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Roberts Space Industries ®

Black Echelon / BECH

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Exclusive
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling



When Black Echelon was founded or for how long it has been in operation is ultimately irrelevant, the only thing that needs to be known is that we are relentless in our pursuit of profit.

We are organized, well-trained and each and every one of our Operatives are highly capable individuals. If you stand beside us and work with us then you will reap more profit than you could possibly imagine. Oppose us and the only reward you will receive are the lashes you get when we sell you into slavery.



“Unregulated Business, Unmitigated Profit.”

These are the words that every Black Echelon Operative should remember and live by. It is important to remember that the largest profit is found in doing things that are considered illegal by some. After all, do the greatest rewards not come to those who take risks? We take those risks and we work together as an organization to ensure that we are successful in our operations and that it is we who reap the profits.

Our Philosophy

“Speak softly, and carry a big stick.”

These words are what drives us to operate in that manner that we do. It is important to note that we are not just pirates, smugglers or slavers; we are business professionals and we must conduct ourselves accordingly. Everything is a business, none of it is something to be taken personally or with offense.

Thus, even if we conduct business with those who are impolite and unwilling; there are certain standards of decorum that all members of Black Echelon must adhere to. It is in this way that we soften the blow of our activities, to reinforce that we consider it simply a business transaction in our favor.

There are times however when force must be used and lessons imparted on those who would oppose us. It is for these occasions that every Black Echelon Operative prepares themselves for. Within our organization we maintain our skill and ferocity in combat through training and internal combat competitions which serve to strengthen both organizational cohesiveness and to sharpen the skill of each and every Operative.

Given the nature of our operations it is important that each and every member is both loyal and dedicated. To that end, we believe in developing and growing our Operatives and giving them various opportunities to prove themselves as leaders. However, to be a leader one cannot simply be proficient in terms of skill, they must also be willing and able to lead by example and to carry themselves in a way that befits a professional.

We believe that responsibility can be given if you excel and taken away if you are found to be unprepared for the challenges and burden of leadership. We will do our utmost to mentor and to train every Operative but it is up to them to decide what they do with that knowledge.



“Fearsome in Reputation, Cordial in Person.”

We set ourselves apart from most of the common thugs and degenerates by holding ourselves to a higher standard of behavior, regardless of what activity we decide to perform.

To that end there are certain policies that each Black Echelon Operative must adhere to at all times. We are, after all, a business first and foremost. Every successful business ensures that it’s members are aware of what is expected of them at all times.

There are two sets of policies that deal with both internal and external interactions, both with some overlapping concepts. We consider these policies fair and reasonable and as such failure to comply with them will lead to punishment based on the severity of the infraction.

External Policies

These are the policies that govern how we interact with those outside of our organization.

Be Polite and Professional – When you treat the other person well, even while you’re stealing from them, they tend to resent you just a little less for it. Be mindful that treating others well means that they will be more likely to cooperate in the future, which reduces the effort we need to make in order to generate profit.

Listen – It is important that you listen to any offer that the other party makes, perhaps they can offer you more profit if you escort them or perhaps they can offer information instead. Naturally, you would take these offers with a grain of salt and always prepare for a trap or deception but a smart Operative knows a good opportunity when he sees it and it never hurts to cultivate business relations.

Your Reputation is Everything – All Black Echelon Operatives are expected to conduct themselves in a way that not only reflects well on them, but the organization as a whole. If you strike a deal with someone you must do everything in your power to uphold that deal and you are never to be the one to break your promises. If you make a deal with a merchant to release them after they pay you, then you will do just that.

Set an Example – A Black Echelon Operative is by no means a push-over or expected to tolerate non-compliance. Each Operative must make it a point to punish those who oppose us in any manner they see fit. Generally speaking, each Operative should do their utmost to capture either the ship itself and/or the pilot. A good Operative never destroys an escape pod of even the most hated of adversaries. Instead, they capture and sell the contents of that pod in order to make additional profit.

Internal Policies

These are the policies that govern how we interact with those within our organization.

Respect – What we do is not usually looked upon favorably by those outside of our organization. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary that each Black Echelon Operative respects both themselves and each other even if they disagree with another in the organization. Conflict is to be resolved maturely, calmly and respectfully. Interpersonal conflict and drama is viewed upon as petty and childish and it will not be tolerated within Black Echelon.

Operational Security – Under absolutely no circumstances is a Black Echelon Operative to divulge any sensitive or otherwise confidential information to any unauthorized parties.

Command and Leadership – The leaders and members of Black Echelon are constantly being assessed and reassessed for leadership potential and leadership competence. We strive to give everyone an opportunity to prove themselves as a leader and as such all members must respect those above them regardless of the situation. Orders are to be followed when given and though suggestions and alternatives are encouraged, when an order is given every Operative must carry it out without hesitation. Any major disagreements will be handled after the fact, not during.

We Take Care of Our Own – What separates Black Echelon from other criminal elements is that we consider ourselves as part of a cohesive team. We do not take the mindset of “my needs come first.” Anyone who is too focused on their own personal gain at the expense of the organization will find their welcome short-lived.