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Bad-Ladz-Clan / BDLZCN

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting
  • Piracy

Welcome. here you can make a name for yourself. We like to plan out raiding parties, mercenary contracts and even ransom pilots (depending if they are famous.) Our future goal is to raid even the outer reaches of the galaxy. Probably explore as well.

The Great Plunder Awaits!

(Free Nandos)


Bad-Ladz-Clan Origins and history

The Bad-Lads-Clan is a place for pilots who want a second chance at life, make a name for themselves or become the best mercenary in the whole quadrant. We are stationed in various star systems to attract attention. As you know the organisation will have to be called a “clan” for a difference and unique quality in what we are and what we do.

The clan takes its origins to the 21st century where people around Earth are in financial crisis, banks shutting down, unemployment on the rise and crime skyrocketed. The person who created it is still unknown as his/her alias was spreads via the internet. It was an account on a website called REDACTED and the account name called “Khan.”
Khan spreads the word of opposing the local governments in different countries and a movement of a new world via piracy, mercenary contracts and smuggling on the internet and in the real world.

The movement was quick in fact other extremist groups have been either bribed or killed of the face of the globe. Still crime was at an all time high point but weapons smuggling and black markets have been making a huge profit overtime. So big that a majority of the worlds politicians have been helping Khan to keep steady profits from the Trade Center to black market transfers to make a boom in the organisations income and to the selected politicians.

The organisation however was short-lived as Governments world-wide have come together to initiate “Project Aura” The goal to rid of the shadowy group and Khan for good. Special operations were carried out and were used to find the identification of Khan or destroy the organisation from inside-out. 20 years later the organisations members were being killed, executed or missing. Then the name of the organisation was revealed at the same time of the announcement that the shadow organisation was to be “destroyed.”

The shadow organisations were pinned in REDACTED and its outskirts and even so Khan was there. The organisations militia was there at full strength but half was gone due to merc contracts carried out in the night. Operation “Red Sabre” was initiated with 20 special ops teams.

The project and the operation was a success but was lengthy. One of the special ops teams called them “Bad-Ladz” due to the soldier being fluent in British slang and the ferocity of the militia soldiers. they were caught by surprised as they were closing in on the Khan’s last locations. The leader Khan however disappeared without a trace as one of the ops teams opened a door that was rigged with thermite and a mix of thermobaric explosives. The team survived but someone who was in the building was disintegrated into the explosive shellfire.

There was only a resemblance of a head halved burned off with two Damascus steel cutlasses. The only striking thing was the head was in some sort of rage when the explosion was ignited. Ops teams signaled an evac point as well as stolen weapons and goods. Even prisoners were station there to be rescued. the call was to leave the Khan’s head at the Bad-Ladz HQ and call a high explosive warhead to vaporize the area. Now the word has spreaded that the Bad-Ladz are dead but in reality the worse has yet to come.

The year is 2222AD and one man who thinks to himself as an “ANGRY MARINE” called Alanius Mentalius is excited about the technology breakthrough that he has acquired that he works part-time with a company called Aegis Dynamics. His personal life remains a mystery until the year 2550AD when a cold war was escalating with UNE and the Xi’An Empire. This made the rise of the Bad-Ladz into its former glory by Alanius and his rage against xeno culture. Alanius and another unknown soldier called Spaceman98. Him and Alanius had a goal to rid the xi’an empire and other xeno threats from UNE territory. But lack of members means that this goal needs to be later on. Alanius then knows the Bad-Ladz history from redacted data. So on Alanius carries out guerrilla warfare against vandul fleets and Xi’An trade links. Hit and run tactics were so quick that no distress call was sent to warn the incoming doom that is upon them.

Now the Year is 2880 and The Bad-Ladz-Clan is rising. will they loot the empires dry or explore into unknown territory for better loot and plunder.


We help newcomers who want to make peace throughout the galaxy, but with any means necessary. men and women who also needed a second chance in life from criminal accounts are valuable here to give up their current grievances to a better and richer future. Or if you want to join to have the best adventure in the known galaxy, then join up and you can have loads of credits and external coins to buy exotic goods and ships.

HOWEVER: To earn these you have to do bounty hunting missions and mercenary work for others out there who need protection or for legal reasons.

We are one of the unique syndicates for furtiveness, adventurous and even to live without being humiliated by everyone.

So what are you waiting for.



Da Rulz
  1. Do not talk about private information about yourself and your account.
  1. Always keep your credits in your account or take heart on how many credits you will have.
  1. Never be a loner make friends.
  1. Get involved in great raiding parties, kidnappings and public tortures. Fun for the clan.
  1. Have fun!