king.

It was about this time that Black Diamond’s biggest competitor within the haulage sector, Steady Hobbart Logistics, started a hostile takeover bid. Run by a self-confessed megalomaniac, Derek Start Jr., a character universally hated by his peers, Steady Hobbart Logistics narrowly failed to acquire Black Diamond by a margin so narrow even a Vanduul’s ceremonial blade wouldn’t have fit through!

Leaving the joint board meeting after his narrow defeat, CEO Start gestured to Georgina by squeezing tight his raised fist and sneered… “I will squeeze your company for all it’s worth!”. With her company in crisis and the shock of almost losing all her family’s hard work still at the forefront of her mind, Georgina smiled back and, showing all the dignity of royalty from old, purred “We are diamonds, Derek. Pressure only makes us stronger.” And so was born the company’s motto.

Day’s later plans for the first human colony on Mars were revealed. Diamond Black Industries, being one of only a few private organisations outside of the government and military able to deal with interstellar transport (and the only company within that small group with such impressive engineering and mining credentials), won the contract to supply, support and service the massive endeavour. Humanity’s drive for the stars had started and Black Diamond Industries was, once again, on top.

Twist of Fate After years of continued success, growth and prosperity, Diamond Black Industries was still the vanguard when it came to interstellar commerce, transport, mining and engineering. Operating throughout the known galaxy (and, thanks to its well-funded exploration division, the unknown galaxy too!) offering first-class service to all. From ‘stay at home mums’ and ‘adventure-seeking Xi’an’ all the way up to the mighty UEE Navy, everyone relied upon Black Diamond Industries for some part of their daily lives.

It was this reliance that cost the company so much. In the late 2940s when the Navy’s intelligence services caught wind of possible Vanduul incursions around the Vega System, the UEE turned to Black Diamond to construct a massive, secret facility on Vega 2B. 2B was a small, distant satellite orbiting Aremis, Vega’s second planet and up and coming world.

Building bases for the Navy was not new territory for Black Diamond, even installations shrouded in the secrecy such as 2B. What was new was the speed at which the Navy required it. When the Navy made it known just how quickly they needed it, even the most enthusiastic members of the Black Diamond board swallowed hard before reciting the company’s motto (most also muttered a silent prayer straight after). The building of 2B required almost every asset Black Diamond had. Many long-standing contracts were voided as the Navy pushed the company hard. Though few knew of the impending Vanduul risk, most in the company appreciated the Navy’s urgency and subsequently pushed even harder.

In order to maintain security and the illusion of normality, the Navy stayed away from 2B as much as possible so, on the day of the fateful attack, Black Diamond Industries was being protected by its own security division. Run by a cantankerous former Navy pilot and descendant of the original founder, Sheila Black was the epitome of a combat pilot. A veteran of countless wars and skirmishes, she carried the many scars on her demure 5’4 frame to prove it. Years later even her own son admitted that “…she was only ever good at two things and both of them were combat.” Unfortunately, her unit was trained and equipped to deal with pirates and though expert at protecting the company’s assets, with odds approaching 25 to 1, they were in no position to deal with a full-on Vanduul invasion.

With the resulting massacre, to all intense purposes, Black Diamond Industries ceased to exist. Only the upper echelons of the Navy brass knew the reasons for its disappearance. They were also the only ones that knew Black Diamond’s sacrifice had delayed the Vanduul attack just long enough for them to save what little they could from the now infamous Vega system. All the rest of the galaxy would ever know is that the company had cancelled its contracts and vanished.

From the Ashes Of the company’s board of directors, only three of them were still alive…

Max Ludicrous: A talented aerospace engineer who, after a bout of illness, had been convalescing on his family’s farm. Max was due to return to 2B the day before the attack but a communications SNAFU between the company insurers and his doctors delayed his return and therefore saved his life.

