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We help, we protect, we hunt, we serve


The Black Eye Taskforce was established in the year 2849 by a coalition of visionary leaders, military strategists, and business magnates who recognized the necessity of a specialized force capable of maintaining order and ensuring the safety of individuals and colonies across the expanse of space. The founders, hailing from various nations on Earth, pooled their resources to create a cutting-edge, multinational organization. The latter half of the 22nd century brought new challenges, including encounters with extraterrestrial civilizations. The Black Eye Taskforce adapted its training programs and diplomatic efforts to foster understanding and cooperation with these alien species. In 2870, the taskforce successfully mediated a conflict between two rival alien factions, showcasing its versatility in handling the challenges of the ever-expanding cosmic frontier. Today, the Black Eye Taskforce stands as a beacon of peace and security in the cosmos. Its legacy is marked by a commitment to protecting the interests of all spacefaring civilizations and promoting cooperation for the benefit of humanity and its extraterrestrial neighbors. As the cosmic frontier continues to unfold, the Black Eye Taskforce remains at the forefront, dedicated to ensuring a safe and prosperous future for all.


In the boundless reaches of outer space, where the aspirations and endeavors of humanity transcend planetary boundaries, we, the members of the Black Eye Taskforce, declare our unwavering commitment to the protection, prosperity, and unity of all inhabitants of the cosmic frontier. Embracing the challenges that come with the unknown, we present this manifesto as a testament to our shared values, aspirations, and the principles that guide our actions.

I. Guardians of Unity:

In the vast expanse of space, we stand as the vigilant guardians of unity, dedicated to fostering cooperation and understanding among the diverse denizens of the cosmos. Our mission transcends borders, species, and affiliations, as we strive to build a harmonious and collaborative community that transcends the limitations of earthly divisions.

II. Defenders of Peace:

We pledge to be the stalwart defenders of peace in the cosmic frontier. In the face of discord and potential conflict, the Black Eye Taskforce shall tirelessly work to prevent hostilities, mediate disputes, and ensure that the cosmic expanse remains a sanctuary for the peaceful coexistence of all sentient beings.

III. Protectors of Life:

The sanctity of life, in all its forms, is our paramount concern. The Black Eye Taskforce commits to the protection and preservation of every individual, colony, and civilization within our reach. We shall wield our strength not as aggressors but as shield-bearers, standing resolute in defense against threats that may jeopardize the well-being of cosmic inhabitants.

IV. Ethical Conduct:

Our actions shall be guided by the highest standards of ethics and morality. We reject the notion of unwarranted aggression, exploitation, and oppression. The Black Eye Taskforce shall conduct its operations with transparency, integrity, and a deep respect for the dignity of all beings.

V. Innovation and Adaptation:

In the dynamic cosmos, the Black Eye Taskforce embraces innovation and continual adaptation. We shall strive to be at the forefront of technological advancements, strategic thinking, and diplomatic solutions. Our commitment to progress ensures that we are equipped to face the challenges of the ever-evolving cosmic frontier.

VI. Universal Cooperation:

Recognizing the interconnected nature of our cosmic community, we actively seek partnerships and collaborations. The Black Eye Taskforce will work hand-in-hand with other spacefaring organizations, governments, and entities, fostering a spirit of mutual support and shared responsibility for the prosperity of all.

VII. Exploration and Discovery:

As explorers of the cosmic unknown, the Black Eye Taskforce encourages the spirit of discovery and the pursuit of knowledge. We shall safeguard the freedom to explore, pushing the boundaries of our understanding while preserving the delicate balance of the celestial environments we encounter.


In the spirit of unity, peace, and protection, the Black Eye Taskforce pledges its unwavering commitment to the cosmic frontier. With vigilance and determination, we embark on this noble mission, striving to create a future where the wonders of the cosmos are enjoyed by all, and the guiding principle of our manifesto becomes a beacon for a harmonious and prosperous existence.

Signed and Ratified by the Founders and Members of the Black Eye Taskforce on this 12th day of January, 2850.


In recognition of the challenges presented by the vastness of outer space and the diverse interests of its inhabitants, we, the founders and members of the Black Eye Taskforce, hereby establish this charter to define the principles, objectives, and responsibilities that shall guide our organization in safeguarding the cosmic frontier.

Article I: Mission and Purpose

1.1 The Black Eye Taskforce is dedicated to the protection and security of all individuals, colonies, and entities in outer space, without bias based on nationality, species, or affiliation.

1.2 Our primary mission is to prevent conflicts, maintain peace, and ensure the safety of those residing in or traversing the cosmic expanse.

1.3 The taskforce shall actively engage in diplomatic initiatives to foster understanding and cooperation between diverse spacefaring civilizations.

Article II: Neutrality and Impartiality

2.1 The Black Eye Taskforce shall maintain a stance of strict neutrality and impartiality in all matters, refraining from taking sides in conflicts and disputes.

2.2 Members of the taskforce shall not engage in activities that favor one faction or entity over another, ensuring the organization’s commitment to fairness and justice.

Article III: Respect for Life and Dignity

3.1 The Black Eye Taskforce upholds the sanctity of all life, regardless of its origin, and is committed to protecting the dignity and rights of individuals.

3.2 The taskforce shall use proportional and ethical force, employing violence only when absolutely necessary and in the defense of innocent life.

Article IV: Collaboration and Cooperation

4.1 The Black Eye Taskforce shall actively seek partnerships and collaborations with other spacefaring organizations, governments, and entities that share our commitment to peace and security.

4.2 Cooperative initiatives may include joint military operations, intelligence sharing, and technological advancements for the betterment of the cosmic community.

Article V: Transparency and Accountability

5.1 The taskforce shall operate with transparency, providing information to the public and relevant stakeholders regarding its actions, initiatives, and expenditures.

5.2 Members of the Black Eye Taskforce are accountable for their actions, subject to investigation and disciplinary measures in the event of misconduct or violation of ethical standards.

Article VI: Adherence to International Law

6.1 The Black Eye Taskforce shall adhere to and uphold all relevant international laws governing outer space, including treaties and conventions that promote the peaceful use of space and the protection of celestial bodies.

6.2 Members of the taskforce shall refrain from engaging in activities that violate international law or compromise the sovereignty of any celestial entity.

Article VII: Evolution and Adaptation

7.1 The Black Eye Taskforce recognizes the dynamic nature of outer space and shall continuously evolve its strategies, technologies, and training programs to effectively meet emerging challenges.

7.2 The charter may be amended through consensus among the leadership to ensure its relevance and effectiveness in the ever-changing cosmic landscape.

In Witness Whereof, the undersigned, as representatives of the Black Eye Taskforce, hereby adopt and enact this Charter on this 11th day of January 2850