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Benette Pharmaceutical and Research / BENETTE

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Welcome to our orgpage. The org’s goal is to help humanity by making scientifc discoveries and aiding those in need with our technology. We are not focused on quick profit or public recognition. Because we conduct research and offer medical services, we do not wish for unnecessary conflict.


Contact us in Spectrum or DM either Molander#7696 or Shadow Degrifter#0001 via Discord
Public records – We may omit details or events to protect trade secrets

16. October 2942 – BIRF was founded by Louis and Denvia von Benette with Support from Benette SA.
2943 March to June – Project in Kallis on Kallis VIII and IX was canceled after the discovery of Kenlo by another group of researchers (Artemis Case).
2943 October – Thanks to additional funding, BIRF opened its medical branch.
2943 December – Report about the Tevarin living on Branaugh II without any terraforming done on the planet. The report has not been published.
2944 February to July – Studying of the ocean life on Bacchus II – prohibition of publication of information by the UEE Military Intelligence Bureau.
2944 April – Scanning of the Nemo-Dwarf-F-Star without any exploitable results.
2945 May – Bacteria research on Castor (Corel IV), report published in closed scientific circles.
2946-2948 – Cooperation with an exploration focused group on multiple projects which was not continued.
2947 – BIRF purchased a biodome on Cestulus (Davien II) as a permanent laboratory
2949 – BIRF has partnered with LAI and IRONCORP to utilize individual skills and resources more efficiently.
2950 – BIRF was renamed to Benette Pharmaceutical and Research. LAI took over any exploration tasks
2950 – the LBI Alliance has successfully transferred to the Guilded Communications network
2950 – the medical department underwent major updates to ensure effective operation in the future
2952 – BP&R now works with Black Widow Company – we will be able to provide medical services even in high risk areas


Contact us in Spectrum or DM either Molander#7696 or Shadow Degrifter#0001 via Discord


We from Benette Pharmaceutical and Research aim to aid humanity with our extensive knowledge and skill. We are among the leading forces for medical research, manufacture pharmaceutical goods for medical professionals and offer medical services of our own. We offer medical assistance to anyone well mannered and willing to compensate us for our efforts. Most of our research breakthroughs will be shared with the general public to ensure everyone benefits from what we do.

Our Branches

Science – Benette Research
While medical research is our main focus, we have specialists who delve into almost every subject as long as it is within the legal realm. Robotics, Xenobiology, Exotic Energy, Ship Components, Terraforming – just to name a few.

Medical – Benette Pharmaceutical
The production of pharmaceutical goods is the result of efforts in medical research. We are able to manufacture any commonly available medicine, prosthetics and medical equipment. Depending on the customer we may also manufacture custom products.

Medical – Benette Search and Rescue
We offer medical services to employees of our alliance, business partners, customers of our insurance policy and strangers who call for medical assistance.
Our hospital on Noble (Ellis System), our Hope-Class mobile hospitals and a fleet of ambulance and clinic ships are constantly available to ensure we can bring assistance to whereever it is needed.


Benette is the last name of the noble family that founded Benette SA and this organisation. Benette stands for exactness, tradition and the spirit of discovery. The reputation of nobles suffered in the past, partly because of the Messer-era, but thanks to Benette SA it is on the way of rehabilitation. Thomas Benette has inherited the leadership of Benette SA while Louis and Denvia von Benette founded the Benette Independent Research Foundation in 2942. Both companies are still family-owned.

Partners and Allies

Thanks to our friendly and legal orientation we already have some partners and allies that help us with our research endeavors and offer services to us that we do not cover ourselves.

If you and your organisation want to be our partner or ally you just need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • You can provide help in areas like research, exploration, medical, logistics, construction
  • You agree with our mindset and do not enter this relationship solely for personal gain.
  • You don’t conduct any illegal activities and ensure your members are doing so too.


Contact us in Spectrum or DM either Molander#7696 or Shadow Degrifter#0001 via Discord


Our primary language is English.
The secondary language is German.
To be able to speak one of those is required to make cooperation internally and with our partners possible. It is expected that you have a working microphone and check our comms platform(s) frequently to be able to follow announcements and participate in gameplay sessions.

Rules and Guidelines

  • We always abide by the law of the local government and are inhabitants of the UEE.
  • We don’t become accomplices to crime. We don’t join armed conflicts.
  • As long as we are treated with respect we will return that respect. This includes alien species and members of any non-criminal faction.
  • We try to avoid harming living beings or cultural assets in any way through our research.
  • Research projects are chosen with primarily the benefit to humanity in mind.
  • If there is someone in danger, we will offer help within our capabilities.
  • We may provice medical assistance to criminals, but are not liable for them being arrested after being released from our medical custody.
  • Roleplay is supported and encouraged. Nobody is forced to roleplay, but at the same time it is expected to not interfere with roleplay.
  • Our organisation is comprised of both casual and and more committed members. The position you work in dictates the amount of time and effort you are expected to put in.

Why you should join us!

The welfare of our employees is very important to us. Because of that, we provide them with the latest equipment available on the UEE-Market and they can enjoy the highest standards as well as enough free-time for subsidiary activities. We offer free medical care, assitance with housing projects and discounts for ship repairs to all employees. Our trainers have real life experience in their respective areas (military, emergency medical, science) and are happy to help you work towards your dream job. A friendly and relaxed work environment is always guaranteed. You can always start your career with us – we will support you in any way possible.