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Our Beginnings

The BeLiefers started in the year 2945 directly after the start of the Vanduul War and the attack on Vega II when Lief, the founder, noticed organizations needed contractors in a variety of fields to sustain their businesses due to the unexpected mass enlistment of people to the UEE Military for the war effort, which led to a drop of available workers for hire. Lief decided to fix that problem and provide the best contractors in the ‘Verse.

Building Up

During the year 2945, Lief traveled the universe in search of potential people to join the ranks and build the organization from the ground up. Eventually reaching the Stanton System in the year 2946, Lief became acquainted with two people, now current leaders of the organization, ClosingArc and FacelessSkull. The three of them became friends and began to expand the organization into what it currently is today.

Current Day

The BeLiefers are ever expanding to include more contractors and to do business with many more organizations in need of skilled professionals. In order to sustain its professionalism, the organization holds extensive training programs for all members with a next-to-none failure acceptance policy.


Our BeLief

The name of the organization is derived from a mixture of the founders name and with the core belief that private contractors will always have a place in the universe.

What We Offer

The BeLiefers has the ability to provide a contractor(s) in any service imaginable, while still upholding high standards and beating the prices of any of our competitors.


Services that are available for purchase and include only the best contractor(s) are listed below. Please note that some services may be more popular than others and the time to receive a high quality contractor may vary from service to service. Rates are dependent on a multitude of factors and mostly are not fixed.

  • • Mining
  • • Cargo Handling/Hauling
  • • Transport/Piloting
  • • Escort/Security
  • • Mercenary
  • • Illegal

Quality and Accommodation

To ensure that you receive the best of the best contractors, we conduct a number of extensive training programs, with little to no failure acceptance, that focus on training our members on honing in on their skills and developing the proper knowledge on how to handle what any organization needs in their specific specialty. After our training programs, we sort our members to make sure any organization purchasing our services receives exactly who they are paying for. Lower level quality contractors are available at a fraction of the cost, but only will be available to organizations who directly ask for them.

How to Join

Are you a contractor looking to expand your expertise across the universe? Are you a worker looking to leave the typical 9-5 work hours? Are you someone looking to learn key work skills and to make money off of it? Then the BeLiefers is the perfect spot for you. Joining is quite simple. Submit an application that includes your discord username and tag and your specialty or your intended specialty from the list of services we provide and we should get back to you very quickly. Once accepted, you may opt in to participate in training programs to potentially earn more money from your jobs and work for higher level clientele.

Ranking and Advancement

Division Leader
Management position that oversees a service we offer: mining, cargo, etc.

Contract Master
Management position that collects and manages contracts from organizations and oversees a portion of contractors in a specific service that we offer. Also participates in the training of new members, known as Trainees.

A contractor is the highest level of non-management member ranks that typically takes contracts for higher level and mid-level clientele. Also takes part in supervising members fresh out of training, known as Supervised members.

A lower level member that typically takes contracts for mid-level and lower level clientele. Those who either opted to not participate in training or did not meet the requirements to become a contractor. Solos are able to become Contractors after completing supplemental training.

Members who recently completed training and are accepting contracts for mid-level and lower level clientele. These members are supervised and evaluated by Contractors.

New members who recently joined. Trainees can either go through training and become Supervised members or decide to not do training and become Solos after noticeable activity and contract completion, which is determined by Contract Masters.


Core Values

We value ourselves on the following core principles and expect all members to follow them:

  1. Ensure a friendly and respectful atmosphere
  2. Comply with Star Citizen TOS
  3. Don’t steal from, kill, or extort any member within the org or the org itself

Violations of Core Values

Consequences of violating core values will be determined by leadership when a violation arises. The member who is in violation of the core values may contest the consequence given by leadership, but the ultimate decision will be up to leadership.

Member Policy

We do not require any member to set our organization as their main organization. Any member is permitted to set their affiliation to the organization as Affiliate instead of Member. Those who set the organization as their primary organization may notice that they advance through the ranks quicker than those who do not.