Jack S. Wilkinson: A former chemical engineer of renowned ability who was only recently promoted to the board. Jack, or ‘Swilky’ as he prefers to be called, had been sent personally to courier Max’s ‘return to duty’ documentation after fouling up the normal electronic transfer. So the SNAFU that saved Max’s life also saved Jacks.

Morpheus Black: A gifted pilot who had initially turned his nose up at the family business and followed his mother, Sheila Black, into the Navy. Morpheus, or MagicM0E as his comrades called him, the only surviving heir of the Black dynasty, had been with his unit in Kilian, certifying on the Navy’s new toy, the Sabre, at the time of the attack.

After being granted permanent leave from the Navy on compassionate grounds, the first instinct of Morpheus was to head to Vega and seek revenge. It took the combined persuasions of both Max and Swilky to convince him that, if his mother and almost her entire security division could not beat the Vanduul, then Morpheus, armed with little more than his burning rage, was unlikely to fare much better.

Eventually ceding to better judgement, Morpheus rounded up the last few remnants of Black Diamond Industries and, together with Max and Swilky, set off to the far side of the galaxy to start again.

The next chapter has yet to be written. Find us HERE if you want to be a part of this great story.


Industry. Commerce. Service.

We are all these and more.

Our growing concern will be the specialisation in all legitimate aspects of industry, commerce and service, whether spaceborne or planetside.

  • Trade and transport
  • Mining and exploration
  • Search and rescue
  • Repair and recovery
  • Salvage and security

Business is Business

Our intentions are to be active members of the ‘verse and look forward to co-operating with like-minded organisations. We run structured ‘jobs’ that will incorporate the many skills of our members and, whether that be mining, transporting or any of the careers listed above, we plan to get rich and have fun doing it.

We will not be participating in any illegal activities, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t work with others that occasionally bend the odd rule. How you run your business is none of our affair. If you need one (or more) of our services and are willing to deal straight with us, we’ll be there for you. Our ethos: Business is business. Just don’t be offended if we decline your offer to join your next raid on a UEE installation!

Train Hard, Fight Easy

Let’s make one thing clear; fighting will not be our first choice. Why? Because it has a low-profit-margin. Win or lose there are always extra expenses that play havoc with the bottom line. However, we will still train for it because we know that ‘out in the black’ not everyone is thinking of our overheads. We will train, train and train some more and will actively seek to recruit the best, not only in combat but the many roles essential to the smooth operation of interstellar commerce.

  • Pilots
  • Engineers
  • Navigators
  • Mechanics
  • Miners
  • Medics
  • Marines

Where We Are…

We are currently a team of around 20 strong, with approximately half that being active. We populate our team chat/voice server (Currently Discord1) almost every night, where we set up and run a game within Star Citizen. These games are either simple Arena Commander, Star Marine or Persistent Universe sessions or more complex ‘training’ missions that we formulate and execute2. These can be quite in-depth and embrace our role-playing nature.

Where We’re Heading…

We aim to form a stable company with a core player base in the region of 20 to 30 regular team members. We anticipate this will also mean having approximately the same number again of more casual members who aren’t lucky enough to be able to game as much as we do. That gives us a target membership of around 50ish. No, we’re not aiming to be the biggest. We’ll leave the ‘faceless masses’ these large groups attract for others.

What We Want…

We want to form a tight-knit company that works well together while undertaking what we consider the more interesting aspects of Star Citizen. We want enthusiastic, passionate individuals that excel within a team structure. Players that want support and want to provide support, players that want to learn but also may have things to teach. We want active members, not sheer numbers. We want members that want to join in on our regular weekly play sessions.

We don’t care how long you’ve been a backer, how many ships you have or how much skill you think you have. We’re a team. If you don’t want to participate, don’t join!

1 More questions? Click our Discord link below and join us on our VOIP channel (You’ll also need to do this if you decide to join us!):

Black Diamond’s Comm Array

2 We currently run organised flight sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday but there is almost always someone flying every night of the week.


