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Bengal Mining Concern / BEMIC

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Bengal Mining Concern is a family-owned enterprise, rapidly expanding into an interstellar corporation. Its activities encompass mining, prospecting, salvage, heavy engineering, trade and logistics management.


Bengal Mining Concern (BEMIC) was founded by Kell and Luipaard Bengal, with the help of their long-time friend Dacien Westhaven. Together they established a growing and effective mining fleet with operations in both orbital and planetary claims. Currently headquartered in CRU-L1, BEMIC regularly services claims in asteroid belts throughout the Crusader gravity well and beyond. The company is rapidly expanding into other engineering fields such as heavy salvage, bulk transport of extracted material and logistics support for mining operations across the UEE.

As part of its strategic plans to foster growth in the mining sector, BEMIC has established a unique affiliate program for profit-sharing with independent mining contractors for maximising exploitation of claims to the benefit of all stakeholders.

BEMIC currently operates several MISC Prospectors and ARGO Moles as primary mining equipment, an Aegis Reclaimer for salvage operations, several freighters for transport services, and several picket fighters for area security. The company is also proud to announce its recent signing of a contract with Drake Interplanetary for the laying down of the BMS Tiger Mother and an as-yet unnamed ship, two Kraken-class support vessels for providing security for mining activities and forward operating capability for the rapidly BEMIC fleet.

Fleet summary:

MISC Prospector: 4
ARGO Mole: BMS Star of Sundarban
ROC mining vehicle: 3
Drake Dragonfly: 2
Tumbril Cyclone: 1
Aegis Reclaimer: BMS Hungry Raccoon
Drake Caterpillar: BMS Dashing Capybara
MISC Freelancer MAX: BMS Star of Ranthambore
Crusader MSR: BMS TBD
Drake Cutlass Blue: BMS TBD
Drake Cutlass Red: BMS Benevolent Tanuki
Drake Cutlass Red: BMS TBD
Origin 325a: 3
Aegis Avenger Titan: 4
Anvil Arrow: 2
Anvil Ares: 1
Outlands Mustang Omega: 1
Espira Talon: 1
Aegis Retaliator: 1
Origin 890 Jump: BMS TBD
Under construction:
Drake Kraken: BMS Tiger Mother
Drake Kraken: BMS TBD


BEMIC is a for-profit organisation, seeking to rationalise the value of unexploited natural resources. Our company scope extends to prospecting new stakes, assessing them, conducting light, medium and heavy mining operations and transporting mining products to commercial hubs. BEMIC strives to produce high-quality mining products, with a minimum of spoil and inert components to improve the profitability of a still as yet dangerous occupational field.


Affiliate Profit Sharing Program

While operating its growing corporate fleet of mining vessels and vehicles, BEMIC invites affiliate contractors to participate in declared company mining expeditions using their own capital assets, or as internal contractors for operation of BEMIC equipment. Joining our affiliate program entitles profit-sharing participants to claim an equal fraction of ore sale price, less company overhead, plus an additional operational cost reimbursement for fuel and other expenses. This allows non-mining participants such as security contractors to participate in BEMIC operations and share in the benefits of resource extraction, and to protect individual mining operators from dry runs with little individual return.

Contractor Profit Calculation:
P = (V - V*O - Rs)/N + R + B - T
where P is the individual contractor profit, V is the total value of all ore sold, O is company overhead, Rs is the sum of reimbursements, T is all relevant UEE taxes, N is the number of activity participants, R is individual operator reimbursement, and B are discretionary bonuses.

Company overhead is currently set to 5%, UEE Tax is process automatically by Mobi trader, and reimbursements are per the reimbursement schedule. The overseeing company executive may choose to increase the reimbursement in the case of exceptional circumstances and unforeseen expenses. Bonuses shall be paid at the discretion of the overseeing company executive, and may include combat bonuses and performance bonuses.

Reimbursement Schedule

  • No equipment: 0 aEUC
  • Surface mining vehicle: 100 aEUC
  • Light mining ship: 500 aEUC
  • Medium mining ship: 2000 aEUC
  • Heavy mining ship: 5000 aEUC

  • Picket vehicle: 50 aEUC
  • Light picket fighter: 100 aEUC
  • Medium picket fighter: 150 aEUC
  • Heavy picket fighter:200 aEUC
  • Picket warship: 1000 aEUC
  • Other vehicle: 20 aEUC
  • Light transport ship: 400 aEUC
  • Medium transport ship: 600 aEUC
  • Heavy transport ship: 1000 aEUC
  • Cargo and trade: Per the value of the outlay expense.
  • Other equipment: As deemed appropriate by the overseeing company executive.

These reimbursements are minimum values. Non-combat affiliate partners shall not be eligible for reimbursement of ship claim expenses, loss of equipment or personal items. Military contractors may be reimbursed ship claim expenses at the discretion of the overseeing company executive, but shall not be reimbursed loss of equipment or personal items. This reimbursement schedule may change without prior notification.

Participation Requirements
To be eligible for profit-sharing, an affiliate must participate for the entire duration of a declared BEMIC mining activity or to the satisfaction of the overseeing company executive. Failure to effectively participate during the activity to the satisfaction of the overseeing company executive may result in forfeiture of profit share from the activity, including reimbursements and bonuses. The affiliate must return the value of all ore sold or goods sold to the CEO, Executive or other specified corporate officer for addition to the pool so that fair disbursement may be made. Failure to properly and fully return all ore value to the pool will make an affiliate ineligible for future participation in the profit-sharing program.

Operations and WHS

BEMIC prides itself on safe operations both in space and in gravity wells. It is expected that all company employees and affiliate contractors shall conduct activities in a safe and professional manner. During a declared BEMIC activity, all participants are expected to employ personal protection equipment and environmental gear appropriate to the circumstances and should be high-visibility orange or yellow in colour. Where possible, vessels, vehicles and equipment should likewise be painted in high-visibility yellow or orange. Capital assets, vessels, vehicles, personal items and mining equipment especially should be kept in excellent condition and be upgraded to a level appropriate to a professional industrial mining operation. Military contractors will be shown more leeway in their selection of equipment, given the special nature of their work.