Temporary Notice:

Thanks for the interest in Black Diamond. Unfortunately, we’re not recruiting right now. After over 3 years of flying together, we’re on something of a sabbatical while waiting for new content from CIG. Something that is more geared towards multi-crew as opposed to a pilot with a few gunners/passengers and definitely not so heavily combat-focused. We’re still together and occasionally go for a jaunt out in the ‘Verse but not often enough to make it worthwhile for any new pilots to join us.

If you’re still looking for a crew next time CIG releases a significant patch, come back and give us a look-see.

Fly safe, friends!!!

The Basics

Time Zone – UK (Greenwich Mean Time)
Language – English
Minimum Age – 18

Though we are not an exclusive UK organisation, most of us are based in and around this region. Being compatible with this time zone will always be a major asset. It also follows that our primary language is English. We require everyone to be fluent, both written and verbal, to facilitate the necessary communication. Speaking of communication, please bear in mind that most of ours will be laced with adult language and/or content.

Reputation is Everything

Your actions will reflect on all of us and so they will need to be exemplary at all times.

  • Black Diamond must be your Main Organisation.
  • Association/affiliation with other organisations is permitted provided they are, and remain, in good standing.
  • No pirate association/affiliations are permitted.
  • No hidden or redacted association/affiliation are permitted.
  • No harassment of any kind (in or out of the ‘verse) will be tolerated.

Rank has its Privileges

Any full member, not an affiliate, who shows a commitment to the company and goes ‘above and beyond’ will be invited to higher ranks. Those in higher ranks are expected to do more for the company and care more for those lower down the totem pole.

Anticipated Roles

Pilot/Co-Pilot: Flight control
Tactical: Operation of RADAR/Scanner equipment, Astrophysics and Navigation
Engineer: Power Distribution, Shield Distribution, Ship maintenance and repair
Mechanic: Maintenance and repair of any/all vehicles carried by parent ship
Comms: Communications between parent ship / Fleet / 3rd Party / ATC / Other
Gunner: Operation of defensive/offensive weaponry and systems, Ship security
Technician: Operation of other ship systems not listed above (E.G. Refuelling Systems)
Marine: Ground and EVA combat operations, Ship security


Difficult to predict at this stage of development but higher ranks will definitely receive a bonus of that ‘warm, fuzzy feeling’ from knowing that they were part of making it happen! Anticipated remuneration is a share of the profits for any joint operation a member takes part in, regardless of rank/role.


We are not the military. There is no saluting. There is no “Yes, sir, no sir”. There is mutual respect for each other and a willingness to get the job done by rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in. Members are expected to follow instructions when given, but initiative and teamwork (particularly the teamwork) will be the order of the day.


Very important: We are looking for people to join in NOW. People that want to fly as part of a group, whether that’s multi-crewed on a single ship, a whole fleet of ships or a combination of both. People that want to chat, tell tall tales and share in the banter, as we learn how to get rich in the ‘verse. If you’re not wanting to take part TODAY and you’re just looking at options for “when three-point whatever comes out”, we’re probably not the place for you.

We run at least three game sessions a week and, although you will not be required to attend all of them, your continued absence will eventually result in your dismissal from the company. Can we rely on you?


We are no longer accepting Affiliates. To join us you will need to mark Black Diamond as your Main Organisation. You will still be allowed to be affiliated with other groups subject to our standard rules listed above.

How to Join

Joining us is a simple 3-step affair:

  1. Read both our Charter and Manifesto.
  2. Submit your application outlining your in-game goals and future Star Citizen aspirations.
  3. Join us in our Discord VOIP server and TALK with us to get your application reviewed.

Submit your request by clicking the Join Us Now! button at the top of the page. Please outline your in-game goals and future Star Citizen aspirations. Remember, you will need to join our DISCORD server to get your application reviewed. Your application will not be accepted until you have spoken with us so come along and ask your questions. We may also contact you via SPECTRUM so make sure you log in!

See you in the ‘Verse!

Morpheus Black